8 must-have gift sets that are perfect for every occasion

by Starry

Mar 10 2022

When it comes to finding gifts for people, the most significant stumbling block is time. We all have hectic schedules and every second counts. Our hectic schedules frequently lead us away from the people that matter most in our lives. The majority of the day is consumed by our job and responsibilities. In this super hectic routine, if someone tells you that they can save the day by providing you with the best gift sets for every occasion, wouldn’t it be a sigh of relief?

Lynk Artisan is an all-natural perfume brand located in Singapore that caters to those who like using aroma-driven mood enhancers to improve their surroundings. Scents and fragrances are an expression of one’s individuality and style. They specialize in candles and provide high-quality products including baby gift sets, customised gift sets and body shop gift sets at reasonable pricing.

Here are a few gift sets by Lynk Artisan that you can present to your loved ones without any second thought.

Ultimate pamper gift set

This is the ideal present for your mother, wife, family, girlfriend, friend, or anybody who needs some self-care and pampering. This gift set consists of a deep sleep pillow mist and a shower steamer.

The deep sleep pillow mist is the ideal pillow companion, assisting your body and mind in achieving ultimate relaxation and sleeping soundly every night.

Spritz your pillows, comforters, sheets, and blankets, once or twice to immerse yourself in a scented relaxing environment.

Besides, one of their current shower staples – calm, quiet and most importantly, it makes you eagerly anticipate each shower. Sprinkle them in a shower area, and relax as the essential oils work their magic as you have the most peaceful shower you’ve ever had!

Stay safe bundle – the perfect gift set nowadays

Sanitisers are something that people truly want right now. Especially, if it’s adorable and smells delicious! Hand sanitisers are in high demand and will be welcomed as a pleasant surprise.

Stay safe with Lynk Artisan’s 3-pack of mask fresheners and 3-pack of hand sanitisers. Each bundle contains fresheners for masks in grapefruit, mint, green tea, lemongrass, and white tea flavours. And, 3 hand sanitisers are available in grapefruit, mint, green tea, lemongrass, and white tea variants. Pick up your favourite fragrances to give this amazing gift set a personal touch.

Room spray gift set

Natural room sprays produced with top perfumers alcohol and compounded with the appropriate essential oil combination. These incredible aromas are specifically designed for your wellness advantages for your body and mind. It’s the ideal method to rapidly refresh any environment, including rooms, restrooms, and any place you want to have a tranquil experience.

This gift box consists of two room sprays. You can choose your favourite two from various aromas including, ginger, lemongrass, Himalayan bamboo, lavender, white birch, and white tea.

Signature collection candle gift set

The ideal present for any special event, including birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, festivities, or simply to treat yourself.

A well-balanced, fragrant candle may lift your spirits by bringing back happy memories or instilling a sense of serenity in your head. Returning to science, multiple studies have demonstrated the ability of scent to evoke emotions and memories.

For the signature collection candle gift set, you can choose from three different candle scents, including lemongrass & ginger, Himalayas bamboo, white birch, and white tea.

Customizable gift set

Gifts show gratitude and express genuine feelings to those who receive them. Use your imagination to come up with a one-of-a-kind present to surprise your loved ones.

You may make the occasion more memorable by giving your staff a personalized gift. Gifts are not only remembered for a long time, but they are the perfect bond makers too.

Lynk Artisan’s popular personalized gift packages are now available in Singapore. Choose your favourite perfume for room spray, hand sanitisers, and candles. Their customised gift set contains one 200G, candle, one room spray, one hand sanitiser, and a gift box.

Hand sanitiser gift set

70% premium perfumers alcohol, essential oils, and organic glycerin are used to make Lynk Artisan’s organic hand sanitisers. Essential oils are used for antibacterial, aromatherapy, and antiviral advantages that make these sanitisers 99.9% efficient. Non-sticky, moisturizing formulas make them perfect for everyday usage.

Top-up ultimate gift box

This Ultimate Gift Box features a magnetic closure for easy opening and closing, and a rose gold foiling; it’s also perfect for storing and recycling afterwards. Also includes a greeting card. Every gift package includes a personalized greeting card. Simply type your message in the box labelled “Add a remark to your order.”

Ultimate signature candle gift set

The ultimate gift box, comprising all of the most popular trademark aromas from their candle collection. Their limited edition gift box is beautifully packaged. You can customise this gift box according to your taste and choice.

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