A Quick Guide For Setting Up Your Dream Home Gym

by jiatongma

Apr 06 2023

A home gym is a great idea if you’re someone who prefers to work out from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re so busy you can’t make time for the gym, having it on hand will save the effort of driving to it. There’s no waiting for the right time, getting stuck in traffic, no membership renewal, and no going by someone else’s rules.

Once you have a home gym, you can use whichever equipment you want and play the song of your choice on the television without considering anyone else. Since it provides so much freedom, many want to set one up.

And while it sounds fancy, it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a spare room, which you can set up according to your preferences. It might not have all the equipment available at a gym at once, but it’ll be arranged according to your workouts and habits.

That said, here’s a short guide on how to set up your dream home gym.

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Choose a Suitable Space

While you might feel that any spare room would do to set up a gym, you need to remember a few key points before rushing into anything. This is because you need a comfortable environment to work out to the best of your abilities.

First, consider how much space you have. Do you have a room big enough to turn into a gym, or do you want to merge it with something else? If it’s your study, does it have space for extra equipment?

You might want to clear out anything extra to ensure you have as much space as possible.

Next, consider how much space you require. This might seem confusing, but it depends entirely on what sort of workouts you enjoy. Strictly speaking, strength equipment takes up more space if you want to build your muscles.

On the other hand, HIIT cardio workouts, which qualify as anaerobic, require less equipment and, in turn, space. Remember to think long-term and focus on your goals rather than trying to cram as much as possible in the area you have.

Another example is that if you like Zumba or aerobic exercise, you need to mount an LED in a proper space.

Stock up on Essential Equipment

Now, you need to choose how you’ll fill the space you have. The main point, as mentioned, is to choose according to your usual workouts.

To decide, consider your long-term goals. If you’ve been focusing on weights for a short while but usually prefer HIIT workouts, or aerobics, you only need a short amount of strength equipment, and you’ll just be wasting your money if you don’t use it.

Plan systematically so you don’t miss anything, and pay attention the next time you’re at the gym. Even if you only do cardio workouts, you’ll require a lot of basic equipment.

For one, there would be a yoga mat. Next, you might want resistance bands, a skipping rope, and even ankle weights. It depends on how intense your workouts are.

You might need dumbells or an exercise ball if you prefer normal workouts. It’s better to make sure you have everything you need by creating a list, and you can add to it if you miss anything before ordering all the gym equipment.

Remember to focus on things you need instead of wasting space trying to get as much equipment as possible. It’s YOUR home gym, which means it only has to cater to you.

Make a Storage Plan

Maintenance is extremely important if you want a home gym since workers won’t clean it regularly. Of course, you might want to hire someone, but it’s not an option for everyone.

For one, remember to consider the noise. This is directly related to the room you choose for your home gym; make sure it’s soundproof. Otherwise, you’ll disturb the whole house or your neighbors if you live alone. Of course, it won’t matter if you prefer to use headphones.

Cleaning up is important; you can’t just let your equipment lie around after a workout. If you own many dumbells, get a rack for them. If you have smaller pieces of equipment, buy a shelf with space for everything.

It’s better to have a cupboard to put everything out of sight, especially if you share the space to double as a home gym and bedroom or study.

And it’s also crucial to keep wipes or a spray to wipe the equipment you use. You sweat a lot during workouts, and it’s unhygienic to leave it as it is.

Design Your Gym Setup

Before you move the equipment in, you need the floor to be suitable. If you want a softer space, floor mats are available. They’ll also help reduce noise if you live in an apartment with downstairs neighbors.

Laminate flooring is a great option for your home gym since it provides a clean and even space for your equipment and a light coloring option to make it look wider. It’s a great option if you have the gym in your bedroom or study.

Vinyl flooring is another popular option since it works for strength equipment or gives you a neat area that aids in noise reduction. Either of the three options can be used, depending on your preferred workouts.

Before you move everything in, try to design your setup. You could use software to create a layout or make a rough drawing on a piece of paper.

Consider how you can arrange everything so it fits without looking congested. Planning ahead is crucial, especially if you have heavy equipment you can’t move alone.

GYM 51 – All You Need for a Home Gym

Any professional trainer will tell you how crucial the equipment you use for your workouts is. And GYM 51 gives you access to only the best.

If you’re setting up a home gym, you must visit the online website to browse through their extensive catalog to choose the equipment you need without worrying about its quality.

GYM 51 has everything you need for a home gym, from rubber mats to weight plates. And the website is easy to navigate since you don’t have to browse through everything trying to find what you need.

The store is divided according to workout types, so whether you prefer cardio or swimming, you only have to click on the category. There are 8 categories: strength, equipment, mobility, archery, and boxing.

There’s also an option for gym supplies and rental options, which let’s keep a piece for three weeks if you’re not ready to buy it for your home gym.

There’s even a tab for commercial gym supplies that give you access to quality products if you’re setting one up. And it also supplies high-end Hare Fitness Cerakote Bars, giving you even further options.

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Fulfill your dreams with Atome

Setting up a home gym isn’t as simple as it seems, but it won’t take long. You need to plan well to make the best use of your space to get your dream gym that’s not even a minute away once you get home. Just partner with Atome to enjoy a new era in convenient shopping!

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