Factors to consider before buying a high chair for your baby

by Starry

Dec 22 2021

As a new parent, you can be overwhelmed by the number of things needed to care for your infant. A baby high chair can help you a lot.

While there is no way to avoid spending money on raising children, there are certain things you can go without. Is one of the things a high chair? Well, feeding a baby is a difficult process – and if you’re a new mother, you’ll probably agree. You know how difficult it is to feed a growing child. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get your baby to sit still?

We’re here to discuss the importance of a high chair for your baby, and the things you need to consider before buying one!

Why high chairs are so important for babies?

With their feet flat on the footrest, high chairs with footrests help your youngster develop appropriate sitting posture. When your kid sits, placing their feet on a footrest improves stability and encourages them to sit erect without slouching.

When your child is learning a new skill, they must be effectively supported. Ensure that your youngster is properly supported in a high chair or on your lap at first. To assist your kid keep sitting up straight in their high chair, you may use cushions, commercially available inserts, or wrapped up towels.

The sort of harness on the high chair should be considered; if it cannot be tightened enough, it will not maintain your child’s position when they are younger. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the following factors while buying a high chair in Singapore.

Safety is a major concern.

The safety of your child is the most vital factor. This is also true when it comes to eating. Don’t risk your safety by relying on a seat that isn’t built for feeding. Always look for a well-equipped high chair, just like the one Childhome of Puttot Singapore has in its collection.


When purchasing a high chair for your child, consider the comfort element as well. If you want your baby to sit in a high chair for a long time, or at least until you complete your meal after you’ve fed him or her, seek a chair with a well-padded seat, a footrest, and nothing that may make your baby uncomfortable.

Manage spacing issues

A folding chair can be a good option if you’re short on space. You may also purchase a portable chair, which saves room and can be moved around while travelling or dining out with the infant.

Check the chair’s functionality

The first thing you should look for in a high chair is whether or not it is useful. Check to see whether it includes a detachable tray that makes selecting your baby out and putting him on the tray a bit easier, as well as cleaning the tray.

Check if the chair comes with wheels, so that you may transfer it from one area to another as well as whether the chair’s wheels can be locked to keep it stationary during meals. Besides movement, many high chairs may be transformed into booster seats or regular chairs.

It should be easy to clean

Most conventional stand-alone high chairs are coated in a wipeable cloth for cleaning. However, the ease with which these can be cleaned is debatable. Crumbs and stains are inescapable in all those fabric nooks, especially after regular use with one or more children.

We recommend looking at choices without cloth if you want a high chair that is easy to clean. It’s ideal if they also include a detachable, dishwasher-safe tray for quick, deep cleanings on occasion.

Childhome Puttot Singapore High Chair

The Childhome Evolu 2 high chair is an award-winning product that will last your child until they are six years old, converting from a baby high chair to a toddler chair. A 5-point safety harness and a detachable safety bumper are included.

The Evolu 2’s legs may be simply adjusted. At mealtimes, the baby may sit at the standard dining table with his or her parents, and the smallest height is ideal for bub to sit at a kid’s table with siblings!

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