What to Wear on The First Date for Men

by jiatongma

Mar 16 2023

The first date is one of every relationship’s most crucial and unforgettable occasions. It’s an opportunity to get to know one another and foster an environment of openness and trust. So on this Valentine’s Day, be yourself, keep the conversation light, and make both sides feel at ease with your charm.

“First impressions are lasting impressions,” as the saying goes, also applies to dating situations. A man’s physical attractiveness strongly impacts a woman; she forms opinions about your personality based on your appearance, body language, and clothing. Women are drawn to healthy, attractive guys, so don’t leave your date night wardrobe to chance.

The first rule for picking a decent outfit is assessing the meeting venue. If you wear a three-piece suit to the movies, you will appear stuffy and try too hard. In the same way, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt makes you seem bored and lazy. Dress adequately to show that you are serious about the event.

Lean toward dark or neutral colors

While deciding on an ensemble, remember that color plays an important part in conveying your individuality. No color is off-limits, but bear in mind the surroundings, the time of year, and what works best for you. There are many colors, but a neutral or dark palette is usually smart. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  1. Black

Since it radiates refinement and self-assurance, black is the most commonly advised color for any date, especially if you are having a night date. Hence, when in doubt, choose black. It also gives you the appearance of being fit. Avoid wearing all black since it makes you look like a goth. To counterbalance the gloom, combine your black jeans with a light top.

  1. Gray

If dark hues differ from your style, gray still have an effect despite being a less striking color. Its versatile shade works well with white, black, and blue. A gray suit and a white shirt work well for a formal dinner date.

Avoid loud colors and patterns on a first date since they make you seem weird. It will make people concentrate more on what you are wearing and less on who you are as a person. Include them gently into your appearance to get a unified and alluring impression.

  1. Blue

Since it conveys tranquility, this hue is a mainstay of everyone’s wardrobe and a favorite of many. Blue is a solid base for your outfit since it blends well with all the other colors; hence outfits with blue can always go right. Wear blue jeans and a polo shirt for a more laid-back look, or go semi-formal with a white button-down.

  1. White

White, the most traditional and versatile color, complements all other hues. If you wear white, you will come out as professional and intelligent. Sincerity is displayed, which is a great beginning to begin any connection. Wear a white shirt and black pants for a laid-back date.

Choose jeans or chinos for bottoms

While choosing clothing items, always focus on fit since it can turn you from unappealing to elegant. No matter how costly the clothing is, it will only look good on you if it fits properly. Chinos and well-fitted jeans are great options since they offer both comfort and style. Men’s trousers, a white shirt, and a suit jacket make an excellent first-date ensemble. Wear chinos with a polo or casual shirt for a midday date.

Accessorize with a watch

Here is a general styling tip: Wear a watch with a light-colored dial, such as white or cream, throughout the day and reserve watches with dark dials for the evening. Match the color of the metal and the watch strap with the rest of your clothing.

Wearing a watch on a date is recommended since it completes your outfit and gives you a polished, well-groomed image. Wearing expensive or diamond-encrusted watches makes you look pompous or attention-seeking.

Please remember that no one wants to be second to your digital gadget, so put your smartwatches on silent mode. Prioritize your date by not checking the clock frequently, as this is impolite and gives the impression that you are anxious to finish the evening.

Wear white sneakers

Men seldom consider their footwear while selecting an outfit for a date. People put a lot of importance on their apparel but often need to pay more attention to how the incorrect pair of shoes can destroy an outfit.

Stylists agree that white sneakers are excellent footwear for a first date, so wear them to seem calm, confident, and elegant. They are versatile and work well with a range of outfits. Men’s white sneakers are available in various designs and brands, so choose the one that best suits you. Just make certain that your shoes are clean, scuff-free, and shiny.

Top it off with a spritz of cologne

It is also essential to smell well as you dress suitably for the event since this will make you feel and look your best. If you want to be remembered, apply your unique perfume so that your date associates it with you. Keep in mind that the sense of smell is directly tied to emotions and memory.

Although cologne improves self-esteem and induces positive sensations, it should be used carefully since too much smell can be intolerable to others. Therefore, before you go out, shower, dress, and spray your favorite perfume.

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First dates may be a terrific way to connect with someone more personally. They may reveal how you interact, what you want out of life, your values, and even how compatible you and your partner are as a couple. When done well, it is frequently the beginning of something beautiful and long-lasting!

We shared some suggestions to help you achieve the date of your dreams. Remember that what you dress reveals a lot about your personality.

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