Beautiful wedding cakes to make your special day more magical

by Starry

Feb 21 2022

We all understand the nervousness that comes with the wedding day. And why wouldn’t it? It’s your once-in-a-lifetime day that has to be the most memorable. With all the magical feelings of love and joy come essential decisions you have to make regarding the wedding decor. From all the wedding celebrations decor, your wedding cake is the last thing you’d want to get ruined. And while you are living your best moment, there is nothing better than a creamy, rich cake to celebrate it with. So, let’s have a look at the beautiful wedding and wedding anniversary cakes at ZEE & ELLE.

The sweetest wedding cakes to make your special day happier

You have ended up on the right page to find your perfect wedding cake in Singapore. Choose from a wide variety of wedding and wedding anniversary cakes to make your big day happier.

Rustic Red Floral Garden Cake

This cake is nature in a piece! It’s simple yet lavishing with the dried lemon slice, red florals, and eucalyptus decorating it. The semi-naked cake comes in various flavors. Vanilla Lemon is the best selling; you can also choose from chocolate salted, double chocolate crunch, strawberry lemon, chocolate raspberry, and passionfruit. For a cake this beautiful looking, the tasty flavors are a cherry on top. However, you may have to consider the availability of dried fruits and flowers according to the seasoning.

Marble Blue Cascade

If you love simple wedding cakes, this one is for you. This white and blue luxurious marble cake will best complement the light wedding colors of the decor. Its finishing is edible gold flakes, fresh flowers, and macarons. The two-tier take is best to add to your wedding celebration with your family and friends. If nothing more, the taste of the cake will indeed contribute to making it your most memorable day ever.

Rose Gold x Pink Watercolour Floral Cake

Nothing can add to the classic wedding elegance better than the Rose Gold Floral cake. Dusted with gold flakes, this cake will make your wedding and wedding anniversary a golden moment. The rose gold and pink macarons and florals are a sweet welcome into your new life ahead. If you plan to add this beautiful-looking and even better-tasting cake to your big day, book it 5 days in advance.

Royal Red and Gold Longevity Cake

This cake makes the best choice to add royalty to your lovely day. It is covered with a royal red buttercream that makes it super soft with a gold leaf on the topping. The gold dusting and the fresh red roses make the cake incredibly beautiful. It gives the perfect red colors to celebrate your love with your partner on your wedding day or wedding anniversary.

About Zee and Elle

ZEE & ELLE is the online bake store for the dreamers and free-spirited. They have the best minimal and simple wedding cakes in Singapore. Their cakes are inspired by nature, resembling the breathtaking beauty within them.

ZEE & ELLE proudly claims their cakes resemble the beautiful and profound nature, hence the sweetness. They deal in classic cakes, mini cakes, customized cakes, sweets, and desserts for your special days. You can check out their range of wedding and anniversary cakes on their website. (click here) 

Atome, in collaboration with ZEE & ELLE

Several high-class companies and brands worldwide have collaborated with Atome as a merchant. Purchase branded products through atome and enjoy the convenient payment methods they offer. You can buy ZEE & ELLE sweets and wedding cakes and pay through Atome in three payments.

About Atome

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Atome is home to high-end brands that you adore. You will find limited edition items and the fun part? You can buy it because it’s a “buy now, pay later” deal at Atome. Check out their website to find the most precious-looking wedding or anniversary cakes and pay for them in three halves. (click here)

How to pay for your Wedding Cake through Atome

Paying through Atome is very easy. You will only have to follow a few simple steps.

  • While you are choosing your favorite wedding cake, you will be able to see an Atome logo with the price of the cake divided into three halves.
  • Once you have finalized your wedding cake, you can choose Atome as your payment method on the checkout page.
  • Pay your first payment out of the three for your order.

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