Discover a Soothing Hobby by 3Arts Pottery

by Starry

Nov 30 2021

Have you gone to 3Arts Pottery before? I promise you can seek much fun at 3Arts Pottery.

With all the hustle-bustle in the world and daily routine, it becomes an unnecessary noise continuously in your head. Sometimes all you want to do is unplug and relax, focus on yourself, and find your core.

One of the best ways to do this is provided by 3Arts Pottery, and it is not easy to cope with the idea that you need help and need to visit a therapist. But it is quite easy and has proven to be far more effective to start a new hobby that helps you reconnect, such as pottery at 3Arts Pottery.  

Beginning of Finding Peace

Everyone battles with different situations and problems. Some battles are physical, while some are quiet and self-inflicted. Mental health issues are internal battles that many people face daily and try to make the best of their day.

If you are wondering how a pottery class can help, you might want to check out the pottery class Singapore of 3Arts Pottery, in which you will feel the calming effect and how the soothing art takes you because it’s not just the skill. It is the ambiance along with it.

The 3Arts Pottery is a creation by Joan Huang who struggled with finding inner peace, and while her hobby was pottery, it got her thinking when her hobby made her feel relaxed and encored.

The feeling of earth and nature cancels out all worldly noise and helps you reconnect with your inner self. The foundation was laid by Joan Huang, and it was taken to the level of materialism by two psychologists who have worked hard in making a concrete schedule for the participants.

Pottery Class at 3Arts Pottery Singapore

With the help of a professional psychologist, a class has been designed for all the participants at 3Arts Pottery.

The class starts in an open field with beautiful nature and greenery as the ambiance, and the participants are taught pottery of different types. At 3Arts Pottery, you can have different types of pottery classes; you can choose among the following:

1. Pottery wheel throwing (trial class)

2. Pottery hand-building (trial class)

3. Regular class

4. Group/ Cocreate class

5. My cup

6. Workshop gift vouchers

7. Glazing class (3Arts)

8. Mindful pottery

Each class has different durations, different criteria, and different requirements. But all have one thing in common.

In each class, while the participants of the 3Arts Pottery class are reconnecting with their inner self, the meditation begins with the skill of pottery infused with the 5 C’s of mental health, which are Composure, Confidence, Cope ability, cohesion, and concentration.

Meditation In Art

Meditation is an exercise that helps you find the inner light and reconnect with the essence of your individuality. Meditation is important for seeking the meaning of life, which is sometimes lost in the fast-track life that does not let you focus on one thing and keeps you moving.

Mainly any hobby that you have helps you reconnect you to nature, earth, your inner child, and even the things that matter.  

At the 3Arts Pottery studio, the pottery lessons are taken to do it as meditation because pottery has the same effect on the body as meditation has; it relaxes your mind and keeps you focused and relaxed.

It also lowered blood pressure and cardiac rate. The overall effect of this hobby is very calming and soothing. If you need to reconnect with yourself as the worldly life has snatched your identity from you, the 3Arts Pottery is what you should consider.

Mental Health Essentials

Mental health is as important as physical health. Even though you cannot see mental trauma and mental disabilities, they are as crippling and as painful as the physical ones.

Now that the world has started to acknowledge mental health as an important aspect of complete health, people like Joan Huang have started to make it easy for affected people to seek help. The 3Arts Pottery, one of the mental health projects, allows you and other participants to feel they belong and were not alone.

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