Buy DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore without breaking your bank

by Starry

Mar 08 2021

Have you been scratching your head, trying to decide where to buy DJI Mavic pro in Singapore? Understandably, you are sceptical of the traditional electronic outlets in Singapore. After all, the prices in mainstream stores in Singapore are way too high than in most places around the globe. Especially in the case of DJI Mavic Pro, it’s safe to say that getting one is likely to put some pressure on your wallet. But the high cost of these devices is directly linked to the ingenuity that DJI devices bring to the drone industry.

The ingenuity of DJI in the drone sector

Being one of the best manufacturers currently in the industry when it comes to drones and aerial imaging, few can match the technological brilliance delivered by DJI. The current market leaders have continued their domination for quite some time now. By blending evolving technologies with robust designs, devices manufactured by DJI have been able to deliver unmatched aerial photography capabilities. The results are there for everyone to see in the form of high-quality images.

Blooming demand for DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore

The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the latest offerings by the market leader. It is essentially a quadcopter that is capable of taking exceptional quality aerial shots. Numerous features are being offered by the model, which have made the device incredibly desirable.

  • It is also incredibly easy to handle because of its great portability.
  • The Fly More Combo drone was first introduced in 2017. The device can capture 4K videos with a new and improved flight time of 27minutes.
  • The total weight of the device is 734g.
  • The device utilises Yes navigation and can cover the range of 7000m, without compromising on the quality of photos and videos.
  • The device also comes with noise-reduction capabilities.

Despite the many iterations and models that have been introduced after it, DJI Mavic pro remains to be one of the most preferred drones. However, those who require a bit more compact drone can go for DJI Mavic Mini. It is much more convenient for travel. Not only can it cover around 4km in flight, but it also offers panoramic visuals.

A significant investment

It makes sense for you to find an outlet or e-commerce platform offering the best price. In the case you are thinking of getting a DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo in Singapore, it is better to find the cheapest deal you can. Why? Because even at its lowest, you would be shelling out a good $700 to $800. It is quite a hefty investment, and therefore, you should think carefully about where to buy DJI Mavic pro in Singapore.

Why could Lazada be your answer?

Given the technological superiority of DJI drones, it is hard to get the same level of quality in cheaper devices. Hence, it is preferable to pick DJI devices at outlets or platforms that provide them at the best possible prices. E-commerce platforms like Lazada are proving to be the most preferred answer to the question of where to buy DJI Mavic pro in Singapore. Below are a few reasons why that is the case.

1. Customers can visit online as well as offline stores to shop DJI Mavic Pro

One of the major dilemmas you encounter, as you ask yourself where to buy DJI Mavic pro in Singapore, is whether you should search online or whether you should do the legwork and visit some offline stores. Platforms like Lazada have solved this dilemma by collaborating with various merchants, both online and offline. This allows the customers to shop according to their convenience, without having to think about price disparities. Any particular product, across the platform, is made available at coherent and consistent prices.

2. Amazing deals and attractive discounts

By picking Lazada as the option from where to buy DJI Mavic pro in Singapore, you would likely get many attractive discounts and deals. Lazada always offers some truly best deals to its clientele, that you can take advantage of.

3. Alternative payment methods

One of the most important reasons why you should shop at Lazada is the flexible payment options provided by the platform. You can opt for the ‘buy now pay later’ method and pay via 4-equal instalments. Most importantly, you will not be incurring any interest. This will make it easier for you to get your hands on DJI Mavic Pro, without hurting your wallet.


While considering where to buy DJI Mavic pro in Singapore, you are probably looking for a place where the entire process of shopping could be streamlined and simplified for you. Convenience is most likely what you are after. And in this regard, nothing trumps Lazada. Not only you will be able to easily find the product you are looking for, but the entire payment process is also incredibly secure and hassle-free. Hence, Lazada should be your first and only choice when it comes to buying DJI Mavic pro in Singapore. Aside from Lazada, you can shop for DJI Mavic Pro at Qoo10, one of the participating merchants of Atome.

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