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by Starry

Jul 27 2021

Angel Baby Box is a Singaporean company that caters to all of your baby’s needs. The Angel Baby Box, an award-winning, unique multi-purpose baby crib that quickly converts to a mat, is their most well-known product. It’s simple to flat pack and transport to wherever you need it.

For more than 90 years, the Baby Box has been a part of Finnish culture. Initially assumed to be a factor in the decrease in SIDS in Finland, it has now sparked a widespread trend within working women with the goal of assisting them in incorporating parenthood into their hectic schedules.  

The world’s first versatile baby crib that meets all of your baby’s sleep and play demands during his or her first few months of life. Use it as a crib, first crawling playmat, change mat, and travel cot. There will be no more mess, during and after usage, neatly stowed away. Made with rich and soft fabrics, non-toxic foam, and specially created for your baby to enjoy their own personal luxury environment. The Angel Baby Box has passed thorough safety checks and is verified safe according to British Standards (BSEN 1130) for home cribs and cots.

Different Features and Uses of Baby Box are shown below:

What makes Angel Baby Box unique? 

Angel Baby Box is a thoughtful reimagining of the classic baby box. They collaborate with a group of artists, having considered mothers’ wish lists for a multipurpose baby cot for early infancy. Angel Baby Box is designed to be used in a variety of ways other than as a box. Angel Baby Box is a versatile baby cot with a double lock mechanism and materials that are both safe for newborns and carefully sourced.

What are Angel Baby Box’s many functions?

Angel Baby Box is a travel cot, a baby crib, and a baby mat. Place Angel Baby Box near you on a stable surface, such as a baby crib. It may be transformed into a playmat for changing diapers or your baby’s first crawl. Flatten it out and take it with you when you travel. Your kid will always have their own sleeping and playing room, which is designed to be both comfortable and safe.

What is the best way to utilize the Angel Baby Box?

The trademarked design includes a rapid one-step transformation from a Baby box for falling asleep to a play and dressing mat, allowing it to be used as a playmat and be flat-packed for transit. There are no loose components and the transformation is seamless and simple. The tilted shape of the bigger entrance to smaller base allows for easier handling of the baby, as well as enhanced vision for parents or caregivers with a broader angle of view. Angel Baby Box is small, portable, and easy to build and transfer in its carry case, making it ideal for use on the road.

What is Angel Baby Box is constructed of?

  • Angel Baby Box is crafted from soft and comfortable components.
  • EVA foam (non-toxic) as a base.
  • Base cover (Standard): 100% Japanese cotton, luxurious and soft.
  • The lid is constructed from that very same non-toxic foam core and is wrapped in the same non – toxic materials.

How big is the Angel Baby Box?

Dimensions of the product:

  • Dimensions: 920 x 540 x 250mm (Closed Box)
  • Dimensions: 1350 x 1130 x 10mm (Opened Mat)
  • Dimensions: 920 x 540 x 80mm (Flat Pack)

What is the best way to clean the Angel Baby Box?

The Angel Baby Box is created from natural cloth that has been processed to repel water. Please use a wet towel to clean.

How long will my Angel Baby Box keep me company?

When your baby begins to pull themselves up unaided, we recommend that you discontinue using the Angel Baby Box. This usually occurs between the ages of 6 and 8 months. Then, for your baby’s first crawl, convert it into a baby mat. You can gently wrap the Baby Box and preserve it as a keepsake for your baby or give it away as a gift.

Is the Angel Baby Box able to hold a certain amount of weight?

The Angel Baby Box has already been approved to easily hold a 20kg equivalent weight.

What safety considerations should I be aware of while using the Angel Baby Box?

Every Baby Box includes an extensive Do’s and Don’ts information booklet. We urge that you follow the guidelines and precautions outlined in the Information Booklet. To avoid tripping over the Angel Baby Box or walking into it, keep it on a strong, smooth, and flat surface. When your infant is inside the Angel Baby Box, do not cover it with the lid.

Atome and Angel Baby Box:

If you have an infant and you are facing financial problems while meeting your expenses then you should consult with Atome in order to get the above-mentioned Baby Box in three interest free installments. Atome doesn’t at all charge any hidden or operational fees or interest. If you fail to make a scheduled payment, your account will be stopped until the balance is paid in full. Your account will be reactivated for a $20 administration fee. Atome’s mobile app makes it simple to keep track of your monthly shopping spending and payment reminders. First, pay a third of the whole bill. Orders are shipped after you complete your first payment, and you will receive the things and make the remaining two installments with no interest, 30 days apart.


An Angel Baby Box is one of the most suitable costs for your infant. For flexible payment options, consult with Atome in order to get this cot within three easy and interest free installments.

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