Tricks About Coway vs. Cuckoo You Wish You Knew Before

by Starry

May 10 2021

Distinguishing between Cuckoo and Coway water filters can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the brands. To learn about their products, research the factors on their main website at between Cuckoo and Coway water filters can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the brands. Their differences are very subtle though, which is why we’re here to help. Cuckoo vs. Coway, not only coexists in the market in Singapore but is also one of the two biggest water filter brands in the world.

There is a lot of debate going on about whether to buy Coway, which is the Taiwanese giant with a 7,000-strong customer base in Singapore, or the Chinese manufacturer Cuckoo.

What is the difference between Cuckoo and Coway? Here are some differences that ultimately make a person choose the brand that he or she prefers.

Types of Water Filter Produced

COWAY: Cukoo users who prefer to use Coway will experience a mineral water filter type (NanoTrap), with an inclusion of the R.O water filter (Reverse Osmosis). One of the advantages of this filter system is that it also favors an alkaline water filtering system. However, Conway’s usage is less prone to soil contamination because its filter technology is based on a Reverse Osmosis filtering system. The upside of Coway is that it can effectively filter water that can be handled by a standard home, as it delivers very smooth and clean filtered water.

Cuckoo: Only 1 type of filtration system is experienced in this Coway vs Cuckoo water filtration process. Nano Positive Innovation is a water filtration system that removes nearly all contaminants and unhealthy foreign objects from the water, retaining only beneficial bacteria and mineral salts required by the body. Want to know more about Cuckoo water filter? Read on for details.

Types of Water Filter Tanks Used

The Coway Water Filter uses a plastic water tank, whereas the Cuckoo water filter uses a stainless steel water tank. Many benefits of this Cukoo stainless steel tank include improved water quality, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, the ability to maintain the temperature and coolness of the water provided, and a significant reduction in the consumer’s electricity bill.

Water Quality and PH reading

COWAY: The Reverse Osmosis filtering method removes almost all foreign items from the water, resulting in extremely clean water. The R.O Membrane Filter is extremely fine, measuring about 0.0001 microns. R.O. can process metal ions with a 99.9% removal rate, as well as rust sizes within 0.001 and 0.0001. The pH reading of the Coway filtering system is also very encouraging as it ranges from 6.5 to 7.5.

CUCKOO: theirs the presence of Light alkaline but also alkaline water which is generated by the Nano positive filtering method. Because of its moderate alkaline and chemical composition, water filtered by Cuckoo filtration systems is natural and safe. The salt concentration processed by the Cukoo filtered water ranges from 7.0 to 8.0 (biological) (mild alkaline).

Tank size

We know that the rate at which the water is filtered will slow depending on the amount of strength that is applied. This is because the Cukoo filtering process is underway to eliminate the flute, which would harm our well-being. When it comes to choosing filtration systems, the size of the storage tank is crucial. If the size, is minimal the current consumption is extremely limited, and you might need to queue for the next refill. The best of Cuckoo model sizes goes up to a 5.2-liter tank, while the Coway top model like the Neo goes up to a 5.8-liter tank. Without a doubt, the Coway filtration water tank is larger than the Cuckoo.

Service Frequency Distinctions

Any time you hear about concerning Cuckoo service in water filters, keep in mind that it’s a very important factor though. Determining how to clean your home water will depend on the time gap for changing your filters. For instance, changing the Cuckoo filter is done every four months, along with its filter transition. The Coway fans require filter service every two months, with their filtration conversion done after four months.

Different in Prices

What’s the difference between Coway vs Cuckoo water filters? Whenever it comes to cost, both Cukoo brands are approximately equal in terms of pricing. But due to the twice-monthly operation and massive water filter tank size, the Coway tends to be marginally more costly than the Cuckoo.

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Cuckoo Singapore


Which is the superior Cuckoo vs Coway? That is a question that many people pose when deciding whether or not to mount this water filter system. A well-made and tested water filter is one of the greatest investments you can make in your home. Don’t rush out to buy a water filter system just because there is a sale at your local big-box store. The article will discuss the unique features of Cuckoo’s water dispenser, purifier, and rice cooker.

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