Party Supplies for Surviving NYE Countdown Bashes

by jiatongma

Dec 23 2022

Party supplies can be hard to put together, especially if you’re holding a gathering for the first time. It seems simple, but there’s so much to prepare. And it only gets worse if you’re having a big New Year’s Eve bash because there’s a lot to do, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and have the fun taken out of it.

But you can make a checklist beforehand and go through it steadily, so there’s no fuss, and you can enjoy your NYE bash without stressing over it.

Here are the party supplies you’ll want to keep on hand for the big night.

Put together your festive outfits

Many leave it till the last day because there’s so much to do, but you’ll regret not looking your best.

  1. Casual house party

Nothing beats a relaxed party where everyone unwinds and has a good time, and an outfit you feel comfortable and good in is perfect. Casual party outfits can include anything from preppy looks with skirts or flared jeans and cute blouse combos.

You can find everything you need at TANGS, whether it’s a new outfit or makeup. Shop online on the TANGS website to save even more time.

  1. Go traditional

Who says you can’t wear traditional clothes at an NYE bash? Bust out a party wear saree for the bash, or choose a look that is a modern take on traditional items. Outfits with a contemporary twist could be more functional, paired with modern accessories for the perfect fusion look.

  1. Dress to the nines

Who doesn’t want to attend a high-end party dressed in their best? A yacht party outfit could be anything, from silk to satin dresses. They’ll make you feel and look good, and it’s the perfect night to pop the champagne out.

  1. Costumes

Who says a costume party is only for Halloween? You could leave it open or pick a theme to take your NYE bash up a notch. After all, everyone loves an excuse to dress up as their favorite character. You could search online for different party theme ideas. Shops stocking Party supplies in Singapore can also have costume sections, and you could check them out instead of having to plan one from scratch.

Wet weather essentials for outdoor parties

You never know when disaster could strike, and the worst thing that could happen to an outdoor party where you were hoping for a calm night is rain. But there are ways to avoid letting it ruin your night.

  1. Always have plan B

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many overlook this. Even if the forecast looks safe, prepare an indoor venue where you could shift the guests in an emergency. Prepare party games that could be played inside too. Party places in Singapore are usually well-stocked, so stay in touch with organizers. It’s better to place party decorations under covered places, like a gazebo or pavilion, so they don’t get damaged.

  1. Try to prepare rain essentials

This is extremely important, especially if you don’t have an indoor venue nearby. Keep as many towels, raincoats, and umbrellas nearby if you feel there’s even the slightest chance of rain. Party venues may have amenities, so you should inquire beforehand.

Being prepared is important, and you could pick a place with an overhead shed so people can enjoy the weather. A party shop could have things you’ll need in bulk for a large event.

  1. Place your food wisely

Party food should be placed in a covered area, preferably on easily transportable tables. Remember that people may not mind, but food will be ruined if caught in the rain.

Food and Drinks

You should try to prepare food and drinks in a way that allows guests to enjoy the party to the fullest. There are some things to remember when deciding what to serve.

  1. Consider the guestlist

Party food ideas cover a wide spectrum, but you should first consider your guests, not just their preferences. If there will be children, you’ll naturally need to add more beverages like juices apart from alcohols like wine or champagne.

  1. Party theme

This is crucial because it decides what food is appropriate. Snack foods are more suitable if it’s a more relaxed house party. Something like healthy snacks from ZENKO would go great with a house party game. If you’re having a classy, adult-only party, then beverages from Wine Only and hors d’oeuvres would be the best choice.

  1. Decideservings

Most party planners will tell you the ‘one-pound rule,’ which says you should have one pound (450g or 2-3 cups of rice in weight) of food, excluding drinks and dessert, for one adult guest. And it’s a good way to calculate how much food you’ll need so you don’t run short or overdo it.

Planning transport for returning home

If you’re in charge of planning transport to go home, then you should plan carefully. If you’ve rented a party bus, you should plan the shortest route when dropping people off if you’re not getting off at one spot.

If you’re the designated driver, ensure everyone gets home safely or arrange accommodation in case someone isn’t in a state to return home alone.

ZENKO Superfoods, your partner for planning the NYE countdown bash

The Belgian-owned healthy snack company is trying to reintroduce diversity into the food system. The company works with local farmers with a seed-to-snack structure to bring gluten-free, plant-based snacks to people that are both healthy and delicious.

What sets ZENKO apart from other food companies is that it aims to bring people closer to their food source and empower those who create them for consumers. Named after the goddess of agriculture, it’s an apt name for a brand that aims to be conscious above all else.

Of course, there’s also the fact that they provide delicious snacks for you to munch on, all the while spreading awareness about the environmental impact of the food we consume.

party supplies - ZENKO Superfoods

How you can shop more conveniently with Atome

Atome is a BNPL company that makes shopping more accessible than ever. Since planning a party isn’t easy on the pocket, you can use Atome to split your purchases into monthly payments. Fortunately, ZENKO Superfoods is also one of Atome’s partner merchants, so you can arrange healthy snacks for your NYE bash without stressing over immediate costs.

For wine and liquor, you can shop from WINES Online or check out the massive food and beverage collection at TANGS.

Atome has over 15,000 partner merchants, which means you’re bound to find everything you need for this year-end party through a single platform.

How to use Atome for shopping party supplies

Atome allows users to buy their favourite products today and pay for them over time. If that sounds exciting, download the app (Get the app) and make the most of this payment service. Let’s have a look at how you can pay through Atome.

Here’s how you pay for party supplies with Atome

  1. Scan the QR code from Atome’s app at checkout for in-store purchases.
  2. For online stores, select Atome as your payment method at checkout.
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Make the most of your Atome app

With Atome, you can split your bill into three payments, but that’s not all. The payment service also enables you to access exclusive discounts, vouchers, and deals so you can save and spend at the same time. When you sign up for an Atome account, you get a welcome coupon of $10 that you can use on your first purchase.

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Make your NYE countdown bashes fun with Atome

NYE countdown parties are a lot of fun and an excellent way to enter the New Year. Make your night more memorable by shopping for your favourite clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, and even party supplies with Atome. Enjoy stress-free shopping with convenient interest-free monthly payments. Download Atome’s app now.

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