How to Wear Red This Chinese New Year to Maximize Your Luck

by jiatongma

Feb 14 2023

The Chinese New Year is an occasion celebrated in China and by millions worldwide. This holiday brings in a period of festivities and goodwill. This time of year, individuals reflect on the year that passed and make resolutions to transform the coming year into the best one.

Since ancient times, colors have held a special place in Chinese culture. Individuals consider the meanings and qualities associated with colors to avoid bad fortune before incorporating them into their daily life.

 Chinese culture perceives red as a lucky color. The fire element, which stands for life, energy, and light, is related to red. Red is a hue that symbolizes joy, success, and wealth. As a result, it is widely used during numerous festivals and events. Red can be seen in everything, especially around the Chinese New Year, from apparel and decorations to lanterns and gift packets.

Although red is the traditional color for New Year’s activities, why stop there? Learn how to wear Red, the color associated with luck and prosperity, and profit from its advantages throughout the upcoming year by reading this blog post.

Red and black outfits      

Using the colors red and black together is a timeless classic that never gets old. Although this color scheme is frequently praised, please be cautious because anything in excess needs to be improved. By including these items, you can also add these hues to your closet.  

Outfit suggestions:

• For a night out, a floor-length black satin dress with red stiletto heels and a clutch would be perfect. Add a red lip color that matches your skin tone if you want to spice things up.    

• An elegant and warm outfit for the chilly months would be a red leather skirt worn with a black high neck and ankle boots.    

• Your go-to outfit for a night out at a club is a black minidress and red kitten heels.    

• The winter blues can be easily defeated with a crimson coat layered over a black velvet jumpsuit. Just keep in mind to purchase a coat that enhances your figure.  

• Red is a lucky color, so you can wear it to parties or celebrations for the new year. Grab your black heels and wear them.  

Red and blue outfits      

This color scheme is versatile because it can be utilized for formal occasions and casual settings. Just be careful that the red and blue colors used do not clash. We’re going for colors that go well together.  

Outfit suggestions:

• The nautical concept is perfectly captured with a pair of blue trousers and a red and white striped blouse. Wear a white sailor’s cap and red heels as well.     

• In the summer, pair a blue midi dress with red sandals.  

• For a fun day out, wear your blue jeans with a lovely red t-shirt and sneakers.    

• Try a navy blue pencil skirt and a top if you want to look stylish and confident at work. Finish it off with a red jacket and stiletto heels.    

• For chilly days outside, wear blue jeans with a cashmere sweater and a checkered red and blue winter coat.    

• Shine at the upcoming formal dinner in a silky royal blue gown and red stilettos.  

Yellow and red outfits  

The colors red and yellow are vibrant and full of life. They radiate happiness and positive energy. They look great paired together but experiment with other colors, textures, and prints to stand out. Even your wardrobe’s accessories can feature these hues.    

Outfit suggestions:

• For a lunch date, a pretty yellow dress with red heels and a charming clutch will be lovely.    

• For a splash of color, wear a yellow t-shirt with white pants and a red blazer.    

• On days when you’re feeling daring and ambitious, go to the office wearing a black pantsuit with a yellow button-up and red stilettos.    

• You can accessorize a belted red shirtdress with yellow pumps and matching sunglasses.  

Gray and red outfits    

When red, the color of passion, is combined with gray, the color of sophistication, the result is a phenomenal pairing that rarely fails. You may easily add this to your list of appropriate formal clothing.

Outfit suggestions:

• You can add red heels to the normal business outfit of gray trousers, a blazer, and a white blouse to make it more interesting.  

• Wear your red pants with a gray blazer and a white tank top. If you have a long day ahead, don gray sneakers.    

• Wow everyone by wearing a dress with a gray tiger design and red shoes. Incorporate red lip color for glitz.    

• A slim-fitting red pantsuit would be stylish with a gray patterned winter coat.    

• On your next casual outing, wear red pants with a gray sweater.  

Green and red outfits      

How can we forget the color green when talking about fortune and luck? Green represents new beginnings; therefore, pairing it with red to increase our luck is only natural.    

Outfit suggestions:

• For a formal occasion, a long green dress and red heels would be a classic match.  

 • A dark green dress and a red coat are appropriate winter attire.    

• The color combination of green and red conjures up images of festivity. So go ahead and don a sparkling green dress. Wear red shoes and a clutch with embellishments as accessories.  

• Consider wearing a red silk blouse with a green pleated skirt. Wear beige footwear to let the focus be on your outfit.  

•Put on green pants and a crimson blouse with polka dots. Put on a pair of ankle boots in black.

• A jacket in red and green plaid screams winter. Please put it on top of your white t-shirt and blue pants. Remember to bring your favorite boots.  

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