What is Good About WeBarre Singapore?

by Starry

Jun 29 2021

One of the best places to do workouts is at WeBarre in Singapore. As workouts or exercises are very important in someone’s daily life, it is a good habit to do it in a safe and secure place. Doing workout in the designated places will not just let you feel safe but also it can push you to stay focused while doing your workout.

WeBarre is a fitness place that focuses on Barre workouts. It was established in order to bring Barre workouts to the people in in Asian continent. The brand was founded by two fitness fanatics who met by chance at a fitness studio. Their burning desire for fitness ignited the idea of providing people with the best place for fitness workouts. With that, they were able to form and build WeBarre.

While travelling to different places to find new ways of staying fit, they came to the conclusion that Barre workouts could be a huge benefit for people in Asia. Barre’s workout technique was said to be inspired by the elements of pilates, yoga, and ballet. It is also a form of workout or exercise that uses ballet barre and movements derived from ballet. One advantage of doing barre workouts is that it can improve your own posture.

At WeBarre, skilled instructors will help you strengthen your core, develop posture, tone muscles with their own WeBarre method. The WeBarre method was created by Rachel Fraser, a professional dancer and one of the very first barre trainers in the UK. The workouts at WeBarre are effective as it came from the master trainer herself.

Currently, WeBarre has 6 studios scattered in Singapore. They can be found at Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer, Clarke Quay, Dhoby Ghaut, and Beauty World Center. In addition to their ever growing brand, they have a studio in Hong Kong.

You can schedule a WeBarre class online by using Atome as your online payment method. You are given the opportunity to pay for a class at WeBarre on installment plans. The Atome installment plans have zero interest and no hidden fees. With that, you can enjoy your WeBarre class with an easy and less-hassle payment method.


There are different classes offered at WeBarre Singapore. However, all these classes use the WeBarre method. The only difference is that every class has a different focus. WeBarre’s available classes are listed below.

1. WeBarre Signature Multi-Level

  • The signature multi-level class that has exhilarating workouts inspired by yoga, ballet, and strength training.
  • A fusion of small controlled movements and full-range dynamic movements.
  • Helps in building strength and body control.

2. WeBarre Fundamentals

  • This class is perfect for beginners.
  • Conducts workouts and signature moves at a slower pace.
  • It focuses on technique and form in an intimate setting.
  • It is still a dynamic workout that will surely make you sweat.

3. WeBarre HIIT

  • WeBarre High Intensity Interval Training
  • This class is designed to lift your heart rate and increase your metabolism.
  • It will also push you beyond your limits to achieve maximum results in a short period of time.
  • Has an afterburn effect that means the continued burning of calories and fat after the workout.

4. WeBarre Stretch & Technique

  • This class focuses on stretching out all of your muscles.
  • It will increase your flexibility, improve your mobility, and reduce the risk of you enduring an injury.
  • It includes a mix of Barre moves and deep active stretching guided by an instructor.

5. WeBarre Pre-Natal

  • A class that focuses on pregnant women.
  • As the body of a pregnant woman changes through pregnancy, this class will help and educate on how to support it.
  • Also good in preparation for birth.
  • A fun, safe, and effective workout for all pregnant women.

6. WeBarre Mums & Bubs

  • A class that is perfect for acquiring post-natal benefits.
  • Focuses on strengthening your pelvic floor and core while also toning your muscles.
  • You can bring your baby carrier.
  • Babies are allowed to join if they can already hold their heads up on their own and are allowed to join up to 10 months.

7. WeBarre Private

  • A private class with an instructor.
  • This is advised if you really need an instructor to solely focus on 1 on 1 with your workout.


WeBarre Singapore is the best place that offers Barre inspired workouts. Their different classes that focus on different aspects plus their skilled instructors will surely give you the workout that you need. WeBarre’s partnership with Atome brings you more benefits when using it as your payment method when scheduling a class with WeBarre.

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