Everything on How to Set up And Delete Lazada Account

by Starry

Apr 19 2021

Lazada is an online selling platform and one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. In this article, you will find all the information on how to delete Lazada’s Account and start your seller account. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to establish your business online, then Lazada should be your obvious best choice. Currently, approximately 1,35,000 merchants are selling their products on Lazada and earning massive profits. Lazada started its journey in 2012 but took its first steps in the Singaporean market in 2014. From that point onwards, Lazada has never looked back. Capitalizing on the pro-globalization business environment of Singapore, Lazada has grown into the 2nd most popular online selling platform. It was first named Rocket Internet in 2012, but as it was sold to Alibaba, a Chinese company, its name has changed to Lazada.

Benefits of selling on Lazada

Lazada is so popular that selling your products on this platform is a huge advantage, as your business gets massive customer exposure.

Approximately 52 million users visit this site per month, meaning your business is guaranteed to generate profits.

Alibaba, the largest selling enterprise, owns Lazada. It ensures that you won’t be at a loss if you open an account on Lazada.

How many niches can you think of, just off your head? Lazada deals in almost all of them. It includes toys, beauty products, home décor, electronics, and other niches.

Delivery options on Lazada

There are two primary delivery options that you can use on Lazada, these are:

  • Lazada Global Shipping
  • Self-managed delivery

Getting approved as a seller on Lazada

There are two ways to be approved on Lazada, and they are as mentioned below:

  1. You must have a physical location in the six listed countries or have a store in their distribution hubs.
  2. The process is a bit complex if you are selling from other than these six countries because then you would have to get registered on the platform.

How to set up a Lazada account

To sell your products on Lazada, you must have an account on Lazada. Let’s have a look at how you can set up an account on Lazada:

  1. Go to the official Lazada.com.sg website, and select the option “sell on Lazada.”
  2. On the next page, tap “become a seller now.”
  3. Fill in all the information to open up your seller account.
  4. After following the above steps, you will receive a contract after your application is approved. Now you can apply for a p-card.
  5. When you get the contract, you will have to sign it and send it back.
  6. You have successfully registered as a seller on Lazada.
  7. You will receive an email with all the details on registering your p-card.

How to upload your products on Lazada

After activating your Account, you can upload your products on Lazada, and with the very simple steps provided below, you can become an owner of your online store:

  1. Go to the top bar and tap on “Products.”
  2. From the dropdown menu, tap on “Add Products.”
  3. Choose a category of your product. It shouldn’t be wrong as it will affect your sales.
  4. Fill in all the details, such as product description, pricing, images, and other details.
  5. To upload products in bulk quantity, follow the below-mentioned steps:
  6. Go to the top bar area and snap-on items.
  7. From the dropdown menu, click on “Add Products.”
  8. Now tap on “Import Products.”
  9. Go to the “download template” segment and pick a category.
  10. In the templates, select “item class” level 2.
  11. Make an excel template and save it.
  12. You could now transfer the layout by tapping on the “import section.”

General Justifications for Removing or Deleting a Lazada Account

If you’re seeking information on “how to deactivate a Lazda account,” then you should read this section. People create Lazada accounts for various reasons, and there are just as many reasons for someone to wish to delete their Lazada account. Among these causes, the following are a few that stand out:

  • Your Lazada account has unusual activities.
  • Online shopping is no longer very common.
  • You no longer have access to your email, but you’ve forgotten your email address, password, etc.

If you have your justifications, make sure Lazada Customer Service will accept them. Because Lazada, not you, was the one who deleted the Account. However, the finest aspect of their services is that clients do not need to go to a Lazada Seller Center to deactivate their lazada account. Continue reading the blog to learn more about deleting your Lazada account.

Information on How to Delete Your Seller Lazada Account

You don’t have to visit a lazada seller center in Singapore even if you want to delete your Lazada seller account. There are no additional lazada seller fees that you will be liable to pay.

How can a seller lazada sg account be deleted?

  1. By completing Lazada’s online form, you can ask to have your Lazada seller Singapore account deactivated.
  2. Then you may click. How do I update my Seller Center profile under Other requests?
  3. Click the Yes button after that.
  4. Select Shop Deactivation Request after the page has loaded.
  5. Afterward, Lazada canceled your seller account.

How is a Lazada Account Deactivated?

Through “Chat with Customer Care,” you may ask Lazada to deactivate your Account. You might also type “Please permanently delete my Lazada account” to deactivate your Lazada account. Fortunately, you may remove your Lazada account without traveling to the Singapore Lazada Seller Center; you only need a phone or laptop with an internet connection.

  1. Access Your Account.
  2. Choose the Account Tab.
  3. Select Customer Support Chat.
  4. Describe the situation that led to your need to remove or deactivate your Lazada account.

How to Remove a Singapore Lazada account?

You can also request that Lazada remove your accounts from their database by email asking them to do so. So, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Log into the email account you created with the app or website.
  2. Next, create an email and send it to [email protected].
  3. You can put “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the Subject box.
  4. Next, send them an email asking them to erase all of your information associated with Lazada, if any, and to remove your Account from their database.

Please be aware that if you have an outstanding order pending on your Account, your Account cannot cancel your Lazada account. After receiving or canceling your order, you may get in touch with Lazada, and they will be able to help you forward with your request.

Your email address-linked Lazada Account will be shut down when the transaction has been performed. Lazada account’s suspension entails:

  • You can no longer reactivate your Account using your email.
  • Your customer profile and information regarding sales are inaccessible.
  • Since you deactivated your Lazada account, this Account cannot process returns or refunds.
  • Deleting your Lazada account is just as easy as setting one up, so go ahead and fix your error.

You can chat with the customer support of Lazada to know more about the steps to delete Lazada accounts, but you should know that if your order is ongoing, you can’t deactivate your Account.

If you mistakenly made an account on Lazada, you can follow the instructions from Lazada’s customer support, as they will tell you how to delete a Lazada account. You should know that by deleting Lazada Account, all of the below-mentioned deactivations would follow:

How Can I Remove My Phone Number From Lazada?

How can a phone number be removed from Lazada? Lazada offers two options: update your phone number if it is fake and you want to erase it and replace it with your new phone number. You may update your phone number by using the Lazada app or logging in to the Lazada website. Here are some helpful steps for you.

Using the App

1. Select the Settings button under Account. Make sure you have logged into your Account before continuing.

2. Click the Change Account Information link to modify your phone number. Change your current phone number to replace your old one. Once finished, click “Save.”

Within the Website

1. On the screen that explains how to change your Lazada account phone number, click Manage my Account. Ensure that you have logged into your Account before continuing.

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The above steps on how to delete a Lazada account and set up a Lazada account will surely help you ace the game of online selling and be your boss. As an entrepreneur simply beginning or wandering into the online retail space, you’ll need to use Lazada’s set-up installment and coordination foundation.

To help you start your business on Lazada Singapore, we’ve assembled a simple step-by-step guide on the most proficient method to begin selling on Lazada Singapore.

To start a business online, as it is the need of the hour nowadays, you should choose a safe and secure platform like Lazada.

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