An introvert’s guide to navigating New Year’s Eve parties

by jiatongma

Dec 22 2022

The holiday season is always accompanied by gatherings of friends and family. While some people enjoy socializing, others prefer a quiet New Year’s Eve. If you fall into the second category, this article will help you survive and even have a good time at this year’s New Year’s Eve parties.

Parties usually feel like they’re designed for extroverts who like talking to new people. For some introverts, parties max out their socialising quota for the month, while many feel anxious just at the thought of being surrounded by unknown people.

One thing you should remember is that no one expects you to act like the life of the party; you simply have to show up and do your thing. There’s no pressure on you to ‘perform’; you can choose to enjoy the year-end party however you want.

How introverts can have a good time at parties

Most people stress about how to spend New Year’s Eve, but if you’re fortunate enough to be invited to a party, take advantage of the opportunity. Here are some handy party survival tips and tricks for introverts.

  1. Know the quiet spots

Undoubtedly, year-end parties are loud, but once the New Year’s Eve greetings subside, things begin to mellow down. That’s your cue to find a quiet spot in the house and take a breather from all the socializing you’ve gone through. You can also suggest screening a New Year’s Eve film or other activities that don’t require active participation.

  1. Go to the party with a friend

This is probably the best strategy to survive a New Year’s Eve dinner or party. Ask a friend you feel most comfortable around to accompany you in your plans. This way, you can make small talk with others but return to your friend whenever you feel overwhelmed by the gathering. Enjoying a party with friends is also a great way to celebrate the last night of the year.

  1. Stay close to the snacks and drinks

You’ve already done your job by showing up—so don’t feel the pressure to talk to every person in the room. Hanging close to the snacks and drinks bar is the best way to spend time at a party. Keep munching and drinking to pass the time and make small talk with others approaching the bar.

  1. Head to the bathroom to take a break

If things start getting too loud or overwhelming for you to handle, simply head to the bathroom and stay there for a while. It’s a secluded spot where no one can interrupt your thoughts, and you don’t need to answer anybody. You can use this opportunity to reorganise your feelings and plan how you want to continue.

  1. Plan a specific time to leave

Passing time at a party gets easier when you have a plan. Before leaving the house, decide what time you want to return. This way, you can plan all your activities at the party accordingly. If you really start enjoying yourself, you can always stay longer, but if things go as planned, you will be back home right when you want to. You can also pre-book your transport home to ensure that you won’t get stranded at the party.

Get ready for a New Year’s Eve party in Singapore

Now that we’ve discussed what to do on New Year’s Eve in Singapore as an introvert, let’s go over how you’ll get there.

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New Year's Eve party

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From New Year’s Eve parties to Chinese New Year’s Eve dinners, enjoy the holiday seasonwith your friends and family and don’t shy away from parties if you’re invited. Instead, use the tips mentioned above and have a great time. Arrive in style wherever you go with Atome’s fashion partners. Shop for your outfit today at ezbuy or TANGS and pay through Atome’s flexible payment plans.

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