Selamat Hari Raya | Celebrate with your loved ones

by Starry

Apr 02 2022

Selamat Hari Raya is a Malay way of saying “Happy Hari Raya” and “I seek forgiveness from you.” Hari Raya is celebrated among Muslims of Singapore as it marks the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Hari Raya is a unique celebration that starts way before the actual date. The Hari Raya festival is a popular concept in Singapore; however, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a virtual spin on the festivities. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims shop for new clothes, upgrade and decorate their houses, and prepare themselves for Hari Raya in different ways.

One of the biggest highlights of this festival is the amazing food options that you can have access to. If you have a sweet tooth, Hari Raya cookies are a must-try.

Some popular cookies to try this festive season

  • Kuih ros– a sweet, rice flour-based biscuit that isn’t baked but deep-fried. You can add flavor variations with rose or vanilla essence to make this an even more exciting treat.
  • Kuih koyah– an earthy biscuit made from mung bean flour and a sugar mixture.
  • Biskut Dam– also known as Checkerboard cookie.
  • Biskut makmur– a crumbly and oval-shaped biscuit filled with dates or peanuts.
  • Tart nenas– a popular festive cookie with pinched edges. It is also known as pineapple cakes, pineapple pastry, and Kue Nastar (Indonesian).
  • Biskut lidah kucing– a crispy biscuit that is preferred with ice cream, a hot beverage, or fruit compote.

You can look to some of our favorite merchants, including Zee & Elle, The Providore, The Square, and The Connoisseur Concerto for your festive needs. Also If you are looking for places to break fast, look no further than Kintamani, Tiffany Restaurant, Permata, and Hanok by Masizzim.

Let’s learn more about the delicious food and gifts our merchants can offer for Raya this year!


This unique concept store is one-of-a-kind with goodies inspired by nature. Each baked product is made fresh on order, using the best quality fillings and curds. They don’t use preservatives and ensure that everything is made with pure ingredients sugar, butter, eggs, and 100% fruits.

You can find an exciting array of mouth-watering flavors such as Espresso sea salt chocolate, Earl grey white chocolate, and cranberry coconut cookies. Available in sets of 3, perfect for your gift needs. Come to ZEE & ELLE for your best pick.

The Providore

The Providore creates tempting cakes using a combination of traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients. Their products are fresh and baked to perfection. From beverages, snacks, sweets, and gourmet pantries to homeware, you can shop for a wide variety of products. You can find Hari Raya gifts to celebrate the upcoming festival.

The Square

The Square brings you the best flavors from the East and West in a satisfying dining experience. They offer an a la carte spread and a buffet all around the year for your meal.

The Connoisseur Concerto

The Connoisseur Concerto is a chain of art boutiques cafés that offer exclusive gourmet food and beverages. They started off as the leading purveyor of gourmet coffee but gradually introduced gourmet delights to their menu. They focus on providing a wholesome dining experience with good food and an artistic and urbane ambiance.

It’s a common practice that Muslim families customarily visit the homes of their relatives and friends with new clothes during Hari Raya to mark the beginning of the festivities. When it comes to Hari Raya clothes, the online stores featured below will be a nice option for you to shop for fashion wear.


ZALORA is the leading name in online fashion shopping, carrying an ever-expanding line-up of local and international brands tailored for consumers in the region. It boasts a wide range selection of over 50,000 products covering every aspect of fashion, from skirts to dresses, sneakers to slip-on, sportswear to watches, stylish bags, and so much more.


SHEIN is an international e-commerce platform focusing on women’s wear, with some apparel for men and children. The site also offers a range of accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items at affordable prices, making the online retailer a go-to store for many. Their team ensures that only the trendiest of outfits with quality and affordability are displayed on their site. You can check these must-read SHEIN reviews before any purchase.

Shop for Hari Raya items from Atome’s partnered merchants

Atome, pronounced as A-to-me (Available to me), is a payment app that aims to make high-quality products and services more accessible to customers. The company is based in Singapore and is currently operating within 8 markets. With a large number of premium brands under its umbrella. Atome has transformed how people usually shop.

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How to pay for Hari Raya items with Atome

  1. Download Atome app on your phone and register your account.
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Hari Raya is a special festival for Muslims in Singapore. On top of the great religious importance, It is traditional for families to do spring cleaning and decorate their homes to celebrate Hari Raya as a joyous festival where they come together with their family and friends.

This Hari Raya, download Atome and indulge in an exciting shopping experience to make this time one to remember.

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