WeBarre Brings New Fitness Methods – The Barre Method

by jiatongma

Oct 19 2022

Everyone chooses The Barre Method for different purposes. Some people prefer to flee. Some people enjoy the burn. But one thing never changes the never-ending quest for a more muscular physique and a better sense of self. Experience total-body workouts with WeBarre, the finest in the barre industry.

What is the barre method?

The Barre Method has strengthened bodies with strenuous barre workouts that inject force into each action for twenty years. Each exercise is specifically created to reshape your body through resistance training with minimum impact and maximum repetition. You will achieve incredible flexibility, total-body contour, and metabolism-boosting strength that lasts long after class by fusing components of pilates, yoga, and other strength exercises routines into a ballet-inspired barre workout. Get started with WeBarre Singapore to seek your workout plans from the best in the market.

A barre workout offers a low-impact, strenuous workout that concentrates on the lower body by fusing traditional parts of a classical barre exercise with pilates and modern leg exercises. A barre training will develop the long, lean dancer’s physique by toning the glutes, thighs, and calves. With sufficient guidance and instruction from an instructor, the activity is suitable for most students, excluding those with substantial lower-body impairments.

What does a Barre class look like?

Most barre courses will begin with a brief warmup; some will start without weights, others with light weights. For students to make the most of each motion in each exercise, the teacher will first demonstrate the technique before offering encouragement and corrections. The exercises are enjoyable, and it’s excellent to “share the pain” with the other class members when you work out at WeBarre.

According to trainers, the outcomes may not be seen for a few weeks (hello, looser-fitting jeans). In around four weeks, most committed students will notice improvements in their general abdominal and leg strength, a reduction in the size of their thighs, and a raised tush.

What are the benefits of BarreBarre?

Everyone, from newcomers to experts, may benefit from the whole-body invigorating exercise that is barre training. Each lesson aims to improve alignment, fortify your core, and lengthen and tone your muscles. Imagine it providing all the physical advantages of a ballet performer attempting a pirouette. Below are a few Barre’sBarre’s benefits, but not all of them:

Enhances posture

In barre practice, there is a lot of emphasis on building up the muscles in the chest and shoulders, which keeps us from slouching, according to Willoughby. You can notice that you are standing higher and your body is longer after only a few sessions. Book your classes with WeBarre and enhance your body posture!

Strengthens the glutes

There’s more to BarreBarre than simply tighter buttocks, even though the increased toning is a victory for us in our peachy back area. More significantly, strengthening your glutes will aid all the muscles holding your pelvis. According to her, this relieves pressure on the knees, hips, and back. Want to strengthen glutes? Visit WeBarre

Builds abdominal muscles

Your core is a crucial component of the workout since BarreBarre strongly emphasizes balance and strength. Barre lessons will offer vigorous core exercise, ideal for maintaining toned stomachs. So you can use the abdominal muscles to support the body in a healthy posture. This may be especially beneficial for postpartum women trying to recover. Want to build core and abdominal strength? WeBarre has got you covered!

Improves adaptability

Your flexibility should be increased due to stretching and a posture-focused workout. You don’t have to be the most elegant, swan-like prima ballerina at the BarreBarre, by any means (the training is easy to get a hold of for all levels). You might be amazed at how much your flexibility improves if you give yourself a few weeks. If you desire a flexible body, WeBarre can help you with that.

Lessens tension

Everyone knows that exercise often lowers stress levels, but although yoga calms the body and HIIT burns all of it out, BarreBarre probably falls somewhere in the middle. Barre is a form of meditation since it demands a certain amount of attention to stay focused during each movement. Because your brain is so intently focused on every tiny action, it almost seems like a type of meditation. Each lesson could leave you feeling uplifted and at ease. Now ease down all your body knots and tensions with WeBarre.

Improved mental clarity

After your barre workout, you can discover that you have quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Endorphins are often released during exercise and help maintain mental clarity. Pilates and yoga, essentially the same as BarreBarre, have been shown in studies to enhance mental clarity and help you maintain a happy outlook. Start focusing better with WeBarre.

Boosts general strength

Despite not feeling like it, you still want to build strength. No issue. With BarreBarre, you frequently use stability balls, resistance bands, and little hand weights. Additionally, you don’t need to stress about the day that leg day falls on. Arms, legs, and the core may all be strengthened during a single session of barre exercises at WeBarre, which are often designed to be full-body workouts.

