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by jiatongma

Nov 07 2022

Imagine yourself reclining in a lounge chair on the beach, sipping your margarita as the sound of the cascading water waves surround you. Now, isn’t that a beautiful imagination? Don’t you want to just pack your bags, go to a resort, and live your best life? If you are ready to go, then let us help you pack for your next vacation. Now we don’t want you to get sunburned because you forgot to keep sunscreen and regret it later when you are paying triple to buy stuff at the resort!

So here is a packing list of all the clothing and accessories you need on your next resort vacation. But don’t get overwhelmed by the list and worry about where to get them! Because ezbuy Singapore has everything, you need to make your trip comfortable and memorable.

Essential items you need to pack for your resort vacation

The idea of a resort vacation is thrilling and exciting. Think about all the fun and relaxing things you will do there. Swimming in the ocean or the pool, tanning on the beach, strolling along the shore, enjoying beautiful sunsets, watersports, massages, and much more.

While you imagine all that, let us help you make packing for your next vacation a little less hectic so that you can have a relaxing and enjoyable time. Here is a list of all the essentials that you must pack for your next resort vacation:

  1. Waterproof pouch

The first thing you will do when you reach the beach resort is jumping into the water. There is something so majestic and mesmerizing about the ocean. Maybe it makes us realize how insignificant we are and that letting go and having fun is okay.

What you don’t want happening while you swim around is getting your phone wet—or having your cash, room key, or other essentials all soaked up. With the myriad of water activities, you will try, it makes sense to keep a waterproof pouch with you, so you can enjoy the water without worrying about getting your possessions wet.

  1. Sunscreen

While you are enjoying that pleasant sunshine bouncing off your skin, what you don’t want is a sunburn. Getting a sunburn on your vacation is the worst thing that can happen to you. Once you get sunburned, say goodbye to the beach for the next couple of days because you will have to stay in the shade.

So, it is better to be proactive and keep sunblock with yourself. Choose a sunscreen that is at least SP50-rated to keep the scorching sun at bay.

  1. Sunglasses

This is a no-brainer. You must keep your eyes open if you hope to catch those tides cascading and reaching the shore while reflecting the sunlight. So, don’t forget to keep at least two pairs of sunglasses. You never know what happens to the first pair of sunglasses, so it’s always better to keep a spare one, just in case.

  1. Swimsuit wet bag

Imagine walking back to your cozy and luxurious room after a relaxing swim while you carry your soaked swimsuit in your hands, dripping water all over the place. How about a swimsuit wet bag to make your trip a little more organized and less embarrassing?

  1. Mosquito repellent balm

The last thing we will mention on this list is something that may save your life, literally. Do not forget to keep a mosquito repellent balm with you, or get ready to be bitten by a swarm of mosquitos at night in those tropical resorts. Before malaria or dengue destroys your vacation and health, quickly grab one now and add it to your luggage.

Vacation in style – Must-have clothes for your resort vacation

While on vacation, the sunsets and the ocean don’t have to be the only things that look mesmerizing. To help you look your best on the resort, we have listed some clothing items you might want to carry with you if you want to vacay in style.

  1. Swimwear

The first on the list is pretty self-explanatory. You will spend most of your time on the beach, enjoying the water and soaking in the sun. So go prepared with the very thing you will wear the most. Pack a couple of swimwear for yourself that you feel most comfortable in. The number of swimsuits you need will depend on the length of your stay. But don’t forget to pack a variety of them, so you can slay while you’re on vacay.

  1. Sun hats

Next on the list is a sun hat. We are sure you will already have sunscreen on, but if you want to keep your eyes open with the sun shining on your face, you might want to keep a sun hat with you to keep the sunlight off your face.

Keeping the functional aspect aside, wearing a sun hat will also make you look stylish while you enjoy gazing at the ocean, lying on the beach.

  1. Beach coverups

Running around in a swimsuit might not be the best idea whenever you run inside the resort to get a refill on your drink or for something else. Keep a beach coverup with yourself so you don’t have to worry about changing every time you rush inside the resort. Just throw on the coverup, and you are good to go looking flawless as ever.

  1. Sandals

One of the essential things to carry to a resort, or any vacation, is a good pair of sandals. A sandal looks stylish and compliments every sort of outfit. Be it a sun dress, swimsuit, jeans, or shorts; sandals will look flawless on everything you wear.

  1. Evening dresses

For those fancy dinners, date nights, and exploring the local area, keeping a few evening dresses is a must. They will make you look great while also keeping you comfortable. Not to mention that some restaurants even have a dress code for dinners, so it’s better to go prepared.

The list of clothing essentials is not exhausting. Other than these, don’t forget to keep a good pair of walking shoes for all the late-night strolls and a spacious beach bag to carry your essentials. Now, on to the next part, where can you get all these items and more?

Meet ezbuy – Get everything you need for your next vacation

ezbuy SG is where you can get everything you have ever wished for. ezbuy is a platform where vendors from many countries like the USA, China, Taiwan, Korea, and even locals can sell their products online to customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Their vision is to bring the global market to your computer.

With hundreds of thousands of products on the ezbuy platform, you are bound to find everything you need for your next vacation. Since 2010, ezbuy has served millions of customers, making their lives easier and more convenient.

Another unique thing about ezbuy is that they are always launching promo codes so that you can get even better prices on the products for your vacation. Just search for ezbuy promo codes online to save money the next time you buy from them.

Find all the clothes and essentials for your vacation on ezbuy

With various products listed on their platform, ezbuy is all set to serve you with whatever you need to make your next vacation more comfortable and memorable. Here is a short but not an exhaustive list of everything you can get from ezbuy that you need for your getaway:

  1. Clothing that adds style to your getaway

ezbuy has a wide assortment of clothing that you can choose from to look your best on your vacation. From quality swimwear to evening dresses and sandals to comfortable walking shoes, you can find everything you need and more on ezbuy.

  1. Essentials for beach

From a wide-brimmed sun hat and stylish, quality sunglasses to keep the sun at bay to beach bags and waterproof phone covers, ezbuy has got you covered. Visit the ezbuy Singapore website now, or download their app to shop for thousands of products worldwide.

  1. Sunblock

Sunblock is probably the most important thing to keep while going on a beach vacation. With a wide range of sunblock from various brands, you are bound to find the best one on ezbuy. You can also find waterproof sunscreens on ezbuy.

The list does not end here. Check out the ezbuy Singapore website to check out more products.

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