Lazada Seller Fees: Commissions and Benefits while Selling on Lazada

Mar 24 2022

Since there are hundreds and thousands of marketplaces available worldwide, it becomes an arduous task for a particular e-commerce business to choose the right one among them. It takes an ample amount of time to understand the pros and cons of marketplaces available for the business and then come to the right decision to choose. Hence, many people want to know the benefits of Lazada seller fees and commission fees.

How to start selling in Lazada?

Lazada marketplace has been there for a long time, primarily because of the statistics that are available on various websites on the Internet. We will understand some features of Lazada in the points given below to understand its value among the marketplaces.

  1. Lazada has become one of the most popular marketplaces in the local markets, especially in Southeast Asia, for various businesses to grow.
  2. This particular marketplace of Lazada operates in six different countries, and the most popular marketplace in terms of ecommerce in Malaysia happens to be the Lazada marketplace.
  3. As far as Lazada marketplace’s monthly visits are concerned, it has 41 plus millions of monthly visits.
  4. There are over three hundred million Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) available.

We will understand about Lazada seller fees as well ahead in this particular section.

Lazada seller fees

There are few types of seller fees that the sellers need to know, though this particular marketplace allows the sellers to list the products without any investment. But the sellers must know and understand a few types of Lazada seller fees and the methods of the fees.

Initial Deposits and Upfront Fees

Lazada never charges its sellers with any initial deposits and upfront fees. As a seller, you can register your account, list the products you want to sell on Lazada’s online platform, and get started.

Many online platforms in China, like JD Worldwide, Kaola, or Tmall, charge an annual fee of around $1,000 to $5,000, which is not the case if you sell your products through Lazada.

Lazada provides its sellers an opportunity to test and reveal the Asian markets.

Lazada’s Commissions

Lazada charges a commission on every sale a seller makes. Lazada deducts the commission after the products’ delivery and completion of payment by the customer. Commission rates differ among countries. The commission is ranged between 1 to 4% according to the products. However, the commission rates on products in Vietnam can reach as high as 8% based on the products’ category.

Besides, there will be an additional charge for VAT/GST in a few countries, like Thailand and Malaysia. Sellers also need to pay for advertisements to help them stay competitive.

Value added tax (GST)

The seller will find its information depending upon the country where the sellers want to sell the products. As far as Malaysia is concerned, there will be a 6% charge of the products’ prices, whereas, in Singapore and Thailand, the percentage of the fee differs and will be around 7%. As far as countries like Vietnam and Indonesia are concerned, the fee will be about 10%. It is only in the Philippines where the seller will have to face to pay the highest fee, which will be around 12% of the products’ price.

Fees For Payment Service

If you are selling your products on Lazada, you can choose between two Payoneer and World First payment providers. As a seller, you can integrate your online store with any of these companies by registering an account with them.

In China, there is Alipay for Tmall Global and Tenpay for WeChat and JD Worldwide. If you are using Lazada’s online platform, the lazada seller fees applicable will be around 1 to 2%. Currently, the fees for deliveries to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand are about 2%.

However, you must contact World First and Payoneer to get the updated information as the service fee varies with time.

Shipping fee

Shipping plays a significant role in the final price charged to its customers. The shipping fee will be applicable depending on the factors, like location or the country of delivery. Also, it will depend on the types of products which are being sold. Lazada marketplace gives a shipping fee guide for sellers to understand it better.

If you want cross-border selling through the fulfillment center of lazada in Hong Kong, the shipping rates are higher than the local ASEAN sellers. The minimum fee of 12 to 37 Hong Kong dollars will be applicable as per the country of shipment. Besides, you will get various benefits if you Hong Kong is your hub. The Philippines have the highest rates as compared to any other country.   

However, you must see the latest and updated Lazada seller fees before you initiate your selling process.

Now the sellers must have understood about Lazada seller fees that they will be charged from the marketplace of Lazada. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for them to include all such costs in their products to avoid any unnecessary spending which may be on their part and which may frustrate their earning process.

Steps to start selling on Lazada

Becoming a Lazada marketplace seller is not going to be a challenging task. However, the process is quite effortless because the only thing required is to fill out the sellers’ registration form. After registration, the sellers will be eligible and ready to sell their products in Southeast Asian countries.

There are options for the sellers for cross-border selling because this is what Lazada allows as well. It means that this particular marketplace welcomes all the sellers worldwide without any hurdle or any interruption. Lazada also doesn’t ask for having a locally registered companies’ subdivision for sellers to become eligible to sell their products on Lazada’s online platform.

How to set up a seller account

There are three simple steps that the sellers who aspire to sell on Lazada will have to follow. By following the steps as mentioned below, it will be easier for a seller to set up an account quickly.

  1. Sellers need to visit the official website of Lazada marketplace and complete the registration form by filling out the required information. The sellers need to provide their company’s details, and they also need to provide a valid phone number, email address, and other information required.
  2. The second step will include submitting the application for the process of approval. After filling the application, and if the sellers’ data is correct, the sellers can receive a confirmation mail.
  3. Once the confirmation mail is received on the sellers’ mail, they will have the option of activating their account through the link they receive.

Product listing

If the sellers want to add their products to the marketplace, it’s not going to be difficult for them because they will have to go through the three options to add their products.

  1. The sellers can add the products one by one.
  2. The sellers can upload the products in bulk as well.
  3. The series can also choose a multi-channel listing platform to add their products.

After the completion of the products’ listing by choosing any of the three methods as mentioned above, the sellers can give the product details, images of the products, and product description in a short and precise manner for the customers to understand their products very well and get fascinated to buy those products.

Final Point

The sellers should not be worried about Lazada commission fees as they will have lots of benefits after using this particular marketplace for selling their products in various countries.

Sellers need to understand the benefits and profits they will get from their various products. They need to provide exceptional and quality products to have good and positive reviews from customers with the right price management and good product listings and images along with discounts and promotions.

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