Where to Find Affordable Jewellery Singapore?

by Starry

Feb 24 2021

There are many affordable local jewelry brands in Singapore.

Singapore has versatile jewel ideas from handcrafted techniques, sustainable materials, to modern sculptural shapes of gems.

If you’re looking for jewel pieces that go beyond your average pair of earrings and necklace, then we rounded up some local affordable jewelry brands here.

Embrace Jewellery

Your accessories should be as distinct & stylish as your personality! Embracing elegant Jewellery has consistently been about making lovely women feel good and celebrate the confidence of jewels.

Started in 2008, Embrace jewelry is a multi-label store traditionally featuring handmade jewelry carefully curated by some of the best designers worldwide from Spain to Italy and of course from here in Singapore. It also features a hometown collection – The Embrace Collection where it works with designers and trusted jewelry manufacturers the world over to generate a line of quality, understated, gorgeous jewelry. Handcrafted in sterling silver with glittering gold or rose gold accents, and featuring natural gemstones.

Their collection includes:

  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Bracelets
  • Brooches

If you are looking for an affordable jewelry gift for your partner for your special moment, you can choose them.


The jewelry collection at Boheme is inspired by the world tour of Vero- the designer. Each stone in the jewelry reflects its origin and each design is handcrafted by a family of artists around the globe. The collection has been acclaimed for its unique designs at affordable prices allowing the customers to be regular. It receives a huge number of positive reviews from bloggers and influencers around the world. Their collection of Cyclades 70, Zanzibar, Wanderlust, and Andalucia contains elegant jewel pieces at reasonable prices.


Its Gem of my heart collection is a perfect gift option as it is an elegant and affordable jewelry collection in Singapore. It on top adds a gift card or a bouquet with each purchase. Be fearless and be bold wearing an intrigue.

Their affordable collections include:

  • Reminisce collection
  • Reconception collection
  • Personalized collection

LeCaine Gems

LeCaine gems are the online jewelers that craft striking pieces from Singapore and Hong Kong. They create luxurious and affordable jewelry and are reasonably priced. Each piece of handcrafted jewelry is intricately crafted to perfection by experienced craftsmen.

  • LeCaine prides itself as a leader in Moissanite jewelry in Singapore. They embrace modern technology to develop shiny and brittle alternatives to diamonds. They promise sustainability and everlasting elegance and shine in each piece.
  • According to them, they are firm believers in ethical business practice and pricing. Each and every piece is 100% authentic, certified, and conflict-free. The collection of Pendants and necklaces is beyond perfection with affordable rates.

Looking for a set of couple rings at an affordable price in Singapore to celebrate the occasion of love?

Tiara is there for you. Their wedding tungsten and wedding bands are the specialties.

Tungsten with its Swedish roots possesses remarkable properties. These are Hypoallergenic, Scratch Resistant Stronger than gold, and harder than steel.

Their featured tungsten at affordable prices includes:

  • Supreme
  • Sagacity
  • Eminent
  • Paramour
  • Oracle
  • Presto
  • Ivor
  • Nero
  • Cole

Women’s collection contains beautiful handcrafted wedding rings and other accessories for modern and sophisticated ladies. The featured rings include:

LUXE 5004, 5035 5065, 5067, and 5066.

Their men collection is for the supreme souls who appreciate what they desire and are determined to succeed in their life’s endeavors.

They are so generously priced that they offer a buy one get one free offer to some of their collections and even a 40% off on the second purchase. Isn’t it amazingly affordable jewelry?


Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures, Hoseiki has launched a brand that melds the use of exotic gemstones and modern feng shui elements to create pieces of jewelry that empower both your style and yourself. You can choose to shop based on the element you appreciate.

They offer:

  •  Free shipping all over the world.
  • A world-class support 24/7
  • 30 day returns with the 100% refundable price
  • 12 months International warranty
  • Provide original charms.
  • Products are certified.

If you are passionate about fine Japanese architecture and traditions and want to reflect it through your jewelry, Hoseiki’s collections are there for you at affordable rates in Singapore.

Lover of nature and finding affordable jewelry of its kind in Singapore?

Forest jewelry delivers solutions for you. It draws inspiration from nature’s beauty. There is nothing more delightful than a jewel that sparkles and catches the light. The uniqueness of nature is the core value that underpins the brand-a belief that jewelry endures a way for women to not only enhance their beauty but also express who they are as a person.

There are numerous other options for selecting a piece of jewelry at affordable prices in Singapore.

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