Try the lesson without weights the first time if you’re a beginner. Although it can appear simple, you’ll probably still experience muscular soreness the following day.

Increases tenacity

More than just increasing your stamina for subsequent exercises, endurance influences vital organs. According to the American Heart Association, endurance exercise (like BarreBarre with WeBarre) keeps your lungs, heart, and circulatory system healthy. Doing these exercises consistently can lower your chance of developing conditions like anxiety attacks, heart disease, and diabetes.

What is WeBarre?

WeBarre was established to introduce Barre exercises to Asian populations. WeBarre, a trailblazer in Barre exercises, has made the method available to fans in Singapore. The WeBarre barre approach combines the most fantastic elements of strength training, pilates, and ballet principles into a fun exercise. Customers may expect to enhance their cores, gain poise, shape, and tone their muscles, and push themselves beyond what they thought was possible at WeBarre.

Where can you find WeBarre in Singapore?

Studio locations of WeBarre are:

  • WeBarre Telok Ayer

Level 2, 5A Stanley Street, Singapore 068724 (on top of Carrotsticks & Cravings)

  • WeBarre Clarke Quay

Level 4, 39C North Canal Road, Singapore 059295

  • WeBarre Dhoby Ghaut

1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01, SOTA, Singapore 227968

What kind of course package does WeBarre have?

WeBarre has something that suits everyone! Their packages include the following:

WeBarre Signature Multi-Level

Ballet, yoga, pilates, and strength training are all included in our distinctive multi-level session, which will completely alter your body (yep, you read it right). Isometric holds (short, regulated movements) and higher dynamic movement patterns will be combined in the classes to push you to gain strength while still moving gracefully and with poise. Imagine a course combining body control, flow, power, and skill while pushing you to your boundaries!

WeBarre Fundamentals

Ideal for beginners who wish to experience BarreBarre and have the chance to learn the fundamental routines more slowly. You will receive plenty of instruction in whatever you’re unsure of because the session will concentrate on technique and posture in a more intimate environment. But don’t let it fool you—still, it’s a vigorous exercise that will make you sweat and feel the burn! Excellent for postpartum women as well.

HIIT WeBarre

With the use of entertaining props, your body weight, and of course, the BarreBarre, this HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training class gives boot camps a makeover. Here’s to optimum benefits in the shortest amount of time! Designed to raise your heart rate, enhance your metabolism, and push you over your limitations!

Bonus: The “afterburn” impact of HIIT allows you to continue burning fat and calories even after the lesson has ended.

Stretch and technique by WeBarre

By stretching all your muscles, this session is intended to enhance your barre workouts. We’ll work to improve your flexibility and mobility while lowering your chance of injury. To increase the technical accuracy of barre exercises, this session will include Floor Barre routines, deep active stretching with the instructor’s support, and even sporadic partner stretches. Leave this session feeling extended, opened up, and fantastic for the entire body!

Prenatal WeBarre

You are calling all expectant mothers! Did you realize that being active throughout pregnancy offers several advantages for you and your unborn child? Our Pre-Natal Barre session will teach you how to best help those stresses on your body and get it ready for delivery. During pregnancy, your body and posture change. Our lower class sizes ensure you receive individualized attention while getting a great barre workout! Start your WeBarre free trial now!

Mums & Bubs WeBarre

Want to maintain your fitness but lack the time? Do not be alarmed; Mum and Baby courses are available! In this 50-minute session, you’ll improve your pelvic muscles and core, break a sweat, and tone your glutes in all the correct spots while bonding with your baby. Get your pre-pregnancy body back! Most newborns adore the pulses and vibrations and go to sleep immediately. Bring the baby carrier and feel free to perform this activity without your child if you’d want to focus on post-natal advantages and enjoy some “me” time. Before beginning, infants should be capable of holding their heads up. WeBarre Singapore has got all your mommies covered!

How to book a course package with WeBarre?

Do you want to register for a class, but does the W (for waiting) symbol appear next to it? Set your alarms for Webare’s booking window opening at midday seven days in advance to secure a position with your preferred teacher! You may reserve your preferred class and teacher and the studio location that works best for you.

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