Why “Buy Now Pay Later” the hottest trend in E-commerce?

by Starry

Mar 02 2021

What apps let you buy now pay later? At one point or another, you have probably found yourself not wanting to pay in full for a product you are purchasing. Maybe the product was quite expensive, or maybe you were shopping at the end of the month, whatever the reason, it is always great to get a little flexibility concerning the payment. You would not like to wait for another month to get your favorite sneaker shoes. Lazada is listening to this rising tide of buyers who expect payment flexibility and has responded according. And the results are impressive, to say the least.

Younger customers are making bold choices

When it comes to getting their hands on in-trend sneaker shoes, Lazada is well aware that its customers are not a patient lot. Particularly young adults, who are increasingly shopping online, want to purchase things they want right now, instead of later, even if they don’t necessarily afford them at the moment. ‘Living in the moment has become more than a philosophy. Impulsive shopping is increasingly observed among younger consumers. However, these consumers are also quite averse to the idea of debt and therefore credit cards are not really the payment option they prefer. This is where alternative payment methods such as ‘Buy now Pay later’ enter the picture.

The appeal of ‘Buy now pay later’

The concept revolves around the idea that you can provide a certain preliminary amount for the product, and you will be able to pay the rest of the cost later on. Essentially, you would be paying partially. Different companies are following different terms and conditions with regard to this alternative payment method. However, one thing is common, you don’t have to wait to get your fresh pair of sneaker shoes. Lazada has been ahead of the curve in terms of integrating this approach seamlessly into its business model. Customers buying from Lazada can pay later for the products they buy, and they don’t even have to pay any interest, which is quite a sweet and irresistible deal. 

E-commerce platforms are getting on board

For e-commerce enterprises, there are several benefits of letting their customers pay over an extended period. They build a relationship of trust and reliance with their customers. Of course, consumers are going to Lazada to buy brand-new sneaker shoes. Lazada, after all, is giving them the product without having to pay in full, instantly. Other industry players are also recognizing this shift and offer installment options to their customers.

Budget buyers are the target audience

While incorporating alternative payment methods such as ‘Buy Now Pay Later’, enterprises are eyeing the demographic of ‘Budget Buyers’. To put it simply, these are buyers who are looking for good quality products at a price that best fits into their budget. They cannot overspend on something just because they want to, as they are on a budget. This is why having the ability to make payments in installments is such an advantage for them. But what’s interesting about budget buyers today is that they do not necessarily purchase ‘big items’ such as furniture or electronics in installments. Increasingly, consumers are buying small products in installments. This is a new trend and online platforms, in particular, have started noticing.

The continual growth of APM(Alternative payment methods)

Another crucial factor contributing to the explosive rise of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ is the continued growth and adoption of APM by users around the globe. As per the assessment of McKinsey Panorama, payment services now make up 35% of the total financial services revenues being generated globally. This figure rose by another 6% in 2018. As more and more landmass is being connected to the electrical grid, the percentage of e-commerce market share is considerably expanding in the retail sector. Given how digital payments by consumers touched the $3 trillion figure in 2017, it is safe to say, APM will continue to grow and expand its reach.

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ is here to stay

Both Chief Commercial Officer of Affirm Silvija Martincevic and Founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion Imran Amed reiterated in their address to the VOICES that Buy Now Pay Later models are among the prime strategies that would prove incremental in taking the fashion industry forward. Wonder how to set up and delete a Lazada account? Click here.

Taking Atome as a solution

Atome is a revolutionary ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ application that allows its users to split their purchases from any of its 15,000+ merchants into three easy installments. Atome has spread its wings across 8 regions. These lucky regions include Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

By splitting users’ purchases into three installments, Atome gives its customers a total of three months to pay what they bought just now. In the bargain, Atome’s installments aren’t in any way chaperoned by interest fees, and there are absolutely zero hidden fees to worry about.

Get the app now and learn how it works! By downloading the Atome app right now, you get a free S$10 voucher that you can use at any of Atome’s online or offline merchants.

How do I pay using Atome?

Mentioned below is how you can choose Atome as your go-to application and pay your bills with Atome as your payment method.

For online merchants

  1. Download the Atome app and create an account.
  2. When checking out, choose Atome as your payment method.
  3. Pay 1/3 of the total bill and pay the rest in easy installments.

In-store purchases

  1. Download Atome and create a free account.
  2. When going to bill your purchases, scan the QR code available at the counter of merchant.
  3. Pay 1/3 of the total bill and pay the rest later.

Getting Lazada installments using Atome

Lazada eMart is an official merchant of Atome. Using the Atome app, you can split your bills from Lazada eMart into three interest-free installments. Moreover, with Atome, there’s zero Lazada installment interest to worry about.

Lazada eMart offers items that are classified into the categories mentioned below:

You can split your bills from Lazada eMart into three installments using Atome. Here’s how you can pay Lazada installments with 0% Lazada installment interest:

  1. When checking out from Lazada eMart, choose Atome as your payment option.
  2. When prompted, log into your Atome account or create a new free account.
  3. Pay the first Lazada installment, and the rest can be paid later.


Take any of the major countries on the map. ‘Buy Now Pay Later‘ has either already become the fastest-growing online payment method or is well on its way to becoming one. This is the fastest-growing online payment methodology in the US, but the same is true for Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK. If it’s still not the case in your country, don’t worry, it’s about to happen. Soon you will be able to buy your pick of sneaker shoes. Lazada is setting an example that many are swiftly following.

Aside from Lazada’s Buy Now Pay Later solution, you can also try out Atome, an easy app that allows users to shop for desirable items from its 15,000+ online and offline with 3-interest-free payments.

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