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by Starry

Jun 22 2021

Dr. Joan Huang has established 3Arts Pottery Studio. During her medical career, she realized that it’s mental health that people are suffering from more than physical health. So, combining the pleasure that she gets from her pottery making with her medical experience, she set upon research and realized that this Art could be used to combat mental health issues.


In today’s fast-paced world, most people are suffering from anxiety and depression. This is because we are so involved in the automated life and its complications that we forget to connect with nature. Dr. Joan recognized this and set upon researching with psychologists. They concluded that to heal an over-anxious mind or depression, it is required for the patient to interact with the community. Then they need to get in touch with nature. Any form of Art helps in achieving both.

The connection you form with nature while pottery-making is automatic. The touch of clay takes your mind off the topic that’s stressing you out. When you create handmade pottery, the sense of elevation releases the hormone dopamine, giving you a sense of pleasure and playing a motivational role in your mind.

According to Dr. Joan and her team, the sensory experience of pottery allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the world around you; the concentration you have to give in mastering the piece for your handmade pottery takes your mind off whatever’s bothering you.


Since the studio’s main aim is to provide mental health, ATOME wants to help you gain this peace. The client satisfaction and safety is more important than anything. Therefore, book your required or desired program, and don’t worry about the payment. Let ATOME assist you in making these payments easy for you. We break this payment into three easy installments, which are interest-free and have no hidden fees. Therefore, you work towards your mental peace and pay only a third of the amount. This is because we care for you.


This studio was established aiming at mental health. Dr. Joan consulted other doctors and psychologists before actually forming this. It is located where there are no signs of a busy life. She aimed to provide the peace her students come looking for. It faces large green fields that allow the students to absorb and appreciate nature while working out with clay.


This studio is not about just making pottery but also about gaining your inner self through making handmade pottery which is why it follows a particular curriculum co-curated by two psychologists from Heart-to-Heart Psychotherapy and Sports Psych Consulting. Two master potters guide you through the skills of pottery. All the pottery teachers have been given 5 C’s to be followed: Composure, Confidence, Cope-ability, Cohesion, and Concentration. These principles are reinforced throughout the course for the students to recognize themselves.


There are different classes with different timings. Students are split according to their needs and desires so that they are at peace with their colleagues. Like-minded have been grouped for them to feel comfortable in the community.

  • Mindful Pottery   

This workshop is especially for the diagnosed patients or those who feel the need to escape the negativity of their lives. This session has been split into four different sessions, focusing more on the process rather than the end product. This helps achieve relaxation and mental well-being. The main aim is to manage negative energy and channel it into positivity with the help of a like-minded community within the class.

  • Pottery Wheel Throwing  

This is an adult class only since it requires an electric pottery wheel. It requires the coordination of the mind, hand, and feet. This successfully helps you achieve a phase where your mind starts relaxing. There are experienced teachers involved.

  • Pottery Hand Building   

This class is open for adults and children alike. It involves the manual spinning wheel. The practice of molding clay with bare hands helps you connect with nature. It’s a healing experience that provides tranquility.

  • Regular Classes   

These classes are for all sorts of people who want to learn the art of pottery making. Whether you are new or want to hone your skills further. We have classes for all age groups. Our expert teachers guide you throughout. These classes provide a learning experience, and you can benefit from them. The master potters will guide you on what level of classes you need to start with and take you according to your skill level. The basic five C’s are followed here as well.

  • Group Corporate Workshops  

This is an interesting module developed to encourage family ties or team building. You can book the studio for your family to come together and make some memories, or you can come over and use the studio to build team spirit amongst your group. This idea can also be used as a corporate retreat. The idea was to build a community spirit. Our potters would help you through the process, and you can leave with the handmade ceramic pieces that you can cherish always.

  • Workshop Gift Vouchers  

You know anyone who needs this kind of therapy and doesn’t want to point it out at them? Or maybe you want to encourage a loved one out from their encompassing depression. You can buy a gift voucher for any of the above workshops and gift them this surprise. We will make it worthwhile.


3Arts Pottery Studio works towards a broader spectrum and aims at finding tranquility within yourself. They try to redirect the negative energies within you into positivity and ultimately to find mental peace through nature. They even have subsidized rates for the diagnosed patients. If you still find it difficult to pay for these lessons, please do not worry. Just pay a third of the total, and you can pay ATOME the other two installments later. We care for you, which is why we have liaised up with 3Arts Pottery Studio to help you find your tranquility.

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