Get hot and cold Water instantly with Xiaomi water dispensers

by Starry

Oct 11 2021

Xiaomi is a brand that covers a wide range of technology products. Xiaomi Water Dispensers are one of the fantastic technologies that one can own. They have a massive collection of water dispensers. There are several different styles and models available in the market to get them within your budget.

Most Xiaomi Water Dispensers are tower-shaped, and digital water dispensers have an intelligent LCD Screen for temperature control. The water tank capacity may vary from one to another according to specifications and designs. Xiaomi Water Dispenser is considered one of the most durable and reliable dispensers for both offices or homes. Xiaomi Water Dispenser is lightweight, and you can transport them easily from one place to another.

Why choose a Xiaomi Water Dispenser?

  • Lightweight
  • 3-sec instant boiled water
  • Different levels of water temperature
  • Mini-sized
  • Easy to operate
  • User friendly
  • No more wasting water
  • LCD screen
  • Safe child lock
  • Different dimensions
  • Unique colors

Novita Water Dispenser

Make your interior classier and more iconic with the bright and perfect Novita Water Dispenser, one of the most authentic water dispenser brands in Singapore. With a unique range of different colors, the product is ideal for every home and office, allowing you to enjoy hot and cold water within just one dispenser. The intelligent LCD feature makes it more comfortable so that you will set and check the temperature yourself. The product is also space sufficient and lightweight at the same time. No more electric kettles and thermal flasks are needed if you once purchase a Novita water dispenser. This is also a time-saving dispenser as you do not need to have separate sources for hot or cold water. It is one of the best water dispensers because:

Why choose the Novita water dispenser?

  • Novita water dispenser features water tanks with huge capacity.
  • Product warranty of 1 to 3 years
  • Pure and clean water with DIY EZ TWIST Filter.
  • Easy to operate steps
  • The 6-step comprehensive water filtration system
  • Instant boiling system.
  • Child safety lock
  • Offering auto-dispensing choices
  • There is also an energy-saving timer in Novita Water Dispenser.

Wells water dispenser

Wells Singapore is a well-renowned brand specializing in providing a vast range of innovative and luxurious kitchen items. Their eco-friendly appliances are popular with consumers locally. Wells provides multifunctional and portable products that strive to deliver the best.

Wells has various products in massage chairs, air purifiers, and water purification and dispensers. Wells water dispensers are one of the most luxurious brands ever. Wells water dispenser ensures to purify water and supplies hot and cold water at the same time. With its unique and fantastic color range, it gives a perfect look to your interiors. Wells water dispensers are recommended because:

  • Wells water dispensers offer an unlimited supply of cold water with their tankless technology.
  • The design of the product is extra slim and brilliant.
  • Highly portable
  • An intelligent LCD for convenience.
  • Wells water dispensers contain advanced direct dispenser technology.

Philips water dispensers

Philips is one of the brands which do not need an introduction as they have been around for decades. Philips is always there to meet your technology needs. However, Philips’s water dispensers are one of the most  high-performing dispensers. You’ll get your desired boiling water within seconds. Moreover, you can control the water temperature according to your need.

Philips water dispenser is equipped with the innovative technology of RO filtration, which helps to remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses. There are four temperature settings include. Now no more waiting for boiling or getting cold water. Philips water dispensers supply 100% natural and pure water in no time. The elegant and classy look makes the interior more alluring and fascinating.

Viomi water dispenser

The Xiaomi water dispenser provides three modes of water temperature control systems. It is a one-touch solution to your needs, a true blessing for hot water drinkers. The compact-sized water dispenser makes an easy filling process. The pre-installed water shortage sensor is always there to remind you that your dispenser is out of water.

Where to buy a water dispenser in Singapore?

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So, get your hands on your Xiaomi water dispenser, Novita water dispenser, wells water dispenser, Philips water dispenser, or Xiaomi water dispenser in easy installments. So, start shopping with ezbuy and pay with Atome.

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