An Eye for Digital Art

by Starry

Jul 01 2021

Art has always been an escape route from reality. It creates a world of your own where everything is about you, a world of opportunities, colors, beauty, simplicity, and happiness. It might be confusing to many on what is art? Anything that has more than the usual color to it is art; anything extraordinary is art; anything that is creative and imaginative is art. There are no bounds to art; here is a chance to learn about digital art and learn digital art for beginners.

With emerging times the minds of younger generations are changing, and so are their likes and dislikes. Digital art is a broader term used for all art made on a piece of technology or certain technology, such as multimedia. The Lion heart studio provides a chance for learning digital art for beginners.

The merger of art and technology

Many artists use materials like a paintbrush, paint, and canvas to create a piece of art. But after the 1960s, art has become a broader term for many artists. It started as tiny steps towards digital art for beginners.  

But today, as the era modernized and technology made everything easy, many artists explore new ways to create art by using modern technology such as video cameras, television, and computers.

This is the first step into the world of digital art for beginners. Digital art is what’s made on digital technology or is presented on digital technology. This includes images created completed on a computer or a hand-drawn image and finishing it with software such as adobe illustrate.

Digital art can also involve animation and 3D virtual sculpture rendering. Also, other projects involve several technologies. Some digital art involves manipulating images that can be presented on a computer or even a television screen. Digital art for beginners includes learning all these skills and then choosing your specialty. This first digital art platform connected to computers in the 1980s, which had the first software of paints installed on it. It is a method of art-making that has multiple ways of viewing the art in multimedia format. It can be viewed on computers, televisions, and even on the internet, such as social media apps. Therefore it is a merger of art and technology.

 If it weren’t for curious minds and ENIAC manufacturing, digital art would never have been on the horizon. Digital art for beginners is for those individuals who have basic computer knowledge and a love for art.

Atome Helps

Atome being the best example of digital art has made shopping online revolutionary. It is a Singaporean app that has an amazing motto of “buy now and pay later.” This has made this app very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has collaborated with the top brands of fashion, self-care, hobbies, etc., all on one platform. Now with the collaboration with Lion heart studio, everyone has a chance to learn digital art for beginners.

The best part of this collaboration is that now you can get your chance at learning this amazing skill and payback when you can see it in three easy installments. This amazing payment policy is for all and makes shopping online easy.

For The Love of Art

Art has been around for centuries and has been mesmerizing mankind for ages. With the modernization of the era, art has also evolved. Once, it was on stones and rock, chisels and crystals. It evolved to papyrus and extracted pigments, and then to paper and paints. But now, it has been completely and beautifully evolved into digital art and has been offered by Lion heart Studio for learning digital art for beginners.

Art is not just a hobby, but for many, it is a full career. On the other hand, it is the best therapy you can have. Either you get your hands dirty with paint or get on the screen and start making a masterpiece. It helps focus, with vibrant colors and creative ideas that you can jot down on a canvas or software that pops up in your head. With the best studio at hand, there is no stopping you from learning digital art for beginners.

Digital Art the New Form Of Art

Art that has been merged with technology creates a new fusion of digital art. You can walk into digital art studios and see the magnificent pieces that digital art artists have created. It is like something no one has ever seen. This explains how imagination has no boundary. At this amazing studio, the Lion heart studio, you get the opportunity to learn digital art for beginners. It is the revolution of art.

With paint and brush, you can color everything and anywhere. Digital art is a more sophisticated and compact work of art; with the guide for digital art for beginners, you can focus on one screen, and all the tools you need are available on one platform. Your energy, focus, and innovation are merged on one platform and one piece of art. Removing all factors of distractions and other factors that may cause harm to your thought process.

Digital art for beginners is a new chance to revolutionize the former method of art. It allows you to learn something new that merges you with modern time. Creating beautiful modern art pieces and flaunting them to the world is just one step closer to your dream.

The Lion Heart Studio

The lion heart studio provides a chance for learning digital art for beginners. They have various services that you can avail as you embark on the journey of digital art.


  • Portfolio preparation
  • Mural design
  • Commissioned portraits
  • Graphic design


  • Digital art
  • Fine art
  • Student and artist gallery
  • Event gallery

You can start your digital art journey with digital art for beginners by any of the points you choose. The Lion heart studio has professional artists that will help you become a professional artist as well. Their motivation and skill sets are the best available on the market. It is guaranteed that you will emerge as a modern artist in no time. It is a great chance to check Lion heart studio for your digital art for beginners. With the studio’s motivation being “be bold, be inspired, and be lionhearted,” you can see the artist in you emerging and polished.


Art is the beauty in this world. With the Lion heart Studio around the corner now, you have the chance to avail yourself of the opportunity to learn digital art for beginners. With such an opportunity in hand, art will be around on new platforms for a longer time.

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