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by Starry

Jul 29 2021

CHARA points towards a sense of joy, delight, and inner gladness. Nothing can be a source of joy for a child except what motherhood allows. Mothers all over the world have different perspectives, but they all have one thing in common. And this thing is that they want the best for their child. Every mother has a different story by which this brand becomes a part of their journey. Every product we provide is made carefully and wholeheartedly to be approved and trusted by moms all over the world. And can also be used as a newborn baby gift. Our main focus is the ingredients and their role in serving the mothers and their children. We ensure that our products make every mom’s daily life convenient. And this has become our passion.

Chara ensures that your child gets the best product used for baby care. Through a partnership with Atome so that the payment process becomes easy for the mothers, they won’t worry about the finances but will only focus on providing the best for their children. Therefore, you can just shop for your child by staying with Atome.

Chara collaborates with the brand after making sure that it provides the best products. These brands include Mobi, mother’s corn, Airfree, Besafe, etc. A wide range of brands works together with Chara to provide a newborn baby gift for your child.


The air we breathe is filled with contaminants and impurities. As a result of inhaling them, a child may experience an allergy. Therefore, to prevent this, the Airfree brand has developed a type of innovative purification system. It supplies an air purifier that improves the quality of life of people throughout the world. Chara provides the best products, including air purifiers, Airfree T, Air free Duo, etc. it can be used as a newborn baby gift to protect your child from irritants, ffproved to be a purification system for your child.


Besafe provides you with a clear and quick guide by introducing car seats. It provides the different types of car seats for the safety of your child. You can also gift it to someone as a newborn baby gift. It offers different protective car seats, e.g., child car seats, toddler car seats, baby car seats, etc.; it will make your child’s journey peaceful and safer. Chara designs products that will be according to your car’s design that will make your life easier.


Offspring provides comfortable and stylish dresses for your child. It provides casual wear for children of age ranging from newborn to 12 years. Chara ensures the clothing range they provide is comfortable and durable, providing something good to wear to give a sense of joy and pride. If you want to give a newborn baby gift to any child, it will be a perfect option for you. To protect your child from the ongoing Covid-19 virus, they also provide face masks that match their clothes as well as hand sanitizer and baby wipes.


The award-winning Moby Company provides parents with a product that is stylish, comfortable, and adaptable. It provides carriers that are made up of soft, durable cotton fabrics which are 100% pure. The company provides different types of carriers for infants, newborns, and toddlers. These carriers are of various designs and colors. The products include hybrid carrier wrap, flex wraps, evolution wraps, etc. it provides ease of carrying your baby with a carrier that perfectly fits you. Put your baby into this double-layered fabric, provide safety to your child, and carry them anywhere you want.

Mother’s corn:

Mother’s corn believes in providing you with the best care for your baby. It provides you premium baby food with outstanding quality. In addition to this, it also introduced food pots and boilers for your baby so that the child may enjoy their food. It also offers beautifully designed table cloths and many other products. It has a separate section for children of all ages ranging from 0-12. All of their products are eco-friendly and safe.

Skip hop:

Chara also provides products of skip hop. Skip hop provides different sized options according to your little one’s age, adventure, and storage. It provides products that your child will love to have. The products include mealtime goods, bags for your child, baby seat, diaper bags, other essentials, etc. Their products are highly functional, easy to use, and innovative. This means they will play a major role in your child’s growth.


Want to carry funky suitcases for your child while traveling? Buy them with Trunki. Using their creativity to design a personalized Trunki for your child, it comes in many styles and colors. In addition to these, they also provide bikes, folding scooters, lunch bags, and a wide range of products to spend a fuss-free trip. Chara provides a five-year guarantee for our products starting from the day of purchase.


Chara’s gears make you ready to go out in just a matter of seconds. It provides perfect features for you, and there is no fuss about their products. These products are expertly designed, durable, and are quite reasonable. It provides bicycles for children of different age groups. It offers transport products for youth, going to mountains, city bikes, or going to the beach.

Why buy with Atome?

Chara provides products for you and your child to make your life comfortable and easy. By purchasing your desired products from their company, you can make your child enjoy his life by gifting newborn baby gifts at a reasonable price. Atome will help you to get all the luxurious products at a cheap rate. Now you don’t have to worry about the price of products. Therefore, you can provide a comfort zone to your child by buying through Atome, which divides your payment into three parts.

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