Seasonal Staples for Every Man’s Winter Wardrobe

by jiatongma

Nov 17 2022

Wardrobes for men should be more than just jeans, shirts, and suits, especially during winter. Almost all men want minimal yet modish clothing that can be worn in different styles throughout the season. So the best technique to shop for men is the capsule wardrobe method.

A capsule wardrobe meaning is to limit one’s clothing selections to a few core pieces, so you can wear these chosen clothing in an infinite number of ways during the season as we all know that most men dislike going shopping, especially for clothes. They prefer to stay home and relax on weekends rather than spend hours wandering around Singapore’s high streets looking for trending options for their closet.

If you also dislike shopping and hoarding clothes, especially during winter, a winter capsule wardrobe might be perfect for you. When the weather outside is gloomy and the temperature is low, it is the ideal time to pull out your oversized sweaters and the chicest clothing from your walk-in wardrobe.

The goal is to select a dozen products that can serve as the foundation for a complete outfit suited for the chilly weather. Regardless of the temperature or level of formality, this capsule wardrobe allows you to retain a style that is both comfortable and stylish at all times.

Putting it in another way, you decide on your complete wardrobe design at once and then don’t have to worry about it again for six months. Let’s take a closer look at the staples before discussing the many ways you may combine and build them to create a variety of fashionable fall ensembles.

Cozy V Neck Sweaters

When it’s cold outside, nothing beats a cozy v-neck sweater. It’s ideal for people who have hectic winter routines outside their homes. Different companies have utilized a knitted design and seamless technology to achieve the best possible ergonomic fit. You can wear a woolen v-neck sweater with an elegant shirt tucked under it. Also, you can pair it with dark and dusky denim and nice shoes. The best part of v-neck sweaters is that you can style them casually and professionally.

Versatile Oversized Sweaters

A solid-color sweater with a crew neck makes for a lovely oversized sweater. It’s a pullover design with long sleeves and ribbed cuffs. Choose an enormous sweater to spice up your winter collection. It’s not only intriguing but also very adaptable. Because of its versatility, you can dress it according to your mood.

Must-have winter jackets

Winter jackets look incredibly stylish and can be worn in various ways, making them perfect for Singapore’s generally unpredictable winter weather. The HMLYN Down Parka, inspired by the original Himalayan Down Jacket, has been dropped to street level without sacrificing its elegance or functionality. It comes in the North Face winter jacket that your capsule wardrobe needs. It is a great thing to have for Singapore’s winter days and serves us well throughout the transitional season between winter and spring.

Harrington jacket

The Harrington jacket is among the most favorite Singaporean outerwear for men because it’s cozy and lightweight. They are available in a variety of waterproof and water-resistant finishes. They are great for stowing in a bag when not in use, proving that a single garment can be utilized in various weather situations.

A Harrington is a practical, casual jacket with a high collar and a zipper down the front; it looks great on men of all ages. Suitable for your walk-in wardrobe and versatile enough to be worn up or down. The Harrington sprang to prominence in the 1950s and has been a worldwide favorite ever since. It is a basic yet fashionable cover-up worn by every superstar in modern history.

Puffer Jacket

Classic, neutral puffer coats are the epitome of effortless style. These puffer jackets can be worn with everything in your walk-in wardrobe in Singapore. Stick to timeless monochromes or neutrals for your winter capsule wardrobe, such as black, white, or brown.

Moreover, the North Face puffer jackets are undeniably trendy for the coming winter and will likely remain in trend for quite some time. You can protect yourself from the cold and look stylish at the same time during the fall with puffer jackets.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Shoes

Complete your minimalist wardrobe with a few pairs of shoes. You should have at least three pairs of footwear: boots, athletic sneakers, and dress shoes. Like women, every man and his way of life is different, yet every man needs at least two pairs of winter shoes.

Army Boots

You can wear army boots all year round and to practically any occasion, whether you’re going for a more formal or informal style. You can dress them up for work or the weekend and wear them in the rain or on rough terrain without a problem.

Hiking boots

Hiking Boots are the ultimate sleek and durable shoes for your minimalist wardrobe. They’re a must-have no matter the season because you never know when you will head out for a hike. To match your wardrobe, you may choose brown or blue tones in suede, leather, or canvas.

Here are some highly-recommended, reliable stores from where you can shop for the upcoming fall/winter season. These stores have a variety of products with limitless options for everyone. So let’s have a brief look at our top recommendations.

The Ultimate Shopping Place For Men

The ZALORA Store

Part of the Global Fashion Group, ZALORA is the best place to shop online for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in Asia. ZALORA has made deals with different local and international brands to offer its men customers a wide range of products. This makes it easy for you to choose from many options. ZALORA’s elite designs and website product reviews are the most important reason you should shop online at ZALORA. It is a highly trusted brand due to its convenient, quick, and reliable service.

winter capsule wardrobe shoes on Zalora

The North Face

The most liked in-store brand in Southeast Asia is The North Face. If you prefer an in-store shopping experience, this store has popular goods, including down vests and puffer jackets, not only for men but also for children

and women.

The North Face has dominated the puffer coats and winter jackets market for decades because of its meticulous designs and skillful craftsmanship. For vast outdoor experiences, a waterproof jacket from the North Face is a must-have in your winter wardrobe.

Check out the North Face Outlet in Singapore and some other Southeast Asian countries to experience the world’s best eco-friendly environment for your winter wardrobe shopping.

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Upgrade your winter wardrobe with Atome

Atome’s purpose is to encourage consumers to buy high-quality products, and that’s precisely what you need in your winter wardrobe- articles that will last. Step away from fast fashion and invest in classic pieces to elevate your winter looks. If you’re worried about the shopping bill, leave it up to Atome to divide it into monthly payments.

Happy winter wardrobe shopping!

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