How to get no credit check phone plans easily?

by Starry

Mar 17 2021

You might have faced problems in getting no credit check phone plans but now you don’t need to worry because many options can help you without seeing your credit rating and history. You can also finance your phone if you are an iPhone user or deal with many expensive phones. It is possible that most of the stores first check how you have managed your finances by looking at your credit scores. If you have bad credit then also you don’t need to worry as there are many options available after this.

Finding some no credit check phone plans 

Even if you are going with no credit card financing then also you should first check your credit. Your credit may not be as bad as you have thought. You should try improving your credit score as it can help buy other useful items in the future. Here are the best options that can help you in buying your phone without credit cards:

1. Go with a prepaid carrier

Working with a prepaid carrier is much better than signing up for an old-fashioned plan with any cell phone company. In prepaid cell phone plans you pay for service upfront therefore there is no use of credit cards. You will get negligible risk with this plan and can be easily executed with some simple plans. You can buy prepaid planned phones at cheaper rates without indulging yourself in any kind of commitment. You can switch between companies by paying nominal charges for your prepaid plans.  

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon are some major companies that offer prepaid plans in simple and easy steps. There are also companies like Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Sprint Prepaid, and T-Mobile Prepaid that offer only prepaid plans. Most retailers that offer prepaid plans are managed by Verizon and AT&T. You can get the same model and same quality of your phone as you get in credit card plans.

2. Join a family plan

You can also go for family cell phone plans as an alternative to no credit check phone plans and can take the offer of 10 lines on one plan by many retailers. One of the family members must pass the credit essentials for this plan while other members don’t need to worry about their credit score. If any payments get missed then the main account holder will be responsible for any dispute or legal actions.

Not only the member has to pass the credit check but he or she should also have some money. If you are going for an unlimited plan then you must have $65 to $80 with a previous carrier. This unlimited plan can be split into $45 per person including tax and other additional charges.

3. Consider a security deposit

Buy paying a security deposit you can buy your phone through no credit check phone financing. The amounts you are depositing will vary depending upon your credit score, but it could go up to hundreds of dollars. One security deposit is just for one phone if you are planning to buy multiple phones then you have to give multiple security deposits. Most of the carriers will fully refund your deposit after one year if you always pay your bill on time.

4. Find a co-signer

Now you might think about how to get a cell phone with bad credit and no deposit? It’s very simple if you have a relative or friend with good credit as he can be your co-signer and you can make a credit check plan on his behalf. The account and all payments will be in the co-signers name and he will deal with the company professionally whereas you can deal with the co-signer informally. You can also ask the co-signer to move his account to your name if he or she doesn’t have any issues in doing that.


You will get a variety of models and designs if you buy them from affordable in-budget mobile phones having simple and easy payments. No credit check phone plans can be easily made through online portals by being aware of little but important information. You should also take the guidance of experienced retailers who are working in this line for many years.

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