iPad Air Singapore: a Whole New World of Joy

by Starry

May 06 2021

The iPad Air, Singapore is so powerful that it can complete all the highest-end tasks which are thrown at it, making it the best all-round tablet, capable of doing almost everything one needs. iPad Air, Singapore is better than the basic budget iPad and highly similar but cheaper to the pricey iPad Pro, making it the perfect device for most of the people. With all its similar features and even better processor, it has taken over the market of iPad Pro as only those who actually need “pro” performance and much more storage will go for iPad Pro. iPad Air 3, Singapore was launched on 18th March 2019.

Features of iPad Air 3, Singapore:

  • A 12 Bionic chip processor: It is fast and smooth and gives the perfect gaming experience.
  • 10.5 inch fully laminated display with an anti reflective coating, making the air gap between the glass and display less noticeable.
  • 9.8 x 6.8 inches dimensions with smaller bezels, giving more space to the display along with 2360 x 1640 pixel screen resolution.
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor for quick unlocking.
  • Supporting additional keyboard and first-generation lightning style pencil making doodling and typing much easier.
  • Wider DCI-P3 color gamut, true tone and bright display with 500 nits of brightness, which provides the best color and makes photos and videos look more vibrant.
  • 8- megapixel rear camera and 7- MP front camera which supports 1080p FaceTime calls.
  • Fixed 60Hz refresh rates.
  • 64 GB memory and 3 GB of RAM.
  • 10 hours long battery life.
  • Lightning connector for charging and accessories, enabling easier access to external storage devices and cameras.
  • This tablet utilizes a 100% recycled aluminum frame, making it much lighter and durable compared to any other tablet. The flat edges and lightweight of the tablet makes it really very easy to hold and increases the similarity with iPad Pro.

The features of iPad Air, Singapore are a combination of features of both iPad and iPad Pros, so it might not be very exciting for people looking for new technologies but for people looking for the best device at the right price, it is perfect. All these features of the iPad Air 3, Singapore makes it a product worth buying as it is great for games, movies, surfing, video editing and other tasks. It is a device that can be used for various kinds to work, including writing an article, research reports, or presentations and also for using various powerful enterprise solutions.  Data-intensive apps can be used perfectly as the extra memory of this device improves the stability of apps. Neural Engine, AI code, 3D graphics and multi-core performance will be much better and faster in this device. The shelf life of any Apple product is very long, making it a pro.

How iPad Air 3, Singapore is better than iPad

  • As the screen of Air is bright, sharp and crisp screen with better options which is not present in iPad.
  • Display of Air is 10.5 inch whereas iPad has a display of only 10.2 inch.
  • The front camera of Air with 7 MP is sharper than the 1.2 MP front camera of iPad.
  • iPad doesn’t support an additional keyboard.
  • Air is much sleeker and lighter than iPads.
  • iPads also lack the color gamut and true tone.
  • Additional storage space of iPad Air makes it a better option for high-end tasks like video editing or graphic designing.

How iPad Air 3, Singapore is still generations behind iPad Pro:

  • Second-set high-quality speakers or quad stereo speakers are lacking in Air.
  • The maximum storage space of an Air can be 256 GB as compared to 1 TB of Pro.
  • Pro is also equipped with a ProMotion display with 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes the usage much smoother.
  • Pro also supports the sleek new wireless pencil.
  • Pro uses USB-C charging cable.
  • Pro features also include TrueDepth sensors for Face ID and Animoji.
  • 12 MP rear camera is found in Pro.

After the success of iPad Air 3 Singapore, Apple has recently launched a new version of iPad Air Singapore,  iPad Air 4 Singapore with much more advanced features, bringing it closer to iPad Pro. These features include:

  • 12 MP rear camera.
  • The stereo speakers, which are also very impressive as it provides good stereo audio playback which enhances the whole movie experience.
  • A 14X Bionic chip processor: This processor is much more recent than the processor used by iPad Pro.
  • 10.9 inch Liquid Retina display.
  • USB-C charging cable.
  • Next-generation Touch ID sensor for quick unlocking.
  • It also supports the sleek new wireless pencil.

So, this was all about iPad Air 3 launched in Singapore. While all the Apple products are loved by Singaporeans, the response of this product was no less.

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