Be Confident in Your Skin with A.M Aesthetics

by jiatongma

Sep 08 2022

A.M Aesthetics or Accrelist Medical Aesthetics is a trusted brand in Singapore’s beauty industry. The establishment is committed to providing a reliable environment to customers looking for aesthetic services and solutions. When it comes to your skin’s vitality, you can’t afford to compromise on quality. Therefore, A.M Aesthetics has a highly-qualified team of aesthetics professionals, doctors, and cosmeceutical practitioners on its panel. They understand the challenges of Asian skin and use advanced medical cosmetics and technology to customize the treatment based on individual needs.

4 reasons why medical aesthetics are popular

Medical aesthetics are treatments that help you improve your appearance by treating conditions that are irreversible naturally. Some examples include acne scars, unwanted hair, cellulite, excess fat, skin discoloration, sunspots, acne, wrinkles, spider veins, moles, and natural signs of aging.

Medical aesthetics have been around for several years, but it was never as accessible to regular consumers as it is today. Because of its various benefits, more people are drawn towards skin clinics to restore and maintain a youthful appearance.

Following are 4 reasons you should jump on the bandwagon too.

  1. It improves your skin’s appearance

Who doesn’t desire clear, youthful, and spotless skin? Aesthetic treatments enable you to achieve the skin of your dreams. These treatments are not just limited to your face; almost every part of your body can be enhanced and improved with these procedures. If you struggled with acne earlier in life, chances are you still have acne marks and PIP as tell-tale signs.

Cosmetic treatments can help you reduce your acne marks, reverse sunspots, and improve the overall appearance of your skin. There are many treatments that you can avail, including facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, eyelash extension, Botox, vein reduction, and wart removal. Each treatment has the same result: better-looking skin!

  1. Long-lasting results

Aesthetic treatments from reputed clinics have immediate and long-lasting results. For example, if you have crow’s feet, you can’t expect them to disappear naturally; if anything, they will only deepen with time. However, with proper aesthetic treatment, you can lessen the wrinkles around your eyes and keep looking younger with regular maintenance treatments.

Recent treatments like eyebrow microblading, BB skin glow, and permanent makeup have made it easier to wake up looking perfect. Most aesthetic treatments have lasting results so suppose you get a laser treatment for your acne scars; you will be able to get rid of them for good.

  1. Easy to maintain

Another benefit of cosmetic touch-up is that it saves you considerable time and money you’d otherwise spend on covering up your imperfections. For example, if you get permanent eyebrow tattoos, you can say goodbye to your eyebrow pomade, gel, wax, and pencil for at least six months.

Most people also turn to medical aesthetics treatments to quickly get their bodies in shape. While there’s no denying the health benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet, fat reduction treatments make it easier to shed extra pounds without losing motivation midway. Once you have removed the excess fat, it is easier to maintain your body shape for longer.

Treatments available at A.M Aesthetics

A.M Aesthetics offers various treatments aimed at improving your skin’s appearance. Whether you have a big day coming up or simply to maintain the vitality of your skin, A.M Aesthetics’s team is equipped to help you anyway.

Here are a few treatments you can get at A.M Aesthetics Singapore.


Botox is an anti-aging treatment that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A Botox treatment can help you get rid of frown lines, forehead lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and any other signs of aging. The treatment is non-invasive and delivers instant results. Since it is a non-surgical treatment, it has less downtime, so you can quickly return to your daily chores.

Botox is inserted into your skin through an injection which helps your wrinkles and fine lines to relax. While the results are fast, they will typically last around three months. The good news is that Botox is inexpensive, so you can easily fit it into your monthly budget whenever the need arises.

A.M Pico Elite

Pico laser treatment is the highest standard when it comes to non-invasive laser treatments. The Pico laser is a powerful alternative to Q-switched lasers previously used for the same treatment. Pico lasers deliver superior results and have lesser side effects.

This treatment works for several skin conditions, including acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, tattoo removal, etc. Pico laser is a winner because it is not only highly effective but also targets problem areas without removing the top layer of your skin. The treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production in the dermal layers of the skin, and increased collagen enables your skin to heal naturally.

Hydra facial

Hydrafacial is a three-step process involving deep cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization. It’s a patented skin treatment that is also called ‘hydradermabrasion.’ Touted as a facial, the hydra facial provides dramatic results as the serums used during the treatment are customized to target your problem areas.

Hydrafacial deep cleans your pores and removes debris from the skin, allowing for improved absorption of your face serums. If a special event is approaching, hydra facial can help you improve your skin’s overall texture, tone, and appearance.

Timeless neck

Almost all of us are responsible for ignoring our necks when applying serums and creams. As a result, your neck becomes the first place where signs of aging start to show. This treatment by A.M Aesthetics helps reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin around your neck. It is also beneficial if you have discoloration on your neck due to acanthosis nigricans, hormones, sun exposure, or other skin-related conditions.

You can avail several other treatments at A.M Aesthetics apart from the ones mentioned above. Moreover, you can also shop for skincare products from the following ranges:

  • Anti-acne
  • Whitening
  • Age reversal
  • Regenerative

Where can you find A.M Aesthetics?

If you are planning to visit A.M Aesthetics, you can find their clinics here:

  • A.M Aesthetics Bedok Mall
  • A.M Aesthetics Lorong 6 Tao Payoh
  • A.M Aesthetics Shoppers Mall
  • A.M Aesthetics Raffles City
  • A.M Aesthetics Serangoon Central Drive
  • A.M Aesthetics Singpost Centre
  • A.M Aesthetics Clementi Mall

A.M Aesthetics is one of Atome’s partnered brands

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Restore your youthful glow with A.M Aesthetics

Who doesn’t desire youthful and spotless skin? With A.M Aesthetics, you can make your dream of perfect skin a reality with effective and lasting medical aesthetic treatments. Don’t be deterred by the price of a treatment when you can pay through Atome. Partner with Atome and transform your skin.

It’s time to rediscover your natural beauty with A.M Aesthetics.

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