Why Buy Smartphone with Buy Now Pay Later?

Mar 05 2021

The growing use of smartphones has led to constant evolution and up-gradation in technology. But, with quick-changing technology, it becomes hard to keep up with the newer versions. Therefore, if you are wondering where to buy iPhone in Singapore, then the best place would be the online market!

However, as mentioned above, finding the right smartphone at the right price can be a challenge. And the best way to tackle this obstacle is to buy cell phones on ‘Buy now Pay later’. To qualify for this, you will have to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • User buying the Phone should have a Credit Card and the right credit limit
  • Having the Card details at hand while ordering
  • Registered contact number to enter the OTP

Even though this option is available for offline purchases as well, the growing use of online stores makes it a better option for everyone. Keeping your expenses at a minimum, this option will also help you manage your finances better.

Advantages of Using BNPL

Buying smartphones is a fun experience. If you want to make the best use of the BNPL service, then you don’t have to think about where to buy iPhone in Singapore. You just have to visit the online website and place your order. Here are some benefits of using this awesome feature:

  • Quick Approval

Buy now Pay later payments can be approved very quickly. You just need a few minutes, apart from your order placement time, to get your paying later request accepted. Moreover, you will also save time as the providers do not perform credit checks to approve. A user only has to provide basic information about their account. The payments will be processed automatically every month. 

  • Payment in Installments

This is another unique feature of the BNPL service. Whether you get the limited edition iPhone or any other Android phone, you will not have to worry about paying the whole amount at once. The total price is divided into easy payable installments for the user to repay in a specific duration.

  • No Interest

As stated above, online stores are the best answer to where to buy iPhone in Singapore and related questions. Why? Because they not only offer the best deals but also provide Buy now Pay later service at no added interest rate. Only extra charges applied would be on the late installment payment.

Benefits to the Retailers

This service is not just beneficial to the users or smartphone buyers. But it also brings numerous benefits to the retailers and brands. If you are wondering what they are, then here is a quick enlistment of the advantages of BNPL on retailers:

  1. Improved Customer Experience

The Gen Z members love to quickly go through the online stores and making quick purchases. It has become a hassle-free way of finding the right products. However, keeping them engaged becomes a challenge for most stores.

If you are a retailer and want to increase your customer engagement/ retention, then opting for the BNPL system can be a great option for you. Rather than going for a much complex reward program, this is a much easier way of improving the consumer experience.

  • Increased your Sales

Many studies have proven that retailers offering BNPL services can increase the conversion rates for many. Since pay later schemes extract revenue from the customers every month, you will have a stable monthly income flow. This can help you in recording and maintaining the inventory. You can also make extra investments in other parts of your business.

  • Better Website Performance

Buy now Pay later services are fruitful deals for most consumers and buyers. It helps them get the product they want, without emptying the bank account. Since it is a popular service among buyers, many retailers have turned towards it as well. This helps them deliver services that their customers want.

It also helps the brands in attracting more target audience attention from wider demography. This will also help in increasing website traffic, returns, and longer visit times. With a positive experience and impression, the visitor will soon turn into a long-term customer of your website. They will surely return to get more products from your website. 

Final Verdict

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. If yours is broken, and you are looking for where to buy iPhone in Singapore? Then consider visiting online stores to get the best iPhone. Moreover, you will not have to worry about your limited budget. By using the Buy Now Pay Later service, you can divide the whole payment into smaller and easier installments.

This is not just an advantageous deal for the customers. Many retailers and online stores have also opted for this feature. It helps them live up to the customer expectations and requirements. Furthermore, it also helps them in offering an exceptional buying experience.