Music for Toddler Brain Development

by Starry

Aug 12 2021

Are you a parent interested in your child’s better mental development? Do you want your child to be a fast learner and have a higher IQ as well? Have you ever tried using musical tools for your child’s development? The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa is an innovative way of teaching your kids about folklore and increasing their brain development.

Human brain development starts from intrauterine, and as a neonate, you can recall things from your intrauterine life. Though the Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa has not been used for intrauterine life, other things have indicated that music choice can be developed in the womb.

The human brain

At the 4th week of human development inside the womb, the brain develops and maps out its extensions and sensations. Brain development takes the longest and the most of the body until the final trimester. The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa targets the developing brain of every toddler who has retained the past remnants of its intrauterine life and initiates a better learning process.

The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa is for babies that are between the ages of 3-7 years. It is a known fact that by the age of 7, the brain is completely developed, and all of the basics are collected and interpreted by the brain as they should be.

Your toddler can be inclined to learning, reading, and even singing if you adapt the lifestyle for the child. If not, the baby might never show interest in it. The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa helps make it easier for parents to guide their kids and create their interest in stories, music and even reading. Rather than using the tablet, the Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa is a far more healthy activity.

The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa

The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa is an innovative and healthy way of keeping your child using almost 70% of their brains to be creative, imaginative, verbal and channeling emotions.

The formation of this amazing kids’ play tool is for a very simple storybook. But instead of random stories, the Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa has carefully selected all the traditional tales that a child should know and understand the values it shares.

The book comes in small size; it has stories such as;

1. Rasa Sayang

2. Chan Mali Chan

3. Burung Kakak Tua

4. Anak Itik Tok Wi

5. Bengawan Solo

6. Lenggang Kangkung

7. Gelang Sipaku Gilang

These songs are all pre-recorded in the Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa and have been carefully selected for their values and conclusions. This folklore has been around for centuries, and every child must be bonded to their roots. There is no better way of instilling ancestry in a child.

Toddler and music

If you have ever noticed how your child starts to move and shake as a song starts to play, it is because it is a basic human instinct to start moving. The hormones in the body start to release and that excites your brain and your muscles. The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa has used this scientific research to formulate a way to instill behavior-altering and learning behaviors in your child.

The nursery rhyme twinkle twinkle little star and baba black sheep are very famous rhymes as every child seems to remember them. Meanwhile, there are worries on parents that our child is not learning anything that complements our culture or our traditions.

The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa uses music to capture the child’s mind in learning traditional stories and melodies, which they can easily retain. It uses the formation of the book to instill book reading from an early age. They also allow voice recording, so the child gains confidence in speaking.

The major entertainment of every toddler is music, and it can be in the formation of a song, a lullaby, animal voices, or just random toy rattling. These engaging toddler techniques are far more outdated and old. In the modern era, it is understood that a toddler’s brain should be constructed to aim high and make them productive. The Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa is the best way of achieving all these goals with just one singing book, which can be bought off the internet easily for only RM79 MYR.

Atome, your best friend

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The app collaborates with all the best brands on the market and allows users to buy anything and everything they want now and pay later. Such is their tagline, “buy now and pay later” Similarly, now, due to the collaboration with Rasa Sayang, you can buy the amazing baba baa book online and payback in three easy installments.

Music for the brain

The book Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa works in a very simple way. The book has narrations as well with pictures while the recordings are played harmoniously, which enchants your toddler to listen to the story even more closely as they look at the pictures and enjoy it.

1. Play the recordings that have been narrated in the Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa.

2. Record your voice as an alternate version of the story.

3. Play your voice and listen to it.

This innovative concept of making your child read, listen and learn about your tradition all in one. This way, through the use of such tools, you can instill the habit of reading in your child from an early age.

If you wonder how the Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa can help develop your child’s brain. You can experiment yourself. Take two different stories, both that are present in the storybook. Read it to your baby every night while using the musical version every alternate day.

In a matter of days, you will understand which story influenced your child’s behavior and which one your toddler learned. Music is an important tool to manipulate and instill anything into the human brain, especially in a child’s brain that has not yet fully developed.


A child’s development should be a parent’s top priority, so everything should be done to achieve better brain development. Therefore the book Rasa Sayang by Baba Baa is the best tool that parents can use for developing positive behaviors in their toddlers.

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