Should You Shop Online or Offline?

by jiatongma

Jul 14 2022

The the internet has opened countless new horizons, and if we travel a couple of decades back, no one could have imagined how vastly the internet would impact our lives and how online shopping has been the highlight of the internet.

Everyone has different opinions and with every new change, people tend to online shopping and as such, there proof as to whether online shopping is better than its offline shopping. While both has its perks, some are more beneficial than the other, nothing can be carved in stone.

Old is gold. Or is it?

Offline shopping dates back to ancient human civilizations, all the way back to the barter systems when there wasn’t even a concept of money or currency. Something that has been going on for thousands of years definitely would have garnered many advantages and disadvantages alike.

Advantages of Offline Shopping/ Physical Shopping

There are plenty of advantages of offline shopping. Here are some of them:

You get to see products first hand

When offline shopping, you get to see each product right in front of you. Whether you’re buying an electronic appliances, handbag or clothes, you get to feel the product, quality, and durability. Most importantly, you get to see what your clothes/ shoes looks like in real life without all the photoshop edits. As for electronics, when you’re spending a hefty amount on electronics such as mobile phones, TV, etc., it is important that you get to know that they’re functional and haven’t been damaged from the warehouse to the market.

No shipping cost with offline shopping

Shipment costs are expensive. Shipment costs can get as high as the product’s cost at times, which is a real problem for those already on a tight budget. Offline shopping eliminates this problem since you’ll get the product yourself.

Physical outlets help customers in making the right decisions

We’ve all been there. Shopping with an indecisive friend; Overthinking about every single product they want to or don’t want to shop for. And while shopkeepers/salespeople are of little help with this particular scenario, they come in quite handy when choosing between different electronic products. For example, if you wish to buy a computer, a mobile phone, or a gaming console, the salesman over there will help to check all the factors, such as specifications, price, and your level of expertise, and help you decide to choose what’s best for you. This is particularly helpful for novices in gaming and photography.

Disadvantages of Shopping offline

Offline shopping isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Here’s why offline shopping can be a big no for you:

Time is money

If you believe that time is money, offline shopping is your biggest adversary. You can spend hours searching for a product you want, only to find yourself going in circles and finding it anywhere. Sometimes we come across something one of a kind, and it’s like finding a needle in the haystack, trying to shop for it offline. It’s less of a shopping experience and more of a treasure hunt. The biggest example of this is wrist watches; most companies make hundreds of different models daily, and finding the one you like in any store you walk into isn’t easy.

Shopping malls and markets are overcrowded

With the population constantly increasing, whether you’re in a mall or a market, there are just so many people everywhere. And when it’s a festival or a holiday, things get a lot intense because it’s as if everyone showed up at the mall at the same time.

Embrace the change, adapt to online shopping

From shopping clothes online in Singapore to coffee shopscake shops, or even searching for something as trivial as “bicycle shop near me,” you’re always just a click away from search results. 

Advantages of Online Shopping

Here are some of the perks you enjoy of shopping online:

It’s a very time-saving process

Of course, the greatest disadvantage of offline shopping is the biggest advantage of shopping online; You search for something, and voila! Hundreds of search results show up. Compared to strolling through dozens of shops physically, you’d be scrolling through the internet, simultaneously saving your time and energy. And while it is healthier to walk through each store physically, online shopping is particularly an advantage to physically challenged individuals.

It is a safe and hygienic practice

When the world stopped due to the pandemic, the internet didn’t. Having online shopping wasn’t a luxury at that time; rather, it was a necessity. Imagine staying in a home arrest and being devoid of the pleasure of shopping. Horrendous, right? And even when the day comes when the pandemic is completely history, you are always safe from the germs you’d be exposing yourself with in the shopping malls. Public spaces like markets and malls are the exchange centers for common viral illnesses and epidemics.

Other advantages of online shopping

  1. You get access to a wide range of products, which can be narrowed down based on the filter of your search
  2. You can be entitled to exclusive deals and discounts which are not applicable on offline stores and physical purchases.
  3. You can open multiple tabs to compare rivaling products before finalizing your purchase.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Just like the bad things can have a silver lining, the good things can also come at a cost:

Uncertainty of product quality

You never know what will show up at your place. Especially relevant to shopping for clothes online and for shoes, bags, wallets, etc. You can’t be sure enough about the fabric being used, whether you’ll like it or not when the product is delivered to you, and most importantly, how the product looks in natural lighting without the editing and filters. You can’t try clothes or shoes to check how they look on you.

Cybercrimes are rampant

If you are confident about entering your credit card details, you have all the reasons to stay on guard. Unless your internet is a secure connection and the website you’re shopping from is verified, you are always exposed to be swindled, robbed, and conned by individuals stealing credit/ debit card details. So always keep a lookout for the red flags when shopping online.

Ordering a product is one story; getting it delivered is quite another

If you’re on a tight schedule and ordered something online, you’re in for a ride. The orders you place can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks to get delivered. Unless a company is known for its fast delivery, shipments are almost always delayed due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstances, or the processing time is just too long for the product to get delivered. So, if you really need something, you’re short on time, and it’s only available online, we can feel your pain.

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