Novita Water Filter—The Best Choice for Home 

by Starry

Oct 11 2021


Novita is a Singaporean-based company of technology and health care products. Novita products are high-quality and standardize products. Its health care facilities are approved and tested by United States, China, Europe, and Singapore. Novita held the trusted brand of the year continuously from 2016 to 2021. With proven quality results, the Novita water filter has become the best water filter in Singapore.

A BPA-free filter allows storing a large capacity of water storage. Moreover, there is also a protection lid on the top of the filter to provide better water protection.  


·        HIGH STORAGE:  Novita water filter provides the facility to high storage from 3 to 4 liters so you can enjoy happy drinking anytime, anywhere.

·        ELEGANT AND UNIQUE COLOUR COMBINATION: the beautiful and elegant colors enrich your drinking experience. Moreover, the bright colors add more charm to your interior and décor.

·        SPACE SUFFICIENT: The Novita water filter does not require a large amount of space. You can place it anywhere, such as on your kitchen rack or on your side table.

·        LIGHTWEIGHT: Novita water filter is very light in weight. You can easily place filters from one place to another without any hassle.

·        POCKET FRIENDLY: Novita water filter is made affordable for the masses to enjoy.

·        100% fresh and pure water: Its hydro plus and hydro pure filter technology guarantees you 100% healthy, fresh and purified water.

·        EASY TO REFILL: Refilling has never been such an easy task before. The refill tracker allows you to check the water availability and its lifespan.

These are some of the top-selling water filters in Singapore.

Hyflux water filter

A true innovation in the world of filters is the “Hyflux water filter.” New emerging technology with a massive range of quality products. The filters provide the best filters in Singapore. Hyflux water filter is a certified quality water filter tested by Singapore and US laboratories. Their tap filter technology gives 100% protection against micro particulars of about 0.01 microns. The Hyflux water filter is easy to install and easy to use. One of the best water filters in Singapore is perfect for a new generation who do not have enough time for boiling water or purchase filtered waters from shops daily. An ideal water filter for you and your family.

Why choose the Hyflux water filter?

·        Block rust and dust: the high-quality Hyflux water filter blocks mini particulars of dust and removes viruses and bacteria.

·        Removes terrible odor: Hyflux water filter removes every rotten smell or foul odors from the water. Chlorine-free and also improve the taste of water. So, you’ll get purify and 100% natural water filter.

·        Weightless: The Hyflux water filters are significantly less in weight and easy to use.

·        Free installation service: Hyflux water filter provides 100% free installation services and also provides maintenance services.

·        High flow filtration: The Hyflux water filter allows the maximum level of water filtration so you can enjoy more filtered water.

·        Time consumption: The product consumes your valuable time to get instant water filtration in seconds.

·        Water picture technology: Hyflux water filter has water pitcher technology to filter more water as a pitcher provides.

·        Portable and fix: Hyflux water filter has both types of water filters like one is a tap water filter, and the other is portable. The water filters are ideal for homes and offices at the same time. So, you can get yours according to your ease.

OSIM Water Filter

Osim provides a unique purification process in easy steps. With the latest technology cleaner, it removes all bacteria and viruses from water. So, you can enjoy filtered water in your tap, so you and your family drink healthy and pure water. Preliminary filter, Granular Activated carbon, hollow filament membrane, and mesh filter remove any tiny harmful particular from water. It is easy to replace the filtration system provides an easy replacement solution. Moreover, the indicators indicate when the filter needs to change.

Amway Water Filter Singapore

Amway ensures to provide high quality and best quality water products throughout the island. The carbon block filter blocks all harmful elements and removes 99.9% of bacteria from water. The filter is ultra-light and cleans 130 different chemicals and 120 pathogens—Health friendly, especially for kidneys and liver. There is also an LCD indicator on the Amway water filter to provide you with every single detail about water purification.

Where to buy the best water filter in Singapore?

Ezbuy is one of the most demanding retailer stores that provide 100% authentic and quality branded products at the same place. Finding the best water filter in Singapore is now very easy and hassle-free. You have to search product specifications and details on the website and order one of them according to your need and budget. Moreover, Ezbuy offers easy payment options like interest-free instalment payments with Atome.

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