12 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Get a Parklon Playmat

by Starry

Jul 15 2021

Are you looking to baby-proof the apartment? Have you taken all the important measures of carefully analyzing any health hazard that may be on sight for a baby? Then it would be okay to say you have both a parklon playmat as well, from Small Small World. The best baby store ever. That is not over-rating it! This store has the best baby accessories and is known to have the best quality in their purchase.

New parents always want their babies to have the best and make every conscious effort to keep them safe. But what they forget is that at birth to the age of 6 months, the baby is entirely in the parent’s hands. It is the toddler stage that keeps the parents on their toes. For that purpose, a simple addition of a parklon playmat can save you a million worries.

Value of a parklon playmat

A solution for many worries, the parklon playmat is a soft foamy matting used for a toddler or babies to crawl on, sleep on, play on, or do any of their activity on. It is a simple innovation but has made it easy for parents to take care of their babies and toddlers.  The parklon playmat has many sizes and has different drawings on it. The price depends on the size and cartoon characters on it. You can buy one parklon playmat from the small world for around $160 – $380.

Many parents prefer a parklon playmat with fences around it to have a small baby room in their living or bedrooms. While others have it on the floors and let their babies play on it and coral around. For something so handy, $160 does not seem unfair, rather a jackpot.

Reasons why parents should buy a parklon playmat

Instead of one or two reasons, here are 12 bulletproof and amazing reasons why you should get your hands on the parklon playmat. If you are a baby mommy or a baby daddy, you know how your baby gets fussy when they are not supposed to play in a place or needs to sit quietly and still. When has a child do that? Let’s cut out kids a little slack and examine why the parklon playmat is such an amazing idea.

1. Cost

It is a one-time investment. All you need to do is get the parklon playmat and lay it out in the area your babysits the most or is being taken care of the most. It costs around $160 – $380, depending on the size and type you want. But it is just a one-time payment. You can use it for the rest of your life if you take good care of it.

2. Safety

When it comes to your child or a baby, the top priority needs to be safety. Babies are fragile. Though they are hyper and want to explore new things, they are very fragile, and as parents, any minor thing is almost close to a heart attack. With the parklon playmat, at least you will be at ease with sudden falling or slipping as it is a soft cushioning for a mat designed for your baby to learn how to crawl on and on and how to take their first steps.

3. Distractions

At a certain age toddler, they need one of their parents around at all times. They need attention 24/7, and it is almost impossible to get them distracted. For the same reason, the parklon playmat has different cartoon mazes and other colorful attractions that keep your toddler distracted.

4. Saves time

While your baby is on the parklon playmat, you do not have to worry about it rolling off and hurting itself. You can easily get your work and chores done and return to a smiling and comfortable baby.

5. Washable

Babies and toddlers are messy, and they have thin saliva. The good thing is that now you can easily sanitize your parklon playmat. The floor seems a little too much to always keep it off-limits. This matt is a blessing in disguise.

6. Movable

This matt is soft, light, and airy. Suppose you want to change the location of the matt or have a baby room planned. All you need to do is roll it up and place it in the baby room. Carpets, on the other hand, are large, heavy hurdles.

7. Picnics

You can take your parklon playmat out and use it as a sitting spot for the family. When it comes to babies, they hate grass and never sit on it. This mat is the answer to your worries.

8. Beach

You can take your parklon playmat to the beach and keep your baby sand-free while enjoying the sun.

9. Dual side

This matt has an amazing feature of dual sides; it means that you can keep your baby amazed and indulge in various colors and shapes just by changing the sides on the parklon playmat.

10. Learning

Looking at vibrant colors and different animals on the mat can induce quick learning and concept-making in your baby, as it is scientifically proven that by the age of 7, the child is mentally mature.

11. Matting

Once your toddler has outgrown this stage of parklon playmat, you can cover this mat with a caret and use it and a cousin soft effect in the room.

12. Nontoxic

Babies and toddlers are curious creatures; they need to taste everything. That is why they will try to put everything in their mouth found on the floor. The special feature of the parklon playmat is that it is nontoxic, no matter how much your baby licks it. It will not harm.

Atome at your service

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Raising a child is tough on its own; the simple things innovated by others can help ease your journey. Get yourself a parklon playmat and feel relaxed as you manage your work along with raising your baby. It is easily available online and is for reasonable rates. Such things should not be taken for granted; the safety of the child must come first at all cost.

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