What are Consumer Financing and Its Benefits?

by Starry

Mar 17 2021

All businesses starting from lower to higher be focusing on consumer financing that will help them in encouraging their customers to order more sales and buy a good amount for a huge profit. The service of financing customers has improved the quality sales and profit bars for the retailers. Also, the businesses which are neglecting this service are going to have a great loss in their business.

What is Consumer Financing?

The service of financing customers refers to the funding of different activities for the merchandise buyers who prefer installment payment. A merchandise buyer who is going for this financing service can’t use the cash or credit card system anymore for buying other merchandise. You can also call this service as a credit. You will find complete rules and regulations of law in this service that is completely safe to proceed on. This provides the customers proper convenience including the fastest and secure procedure sometimes even without collateral. The main target of this service is individual clients and not companies and organizations. You don’t have to take the tension of an increase in monthly installments as there will be no sudden increase in payments in this service.

In this system, payments are made on monthly basis depending upon the customer’s income. You can buy automotive as well as household things through customer funding for example home and office furniture, farming equipment, motorized vehicles, tools, electronic appliances, and musical instruments. Indonesian law regulates this service along with a directive through the ministry of finance no. by taking finance companies in concern. You will find three parties involved in this service: the business company as a source of the loan, the retailer as a merchandise dealer, and the customer as a loan receiver. This is a secure service between three parties and no one other than these is involved in any procedure.

Benefits of Consumer Finance

The main benefit of customer funding service is that it helps to breakdown large payments in weekly or monthly days without increasing the burden on your head. Besides this, a lot more benefits are there which make this service more beneficial and in demand. Some major benefits are listed below:

  • This gives financial support to customers and the honorable payments lead to referrals and positive reviews for the business or company. You can get some bonuses and refund offers if you go for free offered finance services that take no monthly charges or fees from the consumers.
  • An average client will receive a benefit of about 30% after taking the service of no credit check consumer financing for merchants. It provides no credit card program to reputed clients and customers all around the United States.
  • You can be benefited by using this service as it offers you to buy an unaffordable product or merchandise at a particular moment by paying its funds monthly and that can be affordable.
  • If you are a service seller then this service will best attract customers to you as it has its inbuilt advantages and profits. If you are not providing consumer funding then you can deal with a great loss and shortage of customers and deals.
  • It increases sales in a wide range and helps the retailer in building name and fame in the reputed business market. This can increase the number of loans taken by customers as they can be unaware of their real rights of getting the higher loan in this service.
  • This service is a great benefit for dealers or merchandise sellers because in case of late payments or no payments the seller will not gain any loss in money because the loan provider is a third party.
  • You will get a great variety in choosing options of financing your merchandise including fast finance qualification, seamless, online, or paperless finance application process. The retailer can hire a brokerage staff for handling the whole lone process on his behalf. 


Consumer financing supports unparalleled marketing and also helps in promoting sales and offers regarding different merchandise and products. If you are looking for a great deal and free charge financing services for your products or merchandise then come easy payments can be the best choice for you.

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