What you Need to Know about Anytime Fitness Singapore?

Apr 30 2021

It is always good to engage your body into exercise and you can do that with the help of Anytime Fitness Singapore. Anytime Fitness has always been the number 1 gym in Singapore for already 7 years now. They have the best and caring trainers and coaches that would help your body be in the fit that you want it to be. As their gyms are open 24/7 and their wide range of gym equipment and services, they have been the go-to gym of the customers. You can get your Anytime Fitness membership at

Aside from that, Anytime Fitness also lets you find a gym near you. Their website provides all the details you need to know about a specific gym. One of the many gyms of Anytime Fitness’ is the Gymmbox.

The Gymmbox was established in October of 2020. They always stand by their vision that goes “Building a Fitter Tomorrow, Today”. The Gymmboxx price for their gym membership is categorized by youth (21 years old & below), adult, and senior (55 years old and above). The membership fee for youth, adult, and senior categories starts at $70, $85, and $60 respectively. It is a great deal as they also provide the best coaches and trainers.

With a lot of users wanting to train and exercise in a gym, Gymmboxx has expanded and now has a total of seven gyms in Singapore. The Gymmboxx gyms are found in Bedok Point, Century Square (Tampines), Bishan CC, Jcube (Jurong), Keat Hong CC, Kebun Baru CC, and in Canberra Plaza. With their gyms scattered in Singapore, it is surely great news for all the people that want to exercise or train in gyms.

Principles of Gymmboxx

  1. Open to public
  2. As Gymmboxx is part of the gyms associated with Anytime Fitness Singapore, they also provide access to 24/7 opened and well-equipped gym facilities. With that, loyal customers can go to Gymmboxx without worrying of conflict in appointments.
  3. As long as you have a Gymmboxx membership that is still valid, you can go train and exercise in their gyms anytime you want.
  • Variable Membership Plans
  • The Gymmboxx price for their membership is different according to the category you belong to.  
  • They also provide different time periods for membership plans. They offer membership for one months, three months, six months, and twelve months (1 year).
  • The different membership plans give the users the freedom to decide what membership plan they are comfortable with. It also lets the users choose the best value of training in the gym that suits their body fitness’ needs.
  • The Gymmboxx price for personal trainers starts from $86 per session. Having a personal trainer is also a good choice if you want someone to put together a plan or routine to help you reach your goals.
  • Transparent Fixed Rates
  • The whole Gymmboxx staff provides transparency to their rates by having the best coaches and trainers of the gym. They are confident enough that their pricing of fixed rates is an indication that they provide the best and most affordable gym membership prices there is.
  • Safety First
  • It is always a must to provide safety first in any location especially in gyms. Gymmboxx is the only 24/7 gym in Singapore that is constantly manned for 24 hours.
  • Manning the gym is to ensure that every member of the gym is safe especially on the wee hours of the night.
  • Inclusive Gym Packages
  • The Gymmboxx price for their gym packages is very affordable. They offer preferential gym packages for youths (21 years old and below) and for seniors (55 years old and above).
  • They believe that there is no barrier in building a community of healthy individuals.


There are a lot of gyms that you can find at Anytime Fitness Singapore, and not just the Gymmboxx gyms. If you really are keen on exercising and training to reach your body goals, then being a member of a gym is a good idea. As you can also have the help of a personal trainer, you will have the advantage of reaching your goals faster than you think. The good news is that you can always get your Anytime Fitness membership through