Explore The Magnificent World of Abstract Painting With The ARTLING

by Starry

Jul 15 2021

The relation between art and mankind goes back to the beginning of conscious life on Earth. In prehistoric times, cavemen used to create art by carving into the stone of the caves. With the progress of mankind, the techniques of creating art also advanced. People started making sculptures in human forms. Later with the invention of paper, paper art was also invented. This gave rise to the most modern form of art, also known as abstract painting. Art is a way of telling stories and recording history. Art preserves with it the time when it was created. Much of the development of human civilization and the history of different cultures and traditions can be said by analyzing historical art. Art is a form of self-expression. It allows the artisans to illustrate their stories in a way that catches viewers’ eyes and engages all their senses. 

The ARTLING is a beautiful world of art lovers and collectors. They feature a curated selection of the best pieces of art from artists all around the world. The art is carefully hand-picked by a team of professionals. They only sell original artwork, and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. They also have a team of advisors to help you find the best piece for your place. They also have an online gallery highlighting the best pieces from both emerging and established artists from all around the world.

The abstract paintings are available in different price ranges. There is no need to stress over your finances. Just order through ATOME and pay the full price in three installments. The best part is that ATOME has no hidden charges and all the installments are free of interest. Sit back, relax and surf through our aesthetically appealing website and order through ATOME.


Art in many different mediums and styles are available on our website, from abstract paintings to sculptures and illustrations. The price ranges up to $5000. Abstract art is the most modern and probably the most visually appealing form of art. At a glance, abstract art looks nothing more than an uncommon combination of strikingly different colors and textures on canvas, making irregular figures. But it compels the viewer to dig deeper and understand the story behind each stroke. With the advancement of technology, another form of art was invented, which is known as Photography. Photography uses modern devices like cameras, artificial lighting, and visual manipulation to represent a subject or scenery. Another form of art is geometric art. Developed in ancient Greece; this form of art uses geometric shapes to make human-like figures. Just take a moment and visit our website to find an exceptional variety of all different forms of art available.


You can avail different categories of design from our website. Art made from different ceramic materials like clay, porcelain, etc., also known as ceramic art, is available. You can get your hands on other designs such as design objects, furniture, lighting, tableware, and textiles. Their price also ranges up to $5000.


Print art is a form of graphic art. It also involves the transferring of a picture from a matrix onto paper or fabric. Traditionally it was done by engraving in the wood. These prints are categorized by the use of different materials and the difference in their styles. The different materials include acrylic prints, aluminum prints, canvas prints, and paper prints which can be matt or glossy. They are characterized by different styles, including abstract, figurative, geometric, natural, and minimalist.


Discovering great artisans and following their creative methods are a form of taking inspiration and motivation for many. You can also discover their artworks by going on the discover portion of our website. Here you can find various artists, designers, and print artists. You can also discover a range of galleries and books. They have also launched their magazine known as Artzine. Here you can discover exclusive features and interviews of your favorite illustrator. You can also find Art 101 guides, City art guides, designs, and art fairs and exhibitions. Here, they also have an Art Social page for the best interaction between the art community.


The diverse variety of art is categorized into different collections. Here, art is categorized into place, nature, design, artistic, and objects. Under the place category, you will find art from different countries and living spaces. The nature category is a heaven for all nature-loving people. Here you may find landscape, botanical, and botanical art. You will find chic and sleek household objects waiting for you to take them home in the design section. This includes beautifully shaped vases, concrete and marble pieces, and modern wooden furniture. They also feature art and design gifts under $1000, including products that your friends will adore. They also feature Black and White Photography, Botanical artworks, and Large artworks.


The ARTLING has a professional team of consultants to take away all your troubles and help you find the best piece for you. In their services, they offer private collections. The advisors are there to guide you through the tedious acquisition journey and sourcing process by tailoring suggestions to your requirements. They also offer corporate collections where they work closely with stakeholders to provide tailored services for all your art-related needs. They offer hospitality to work with all the expert hotel art curators to find the perfect art for your hotel or resort. They also provide Residential, Murals, and services for Architects and Interior designers.

The ARTLING offers a collection of the best curated abstract paintings in Singapore. In addition to this, they also encourage talented emerging artists to list with them. The listing is free, and it promises to increase the online exposure of the artist. Over 3000 artists, designers, and galleries now list with them. So, order the best contemporary abstract paintings and designs from The ARTLING with ATOME. Pay only one-third of the original amount and leave the rest for later.

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