Why is Going to A Skin Health Spa A Good Habit?

by Starry

May 12 2021

It is always a good practice to indulge yourself in a skin health spa. Aside from the fact that it can help you and your body relax, it can also make your skin look better. Some of the different treatments that spa resorts offer are facial and body massages. Going to a spa is surely a good and relaxing habit not just for your soul but also for your body.

Heart Springs Spa is one of the spas resorts in Singapore that visitors tend to visit more often. Since its establishment in 2002, Heart Springs Spa has long been providing high-quality yet affordable services with their motivated and skilled staff. You can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method at Heart Springs Spa.

Heart Springs Spa now has five outlets that are scattered in Singapore. Those branches are the Hougang Mall Branch, Tampines 1 Branch, Tiong Bahru Plaza Branch, Hillion Mall Branch, and the Paya Lebar Quarter Branch. With their ever growing brand, you can definitely conclude that the services they offer are worth it.


Heart Springs Spa is a skin health spa that offers its visitors a different variety of spa services. Their treatments include the facial, spa, massage, and slimming treatment. Aside from that, eyebrow and lip embroidery is also available. Their services are guaranteed to be soothing and relaxing.

Facial Treatment

After experiencing the bustling streets, your face may have a lot of dust in it. This is where facial treatment is very important. Facial treatment is the process of cleansing that hydrates and nourishes your facial skin. It is a good treatment as it takes care of your facial skin that will also help you look better. Aside from taking care of your facial skin, the process is also relaxing and soothing.

Spa Treatment

Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a massage after a stressful day. The spa treatments of Heart Springs Spa includes treatments to certain parts of your body. Their spa treatments include the following:

  • Full Body Scrub,
  • Full Body Massage,
  • Ear Candling Treatment,
  • Bust Firming Massage Therapy, and others.

Body Massage

All of Heart Springs Spa’s  massages are a must try. Their massages also relieve tensions from your muscles that will also help in your blood circulation. Especially on days that you are stressed from work or from other things, a body massage can help you relax. With that, being in the spa to experience spa treatments is a good habit. Heart Springs Spa’s body massages include:

  • Full Body Massage,
  • Full Body Aroma Therapy Massage,
  • Shoulder Massage,
  • Back Massage, and others.

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is different from foot massage. In foot reflexology, pressure is applied to certain points on your foot that correspond to the different organs and glands of your body. Applying pressure to these points produces those healing responses that can alleviate specific ailments. There are various types of foot reflexology at Heart Springs Spa that are listed below.

  • Crystal gel foot bath,
  • Herbal foot bath,
  • Foot Dead Cell Removing,
  • Sea Salt Foot Bath.

Slimming Treatment

There are people that are conscious with their own body figure. Some may be already comfortable with their body shape, but there are also others who are not. With that, Heart Springs Spa offers Slimming Treatment. Availing the slimming treatment of Heart Spring Spa is a good choice as you will be guided on what to do and not do in route to your desired body figure.

Eyebrow and Lip Embroidery

Eyebrow Embroidery is the process of implanting contour pigment on your eyebrow skin by the use of tiny needles. This treatment helps in creating a fuller-looking and well-shaped brows that will fit your face.

Lip Embroidery is the process to help enhance your lips’ shape and color. Both the Eyebrow and Lip Embroidery is very beneficial especially if you are soon to attend a party, gathering, or even a wedding. These treatments will help you look better and make you confident to flaunt yourself in a crowd of people.


Skin health spa just like the Heart Springs Spa is a very favourable place to go to whenever you are in need of spa treatments or even just for relaxation purposes. The numerous services that you can avail from Heart Springs Spa with their experienced and skilled staff, ensures you that the quality of service is at its finest. You can always use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method whenever you transact with Heart Springs Spa.

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