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by Starry

Sep 26 2022

Since humankind’s beginning, jewelry has always played an important role in many cultures, traditions, and religions. People wear them to highlight their social status, wealth, faith, etc. It is fairly popular for jewelry to be worn as heirlooms with the intent to preserve and continue the heritage of their ancestors who had worn them before, which includes; diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Organizing and storing such jewelry can be tedious and a bit of a challenge, especially if you do not want your items to be muddled up in the jewelry box. Stacker company has bought forward its own Stacker jewelry box Singapore to sort out the mess with the ingenuity of a pallet stacker.

Are you fatigued with the aspect of sorting out your jewelry from one event to another? Had enough of misplacing your precious items? Are you peeved about losing one-half of the pair of earrings, which renders the remaining earring useless? Stackers solves it all for you!

Get to know Stackers

Stackers are an organizational-centric company that is geared primarily towards the assortment and storage of jewelry and, afterward, other objects aswell. They were formed ten years ago, and they continue to expand their horizons. It is a family business that was launched in the United Kingdom, with its fourth generation now taking over. Stackers have now entered the Singapore markets with its famous Stacker jewelry box.

What is the function of jewelry organizers?

Here at Stackers, their aim is to provide its customers with tailored to personal needs ‘Stacker jewelry box,’ which can be bought at a base level when your jewelry collection is in its infancy. As your collection grows, customers can purchase pallet stackers that can provide a new floor to your jewelry box Singapore.

These Stackers jewelry boxes help to organize and safely store your wearables efficiently. Another function of such a jewelry organizer is to keep gold and silver items separately, as it could tarnish the precious metals if coupled together for too long. Furthermore, delicate pieces of ornaments must be sensitively stored in their own section instead of chucking them with bulkier pieces like bangles.

The area the box occupies on your dressing table remains the same no matter how many pallets you build upon the base structure, as all the layers are completely immersive with each other and can easily slide on or off according to the user’s need.

Pallet stacker layers

The many pallet stackers in a Stacker jewelry box include the following:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Charms
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Studs
  • Pins
  • Brooches
  • Watches

These layers are carefully designed to cater to numerous types of trinkets and accessories. All the individual items are given equal importance, and also it becomes quicker to locate them.

What else does Stackers Singapore offer?

Stacker is best known for its beautiful and durable pallet stacker jewelry boxes Singapore, but it is not just limited to ornament cases; the company showcases a range of other organizational products that aid in stashing a variety of belongings in a protective casing.

Jewelry box accessories

Stacker jewelry box Singapore is itself a complete product, but there are ways to upgrade the experience even more by acquiring the Stackers jewelry box’s official customizable accessories that are practical and an added surety for each of the artifacts in the jewelry box Singapore. These jewelry box accessories include:

  • Statement Necklace Pads
  • Bangle Tower Accessory
  • Charm Bars
  • Ring Rolls
  • Watch Pads
  • Earring Accessories


This lineup by Stackers possesses such versatile tools to carry around jewelry when on the move. For a fast-paced lifestyle who still want to be in control of their life. Following is the list of items available:

Zipped jewelry boxes 

  • Petite zipped jewelry boxes
  • Medium zipped boxes
  • Sleek necklace zipped boxes
  • Zipped jewelry and accessories boxes
  • Zipped watch boxes

Travel accessories

  • Jewelry rolls
  • Compact jewelry rolls
  • Cable tidys
  • Passport sleeves
  • Luggage tags


  • Weekend garment bag
  • Backpack

On-the-go bundle essential

  • Basic on-the-go bundle

Home and makeup

Stackers offer household and touch-up items holding pods for nifty storage.No need to worry about losing your stuff by not properly stashing them. It includes:

Home organizers

  • Bedside Jewelry Pod
  • Hair Accessory Organizer
  • Makeup Drawer
  • Storage Box
  • Jewelry Stands
  • Kids

Makeup organizers

  • Makeup organizers
  • Makeup drawers

Tech organizers

  • Cable tidy
  • Zipped watch box


At Stackers, there are products for everyone. Aside from Stackers jewelry box and more products geared toward women, there is also a dedicated section aimed at the majority of men. This includes:

  • Watch boxes
  • Travel accessories

Gift ideas

  • Gift Cards
  • Gifts For Her
  • Gifts For Him
  • Best-selling Gifts
  • Housewarming Gifts
  • Personalized Gifts

Wedding gifts

  • For the Bridesmaids
  • For the Bride
  • For the Groom
  • For the Honeymoon

Atome and Stackers

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How to pay for your Stacker products using Atome?

The steps are really simple to follow:

  • First, you must select all the items you wish to shop. Add those items to your cart and then proceed to the payment at the checkout;
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Stackers were founded and crafted in London(United Kingdom). Stackers Jewelry boxes are made for your diamonds, pearls, gemstones, watches, and the rest of your ornaments. You can custom-make your own jewelry box and design it to suit your needs. Their pallet stackers boast an impressive DIY feel while being durable and classy. Instead of being too shimmering and kiddush, Stackers jewelry box Singapore upholds a more mature tone with a minimalistic approach to an elegant fashion.

So what are you waiting for? The highly organized, tidy, and sorted aspects of your jewelry box Singapore life begins right now!

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