Easy and Comfortable Hanging Chair Singapore 

by Starry

Oct 26 2021


A half egg-shaped chair is called a hanging chair. Hanging chairs are super comfy and joyful. The hanging chairs are also called swing chairs, egg hammocks, or basket hanging chairs. These look stylish and enhance the beauty of your interior. Hanging chairs brings a lot of healthy benefits, and therapists or specialists recommend using these chairs. There are two types of hanging chairs available in the market, indoor hanging chairs and outdoor hanging chairs.  

However, you can firmly hang your outdoor hanging chair with any ceiling. A heavy pre-installed hook is available with the hanging chair, making it easy to hang a chair. Moreover, some high-quality brands provide the facility to install your hanging chair according to your desire. A hanging chair comes with all hanging accessories so one can hang the chair on his own. 

Uses of hanging chairs: 

No one can deny the health benefits of hanging chair as it provides more advantages than simple sitting chairs. So we will discuss some of them below. 


For someone who is suffering from muscle, neck, or back pain issues, this hanging chair works like a charm for these patients as it swings and makes your body ache-free.  


After a hectic day, a hanging chair brings comfort and peace to your life as you can relax by spending your precious time sitting on a swing chair.  


A hanging chair is a way of consolation and a perfect piece of décor at the place. You can make your isolating area well decorated with an outdoor hanging chair.  


The outdoor hanging chair is all about joy and fun. An outdoor hanging chair also provides maximum pleasure to enjoy the outdoor beauty from the terrace or garden.  


The hanging chair brings many health-related benefits and works as a meditation for those with less concentration or low observing problems. The hanging chair helps them to provide more attention while reading or studying.  


If your hanging chair is inserted on your terrace, you can enjoy beautiful weather while hanging peacefully. Similarly, if your hanging chair gets fit near your garden, then you can cheerfully enjoy the stunning views of your natural plants and flowers.  


There are soft and cozy cushions inside the hanging chair, which comfort your sitting and back relaxing. So one can even enjoy a soundless sleep on a hanging chair.  

Types of hanging chairs: 

There are several types of hanging chairs available in the market to choose from according to his choice. Some of them are: 

  • Bubble hanging chair: 

Usually, a bubble chair is made up of stainless steel and glass fiber plastics (FRP). It looks like real glass and gives a luxurious look to the place.  

  • Net hanging chair: 

Net hanging chairs are very sturdy and durable as compare to other hanging chairs. They are mostly made up of stainless steel and fabric. They are considered one of the ideal outdoor hanging chairs because they are long-lasting and do not damage even in heavy storms or rain.  

  • Plywood Hanging chair: 

Plywood hanging chairs looks very antique and unique. As these plywood outdoor hanging chairs are made of plywood and stainless steel, these chairs are more delicate than others because a heavy and rainstorm can damage your plywood. So, takes extra care of your plywood hanging chair.  

Where to buy an outdoor hanging chair in Singapore? 

Buying a hanging is quite an easy process as many brands and locals supply hanging chairs in different price ranges. But suppose you’re looking for a high-quality, unique brand hanging chair. In that case, you must go for loft home furniture, which has a variety of home furniture’s from dining to living, from bed to outdoor they have an exclusive range of branded furniture. Loft Home Furniture is a perfect choice, especially for hanging chairs in Singapore. 

Why shop from Loft home furniture? 

The question must pop up in your mind before buying a hanging chair. You can buy a hanging chair anywhere in Singapore, but loft home furniture has some distinctive values for its valuable clients. Some of them are: 

Visit the showroom yourself: 

Loft home furniture sells online and offers their precious customers to come and visit their showroom physically so they may make a wise decision by selecting their own choice of hanging chair.  

Home delivery and installation services: 

The loft home furniture do not have heavy or costly products in their hands. They provide home delivery service and also offer installation service of your hanging chairs. They deliver your selected items with extra care and protection. 

Exchange or return policy:  

Loft home furniture has 30 days exchange, refund, or return policy for its customers, which is no doubt the actual guarantee for their consumers. 

Repair facilities: 

Loft home furniture provides five years of product warranty. Moreover, they won’t leave their customers in any thick and thin. Their professionals and experts are always ready to deliver their repair or replacement services so that you can value your money in proper manners.  

How to buy a hanging chair from loft home furniture? 

That’s a straightforward and straightforward process. Visit the Loft Home Furniture‘s website and choose your favorite outdoor hanging chair from the online store according your preferred dimensions. Place an order and checkout with the payment method via Atome.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

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