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by Starry

Apr 28 2021

Online grocery is one of the most popular, accepted, acknowledged and thus growing segments of online retailing. As buyers are more comfortable ordering foodstuffs and groceries online, retailers are thus striving to be present online for the ease of customers, especially in this pandemic. COVID-19 has greatly increased the growth of online grocers by 300%. Besides, first-time online grocery shoppers accounted for only 41% of online grocery shoppers.
PinoySG Online Grocery store, a Filipino online retail store has enjoyed this growth too! The online retailer is involved in delivering a wide range of day-to-day personal and household essentials and grocery items with exclusive deals on popular products. The shoppers can enjoy a stress-free process with delivery straight to door-step at a very affordable price.

Why Buy From PinoySG Online Grocery?

There are numerous features and benefits of shopping from PinoySG online grocery store. Browse through the list below:

  • More Variety
    PinoySG Online Grocery store has a larger variety of products available compared to the local store. The sorting, searching and filtering option lets you choose what we want in a few clicks. You get to see products and deals all in one place. In addition, they typically stock imported brands that are harder to seek out.
  • Save Time
    Shopping at PinoySG Online Grocery store is convenient and saves time as you can shop at your ease as per your timetable, which is a big advantage in today’s busy lifestyle. Shopping online alleviates the necessity to steer up and down store aisles. You can shop online even at 2 am and still have the advantage of a fully stocked store. You can shop for groceries anytime and from anywhere as we can simply search for products, a particular item and just add to your cart. This gives a quick escape from all the travelling and traffic jams on the way. So, you will have more time for other important work or leisure!
  • Avoid The Queue
    There are many hassles of traditional grocery shopping, but modern-day grocery shopping is online and frees us from all the hassles of queuing to make our purchases. All we require is a smartphone and internet access. It saves a good amount of time while giving us a measure of peace of mind.
  • Competitive Prices

With so many benefits, you may tend to think that the prices will be on higher end. However, it’s just the opposite. PinoySG Online Grocery store offers the products at competitive rates as they do not have to bear high operational expenses like traditional brick and mortar stores. So you can enjoy both financial and non-financial benefits!

  • Great Customer Support

PinoySG online grocery store has a convenient process and friendly team. You can coordinate with them on their number and email and get a quick resolution of your order related queries.

Features Of PinoySG Online Grocery Store

The online store boasts updated features of a contemporary online store. Here are few to be acknowledged.

  • Deals And Offers
    This PinoySG Online Grocery store keeps offering rewards, discounts and many more exciting deals. You can avail deals and get free delivery for additional savings.
  • Easy Registration
    This process is very simple and customer-friendly. You just have to fill a quick form that includes, fullname, phone number, email address and complete address. Please make sure you fill relevant information so that you can on-time delivery and avail all the benefits offered by PinoySG online Grocery store.
  • Product Listing
    A very clean and crisp category bifurcation makes this store stand out.  Description of all the grocery items is maintained so that customers can get updated prices and details.
  • Payment Options
    It offers secure payment methods including card payment, mobile wallet and safest of all cash on delivery which enables customers to purchase an item without any inconvenience.
  • Shipping Of The Order

You can get free delivery of your order if you have placed an order above $99 at PinoySG Online Grocery store. Moreover, this free delivery is scheduled between 1-3 working days. For any urgent delivery, you can opt for express delivery for additional $ 20 and get your order within 24 hours.

Hasslefree payment options at PinoySG online grocery store

Shopping at PinoySG online grocery store is easy, convenient and hassle-free. This is also because of the number of options it gives to the user for making the payment. You can pay through:

  • Paynow or Paylah on Delivery
  • SG Bank Transfer
  • CASH on Delivery (COD)
  • GCash, Philippine Bank Account Transfer

All you have to do is screenshot your payment details and share the same on their WhatsApp number, for them to acknowledge the receipt. PinoySG online grocery is committed to deliver all your essentials in the allotted TAT.

From personal essentials to household supplies, from stationery to toys, from frozen foods to fresh veggies and fruits, you can get all these under one virtual roof. You can also order for the party supplies, dried snacks, beer/wine and non-alcoholic drinks as well. The variety, convenience and flexibility makes PinoySG Online Grocery store a one-stop-shop for all the households.


Moreover, during these times of pandemic, stores like PinoySG are boon for all the shoppers who can order at their ease with the comfort of their homes and get door-step delivery. This allows them to be safe at home and shop from home too!

So, if you wish to make your grocery shopping fun too, try placing the order today. And then, sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive.

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