Discover Charming Winter Getaways: Cold Weather Travel

by jiatongma

Nov 15 2022

Cold weather destinations that are budget-friendly are all we need during hot summers. While Southeast Asian countries have beautiful, scenic tropical regions, beaches, resorts, and amazing weather from October to March, the summer season gets quite humid. 

Many people in South Asian countries often want to skip the summer heat and jump to the winter season. Some try to beat the heat by planning trips to cold-weather countries, which costs them a lot of planning and a dip in their savings. 

But if you also want to spend a lovely time in a chilly area without spending all your savings on it, then the Atome buy-now-pay-later service has you covered. You will not have to book expensive trips and leave the continent to enjoy the chilly weather. Instead, you can revel in some of the coldest Southeast Asian countries while enjoying flexible payment options.

We have found some exquisite Southeast Asian destinations for you to plan a budget-friendly trip and enjoy the serenity of cold weather without worrying about booking problems and massive bills. All you have to do is determine where to visit and leave the rest to a good online travel agency.

While talking about Southeast Asian Countries and their climate, let us now tell you about the five best places to travel during summer for a fantastic experience. Check out our picks for this year below.

5 Cold Weather Best Places You Must Travel

  1. Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cameron Highlands will leave you spellbound as it is surrounded by nature and filled with organic farms. If you are a nature lover and want a peaceful, chilly getaway, there is no place better than the Highlands. This place has a spring-like temperature all year round. For example, the average temperature throughout the year is eighteen degrees celsius. 

There are numerous gardens, hiking trails, waterfalls, farms, museums, and markets with delicious food. The most common thing you will experience in Cameron Highlands is its tea plantations and fruit farms. Because it is located at a high altitude and is usually colder than normal, this place is ideal for growing tea and crops. 

If you are truly looking for a getaway, away from the daily grind of the work-home-work, then visit this place once, and you will fall in love with it forever.

  1. Kundasang Malaysia

Also known as the New Zealand of Malaysia, Kundasang is one of Malaysia’s most liked travel destinations. Whether you plan to come here during summer or winter, you will always find pleasant weather during day time and breezy during the nighttime.

The clear broad skies and the breathtaking green fields will make you appreciate the beauty of nature. If you want to travel to this place, you must visit the Desa dairy farm, where you can experience feeding the cattle and playing with them.

If you want to plan a vacation with your family, then Kundasang is indeed one of the best places to travel. In addition to the farms, you can enjoy several activities like visiting the spring gardens, riding ATVs, paragliding, and enjoying hot spring baths.

According to a Singapore travel agency, May-June is the best time to visit and explore Kundasang. However, if you want to enjoy cool, chilly weather, visit Kundasang in January and remember to bring warm clothes and blankets.

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is located north of Thailand and is one of the best tourist spots in December. This place is rich in culture, heritage, and alluring natural sights. Beautifully populated amongst hills and mountains, this city offers a remarkable experience to travelers and tourists. Whether you wish to enjoy delicious warm food in the city’s chilly weather or want to celebrate rich cultural events, this place is a complete package.

You must visit the city between November and February for pleasantly cold weather. The temperature in December drops to around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, so it’s pretty satisfying for people who want to spend time in a cold place. Also, this city has affordable accommodations with all basic services that you can book and enjoy a comfortable stay.

The city has various cultural festivals and night bazaars with delicious food options. Moreover, it has many waterfalls and beautiful attractions that are intriguing for tourists. Lastly, the best part of this city is the cherry blossom festival in January. So if you visit Chiang Mai, Thailand, don’t forget to experience this fantastic show of nature.

  1. Sapa, Vietnam 

The town is located in southwest Vietnam, close to the Chinese border. If you want to see the true expression of nature, then visit this place anytime throughout the year. Inhabited by different tribal groups, this mountain town shows a true example of cultural diversity. People are very welcoming and friendly. 

This place is for you if you want to spend time in nature while meeting new people and learning about new cultures. Sapa hills are covered with greenery and countless tracks to enjoy trekking. The temperature of this place stays an average of twenty degrees celsius. However, the temperature falls below 10 degrees in winter months, such as December and January.

At the top of the mountain, the temperature falls even to minus five degrees. Therefore, it is recommended to visit this place if they have good trekking skills because hiking becomes comparatively tougher in winter. Otherwise, it is an amazing place to spend time in cold weather. 

  1. Sagada, Philippines

Sagada in the Philippines is a mountainous area where temperatures drop to four degrees Celsius from December to February. This place is also famous for its scenic nature, underground limestone caves, waterfalls, and farmlands. It is also one of the calmest and chilliest places to travel in the Philippines, which makes a person feel relaxed. Although December to February is the best time to visit Sagada, it is also the busiest time when tourism is at its peak.

The people here celebrate some native festivals that show their culture and traditions and present their delicious cuisines. This city is welcoming for visitors and offers several tourist activities, like the hanging coffins of Sagada, eco valley, Lake Danum, etc. You can easily book transport to this town and have a wide range of accommodation options from mid-level to luxurious style, from easily affordable to expensive hotels. 

Best travel agencies to plan a trip

A good travel agency will help you explore the places mentioned above effortlessly and peacefully. Let us suggest some leading online travel agencies that will make your travel seamless, stress-free, and memorable.

  • Agoda

When we talk about trust and seamless travel plans, the first thing that comes to our mind is Agoda. Agoda is a Singapore online travel agency that has global connections. No matter where you want to visit, Agoda is there to make effortless accommodation bookings for you.

Agoda has been successfully handling the traveling plans of its customers since 2005. It has more than 2.9 million properties in almost two-hundred countries and more than thirty-five million honest customer reviews. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, Agoda offers twenty-four hours customer care service that makes the booking process smooth and effortless. The company understands its customer’s needs and time like no other agency. Therefore, in our Singapore travel book, it is labeled as one of the most reliable travel agencies in Singapore. So, if you want to book a flight or hotel, get in touch with Agoda, and they will handle all your bookings professionally and smoothly.

  • Kkday 

Kkday is a leading Singapore travel agency that is always ahead in making your trips secure and memorable. Whether you want to book transportation, reserve tables in popular restaurants, book hotel rooms or villas, buy tickets to famous tourist attractions, or join group tours, Kkday is always there to make your experience convenient. 

Trust us, this travel agency is a game changer and can prove to be an excellent choice when it comes to visiting the best places to travel. No matter the type of destination, event, or activity, Kkday is a one-stop shop for tourists. 

With the support of more than one million customers, Kkday is available in almost ninety countries. This agency works diligently to make the entire process of your trip, from bookings to payments, safe, credible, and exciting. Moreover, they have a lot of recommendations, tips and tricks, and activities ideas to do in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

So isn’t it better to choose a travel agency based in Singapore that has mastered Southeast Asian cultures, events, traditions, and the best travel time, while planning your trips?

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Atome’s partner merchants for travel bookings

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How to pay with Atome

Whether you select Agoda or Kkday to plan your trip to the best places to travel, you can pay with Atome in the following way:

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Planning a trip can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. With our suggestions of the most impressive cold places to visit within Asia and leading travel agencies that you can book your trip through – your journey is sorted. Enjoy traveling with convenience with Atome’s Pay in 3 monthly payments. So, book your trip today and explore the beauty of Asia.

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