Tips for booking travel insurance for a hassle-free trip

by jiatongma

Nov 24 2022

Travel insurance is a significant investment that any traveler can make once they plan to travel. A solid insurance policy can help you avoid travel risks, medical risks, as well as flight disruptions. This article will explore the importance of travel insurance and how to pick the right coverage for maximum benefit.

4 Reasons why travel insurance is crucial

Consider the following reasons if you’re still wondering whether you need travel insurance before your planned trip.

  1. A travel insurance policy offers coverage against medical emergencies to a certain limit. Fortunately, most policies don’t discriminate between types of medical emergencies and reimburse costs up to a particular limit. Some insurance companies also have a list of network hospitals where you can get treated.
  2. It covers various travel risks, including the theft or loss of a passport, personal belongings and checked-in baggage, etc. Financial compensation allows you to travel stress-free.
  3. The travel insurance policy also covers financial losses in case your flight is canceled for any reason. Similarly, you will receive compensation for disruptions that may cause you to cancel your visit or curtail it for unforeseen reasons.
  4. Being insured by a reliable company means you’re not alone in your travels should you encounter any problems. Insurance companies provide all kinds of assistance, including locating a network hospital to get treated or helping you to file your claims correctly.

How to choose the right travel insurance coverage

Some think travel insurance is valuable for big-ticket trips such as safaris, luxury cruises, or multi-city international travel. It can also be helpful if you plan for short-distance travel. Several insurance companies offer insurance for safer journeys, so it can take time to determine which one is right for you.

You should remember that all policies don’t cover everything in all situations or in all countries. Therefore, you must be mindful of your travel needs when choosing a travel insurance policy. Here are a few factors you should always consider to assess the cover you need.

Your travel destination

Some insurance policies cover specific destinations, while others are worldwide. The cost of insurance and level of coverage will depend on the location you’re traveling to. Since risks in some countries may be higher than in others, the insurer may charge you differently and compensate you to a certain limit.

You should always choose a policy that covers you for all the countries you plan to visit, including transits and layovers. Be wary of current issues and risks, including the Covid-19 virus status of your travel destination. You will need to ensure that the insuring company offers Covid travel insurance.

You should check if your destination’s advice level is ‘Do not travel’ in the insurance policy and also stay updated about any changes in the advice level.

The trip’s duration

Travel insurers will quote costs based on the days you will be away from home. So if you’re planning a quick trip, you will be good to go with a one-off travel insurance policy. However, an annual multi-trip policy may offer you better value for money if you plan to travel more often.

In the case of traveling abroad to reside or work, you might not be covered by most policies. Therefore, determine how many days you plan to travel and its frequency before choosing an insurance policy.

Your planned activities

Different policies cover various activities, and most insurers exclude things like skiing or going on a cruise from their standard policies. If an insurance provider doesn’t offer cover for common activities, you may need to pay extra to ensure what you plan to do on the trip.

You should always read the policy’s fine print to check what activities are included and excluded from your insurance. In addition, check how each activity is defined because climbing a mountain after a certain altitude might be considered mountain climbing.

Your age and health

Your age and health conditions will affect the type of travel insurance policy you’ll need and the amount it will cost you. Always disclose any existing health concerns to your insurer and ensure that the policy covers that condition.

Sometimes insurance providers may ask for a health assessment. Therefore, you should always ask beforehand whether your condition will be covered automatically or if you will need an evaluation for coverage.

Most policies have age limitations, so make sure you don’t need to pay anything extra for a cover.

Your travel belongings

Since insurance providers offer compensation for theft or loss of personal belongings, you must make sure what you’re taking with you on the trip is covered by the policy. Expensive items usually cost more to insure as the risk is higher.

Policies usually have a compensation limit on the value of each item, but if you want additional cover, you may need to pay more. Reading the fint print of the policy is extremely crucial. You should check the limits on your baggage cover and find out how much it will cost you in total if you need to pay for extra cover.

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Take your time comparing insurance policies

There are various travel insurance providers, which means you have plenty of options to decide from. Find out what each policy covers and how much coverage you will get. Compare that with your travel needs to determine the best choice for you.

Remember to check customer reviews and explore other people’s experiences with the service.

Single or annual trip insurance plans – which one is better for you?

There are two types of travel insurance policies that you can choose from a single trip and annual plans.

Single-trip insurance works better for short one-off plans. So, if you’re going on a short trip for a specific length of time and returning home later, this option is better for you. Remember that the price of your policy will depend on the cost of the trip.

Annual or long-term plans are better suited for people planning to go on multiple trips. While these policies cover all your trips, there is a limitation on how many trips you can take, their duration, and if you can return home during your travels.

In addition, most annual policies don’t offer cover for trip interruption or cancellation. If they do, they are capped at an amount significantly below the trip’s total cost.

Multi-trip insurance plans are ideal if you often travel, but if you aren’t a frequent traveler, a single-trip plan will provide you with better insurance coverage.

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Choose Agoda for a stress-free trip

The best way to plan a relaxing trip is to get travel insurance in advance and book your travel flights with a reliable service provider. Take your time choosing the ideal insurance coverage and partner with Agoda for hassle-free bookings. Don’t worry about the cost because Atome has you covered with its interest-free and flexible payment plans.

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