Ways you can get more free Air Pods credit card while spending less

by Starry

Mar 25 2021

Every year, there are a lot of promotions to find a free Air Pods credit card and offers that your Apple devices might not be eligible for. Whether or not you plan on purchasing an Apple device and they run out of stock, the free online credit store will offer you a deal or an opportunity that is considered to be a special promotion. Some of the following deals have been running for years and some are limited-time offers. So what do you need to start with? Become a new cardholder by signing up for a new free Air Pods credit card.

Do so by filling in the form below, then getting a clear email reply within 48 hours to confirm your details. Once you’re approved for the card, you can use it to purchase a new pair of unlimited Air Pods credit cards by clicking ‘Buy with Card’. No promo code is needed. You’ll need to activate your new card in the online chat or wait for 30-day approval. If you get a direct deposit, then you will earn points which will be applied to the rewards.

Bear in mind that every reward you choose is based on terms and conditions for the particular promotion. Some of the best free Air Pods credit cards are as follows.

Free Air Pods credit card DBS credit cards ($250 cashback)

The best deal for novices who are looking for great break-through. You’ll get an option of selecting from the variety of credit cards available to locate the one that is perfectly suited for your preferences and spending patterns. Immediately after the approval of your card, you’re supposed to make some monetary transaction for the sake of maintaining an active account before the end of 30 days. This in-fact is the qualification of their free air-pods bank account cashback transaction process; at the minimal frequency of your transaction should equate to 3 as compared to the 5 transactions requirement. They offer $250 cashback after you’ve entered the Flash deal promo code during the application process. Do you look for desirable Apple products like Air Pods? iStudio and its installment plan comes to rescue.

Standard Chartered credit cards

Immediately after the sign-up process, you can get a 250$ cash (via pay now) or get the Apple watch series 3. Another option is you can still ask your credit card provider to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular and try to get some type of bonus rewards or features from your card provider. It is also important to note that you’ll have to spend a minimum of $200 to become eligible for the self-reward. This offer is only open to Standard Chartered cardholders who are new to the bank. They also have excellent customer care service that can guide you towards earning your rewarding free wireless air-pods credit card.

Citibank credit card free air pods

So what does Citibank free air pods wallet has for us? Perhaps it’s time to say big kudos! To these owners, you get an opportunity to win an Apple Watch SE or you take the advantage of cash worth $350 through Pay Now. They do ask for a 5 years agreement and ask to you sign up for Citibank’s rewards program. If that’s not enough to convince you to make the switch, they also give you 5 ATM EMICUPs per card without any yearly fee, especially at your beginning year. Not to forget the existing members, they’ll be receiving$30 cash through Pay Now. After the 60-90-day period, you will receive a notification to add your Apple Watch SE or your cash to your collection on the My Account Page. If you still don’t know where to go for Pay Now for Singapore, visit PayNow2Go for more details. One of the big benefits of the Citi Cash Back Card is that you’ll be getting 8% increment cash back throughout their cheap air-pods bank card available options.

Some of the existing Citibank cards are

Citi rewards card: You will collect points that can be converted into miles or perhaps a money voucher.

Citi Cash Back+ MasterCard: There is a 1.6 percent cash-back rate for all purchases, with no spending limit and no limit on the amount of cash-back that can be received.

Citi Cash Back Card: It’s ideal for the family’s leader. For eating, food shopping, and gas, you’ll get 8% cash rewards.

OCBC Frank Credit Card

Has anyone ever thought that you could order your food packages and get $100 food vouchers? Perhaps it’s good news for those who like to spend their time online. A lot of folks indeed use a whole lot of time online. But how do they know that what they’re spending is worthwhile? Perhaps this is the reason for companies like www.atome.sg that is building technology that finds ways to get consumers to see the value in their spending. This helps them save more and get a public air-pods reward card! The present OCBC cardholders will receive a $20 rebate though.


Without a doubt, there’s a lot of open air-pod gift card promotions out there, if want to make a test and still be eligible to receive the sign-up bonus. It will be important for you to get the right choice at every moment, rather than just focusing solely on every free goodie, thoroughly examine the various credit card rules and regulations before you sign up for them.

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