How Things Will Change the Way You Approach SingTel Ipad Mini 3 Price Plan

May 24 2021

A couple of months back, the SingTel iPad mini 3 price plan rolled out a plan called unlimited postpaid data for Vodafone users with iPad Air 3. The Telco services also unleashed these price plans on the air with the possibility of making monthly installments offer as part of their coming deal. If anyone is thinking of enjoying the offer of this tablet, just make a call for an appointment to the nearest SingTel Ipad Mini 3 price plan retail store with your SIM card inserted and experience their online customer care services.

Just keep in mind, to get the benefit of the offer, the customer must purchase airtime of at least $10 or a certain amount of data. The good thing is that all offers are available for 24 hours from the moment of registration and will not last for more than two days.

The Ultimate Guide to SingTel Ipad Mini 3 Price Plan

The SingTel Ipad pro 3 price plans arrive with a whooping deal of 16GB, 64GB and their biggest deal is the 128GB storage facilities. The Wi-Fi plan was what everybody was waiting for and it arrives at S$548, S$6888 as well as S$838 consequently. We can’t forget to mention the cellular plans commonly known as Wi-Fi plus.

The first deal goes for S$728, followed by S$868 and the final is S$1008. To experience this superb deal you can start by placing your online order at www. atome. sg and experience the best Telco prices when you spend a minimum of $30,000 and above.

Remember that this is only a standard plan that applies to the new subscribers only. After you’ve stayed a few more days you will need to either be advised to migrate to a new plan or wait for your contract to expire and then have a re-contract if you wish. Existing SingTel Ipad mini 3 payment plan and Star-Hub customers who want to purchase the latest tablet can avail of the discount by activating the data plan on the tablet.

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What’s more surprising is how they’ve waived the monthly fee on the latest SingTel iPads mini 3 price packages that will simply reimburse you an additional S$15 on monthly basis on top of your existing subscription plan. This will be a contractual plan though! The deal will go on for two years. However, this will only imply that the total amount of ownership is to your advantage, as compared with M1 which requires an upfront fee.

This is the key selling point that has garnered the attention of the purchasers. At the same time, the deal is priced at $149 per year for three consecutive years. Below are the major SingTel Ipad model 3 price plans.

  • Postpaid Plans

There’s good news here, anyone who wants to go for the SingTel iPad mini 3 price deal postpaid deal will be given a bonus of USB modem as well a MicroSim that has an adaptor. The offer is for 1 month and 2 years at a one-time cost of $37.45. The best part of this deal is that you can be tracked online and there are no on-boarding charges or product activation. The deal consists of a minimum data allowance of 1GB for free; thereafter the usual postpaid roaming charges apply.

This is what makes the postpaid deal awesome, you’ll have a $34.50 per month without getting any contract and also a $30.50 monthly with a 2 year or 24-month contract. There’s also 50GB of free-to-use data with an incredible downloading speed of 7.2 Mbps. Don’t you ever get worried about uploading speed if it matters to you, it comes with 1.5Mbps, which is good enough for uploading documents for students and workers. For the sake of not breaking the usage rules theirs the excess bill carp that comes at $94.16 and one’s single-charge of the microSIM that’s worth $13.38.

  • Prepaid Plans

SingTel also provides prepaid pricing plans for consumers who only choose to leverage their iPad’s 3G connectivity on an ongoing basis. This makes it the cheapest option for consumers who enjoy browsing the web on the go.

To get started with this plan, theirs the $12.60 which is a one-time charge on registration, and you’ll also get unrestricted data usage for up to 3 consecutive days. With a good speed of downloading, that goes up to 7.2Mbps. You can enjoy this offer only with SingTel Ipad mini 3 range plan Connect SIM cards. The plan also comes with the main attraction, a choice of 3 of 4 Singapore extensions to use deals. The first one is $10 goes for 2 days, $24.50 will go for 7 days and the last deal goes on for $49.50 for 30 days.

  • Final thoughts

Not to mention the SingTel Ipad mini 3 premium plan also boasts because of its undisputed specs. From its design, cameras and processor, and so forth, this is the true cause of the best selling point for the company as it is known as one of the biggest in the country. The SingTel iPad mini 3 price budget is designed to cater to all from prepaid to postpaid budgets. And, it is priced perfectly to maintain an affordable price for their customers.