How to use chopsticks? A step by step guide!

by Starry

Mar 09 2022

Chopsticks are the most adaptable Chinese tool of all time. It’s a fork, tongs, steamer, whisk and knife stand all in one. However, for those who didn’t grow up with them, they might be a challenge. So here’s how to do it step by step:

Step 1: Snap them apart

If you’re using disposable chopsticks, which are often available in Chinese eateries, you’ll need to break them apart wishbone style first. Remove any splinters from the if the snap wasn’t a clean one.

Step 2: Hold the chopsticks correctly

Make a loose grip using your dominant hand. Clenching one’s chopsticks usually leads to flinging one’s food about. In the middle, place the first chopstick between your pointers and thumb. It should sit comfortably on your ring finger. Along with the first chopstick, place the second chopstick in the valley between your pointer and thumb, but this time rest it on your middle finger rather than your ring finger.

You will need to synchronize the way your thumb tip, middle, and forefinger all work together for a controlled movement.

Step 3: Open and close the chopsticks a few times.

Make sure the chopsticks’ broad ends do not form an “X,” as this will make picking up food difficult. If it helps, explore with different levels of grip by moving your hand up and down the chopsticks while maintaining the same posture. Some people like to navigate closer to the base, while others prefer to go higher up.

You may practice your motions by continuously touching the food ends of both chopsticks.

Step 4: Grab the food

Try squeezing and releasing the sticks so you don’t become angry when you can’t hang onto anything when real food is offered. Place the region between your sticks’ openings so that it is broader than the food you wish to grasp.

When you’re ready, start with larger things like sushi or prawns and work your way up to smaller foods like rice and noodles, as smaller foods demand more skill to hold.

Using chopsticks while eating rice

You can feel like you’re up a creek without a paddle if a bowl of rice is set in front of you and all you have are two little bamboo poles. However, lifting the bowl of rice near to your lips and working from there is appropriate. You’ll look to be quite seasoned, to be honest! While you might feel a little like the Beast during his meal with Belle, be assured that this is how it’s done. Instead of shovelling rice into your mouth like a caveman, pull the bowl close to you to keep rice drippings from gathering around your eating region.

What to do with chopsticks when not eating?

When it comes to utilizing chopsticks, the restrictions don’t cease once the food is in your mouth. Each civilization has its own set of norms, although in general: Don’t put your chopsticks in your meal upright. It’s said to be a negative omen and reminds people of funeral incense.

Don’t use the ends of your chopsticks to pierce your meal. It may appear to be a decent solution if everything else fails, yet it is considered disrespectful. Food should not be passed from chopstick to chopstick.

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