4 Trending party dresses to burn up the dance floor

by jiatongma

Dec 26 2022

The time of the year has come for you to pull out all the stops in terms of party dressing. Break free from your capsule wardrobes and basic items this December and add something extra to your ensemble to stand out this festive season. To stand out from the crowd, it’s imperative to select the right party dresses.

From shimmering sequins to feather-trimmed and color-block ensembles, these are the runway trends we’ve spotted on the hottest dance floors and parties this season. Let’s look at the most coveted party dresses for women in 2022.

1. Full sequined ensembles

We usually look to celebrities to learn the latest trends in fashion, making the red carpet a perfect spot for identifying what’s the next big thing. At this year’s Emmy Awards, the stars made it loud and clear that sequins are back and here to stay.

Full-sequined ensembles have made a big comeback this year, and we’re not complaining. Also, what is the festive season without sparkles and glitter? So, whether you wear a jazzy sequin dance costume or a low-key bodycon wrap dress in shimmering gold, you will certainly grab attention from every corner of the room.

2. Oversized tailored sets

Oversized tailored sets are a favourite for fashion insiders, and we all can see why. The purposefully ill-fitted blazer, dress, and/or matching skirt set makes you look relaxed but also chic, so you’re getting the best of both worlds: comfort and style.

You can wear a snazzy oversized tailored set to dance the night away, but just make sure to style it appropriately because there’s a fine line between looking classic and drowning in too much fabric. The best way to nail the look is by focusing on proportions. Celebrity stylists suggest that you should keep one item fitted, so there’s some definition to your outfit and your frame will not get lost in the ensemble.

3. Silk satin dresses

There’s nothing that screams ‘glamour’ like a satin dress. It is versatile and can be dressed both up or down according to your mood. The fluidity of the fabric highlights your silhouette and makes it look soft and feminine. From a New Year’s Eve office party to a dance party at the club, a silk satin dress can be carried effortlessly, whatever the occasion. You can even find a matching baby party dress for your little one so you can both rock the silk satin dress trend together.

4. Feather-trimmed dresses

There’s something exquisitely feminine about wearing feathers, and that’s why it has been a staple in girls’ party dresses. The minute you don something with feathers on it, you start feeling like a diva, and we couldn’t agree more.

Feather has been in and out of fashion for several years, and this time it has made a big comeback as a micro-trend. This trend can seem a little over the top, so we recommend keeping it chic by picking a dress with feather trims instead of wrapping yourself head-to-toe in feathers.

Where to buy party dresses for ladies?

Now that we’ve discussed what’s in and what’s not, we come to the bigger question, ‘Where can you find the trendiest dresses of 2022?’ Fret not, because we have not one, but two options for you!


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The store has an ever-expanding range of fashion apparel and accessories from the most coveted international and local brands. From elegant black and white party dresses to flashy neon skirts—there’s something for everyone.

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Here’s another international e-commerce platform where you can find the latest fashion at affordable prices. The store offers everything you need to style yourself from head to toe. From apparel and shoes to bags and other fashion accessories- you can find a large variety of stylish products to dazzle everyone this party season.

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