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by Starry

May 08 2021

When it comes to leading and living a healthy lifestyle, one of the cornerstones we should achieve is physical exercise. And when it comes to placing this physical exercise into practice, joining a gym is the best solution. Paying for a subscription makes us accountable when playing sports regularly. Many women opt for a gym rather than exercising on their own.

Women-only gyms, on the other hand, have become increasingly common in recent years. If you want to practise sport in an all-female setting, this is the place to go. In that case, you should check out Contours Express Women’s Gym.

About Contours Express Women’s Gym

If you’re not a fan of men crowding up the gym, then the Contours Express Women’s Gym is for you. Contours Express Women’s Gym has a friendly and non-intimidating family gym environment for women to tone, burn calories, improve overall flexibility, and obviously, make new friends.

Contours Express is a women-only fitness gym chain with locations all over the world. It is Singapore’s most popular fitness centre for women. They recognise that women have unique needs and have wellness services that cater to them, regardless of their age or experience.

The full-body circuit training includes machines that work and targets all major muscle groups, floor exercises, as well as cardio. New joiners are given an initial body assessment to identify the areas to work on. The trainers tailor fitness plans according to the goals to be achieved, as well as the health, and medical conditions. Trainers then check in quite frequently to assess your progress.

Here are a few programs that Contours Express offers.

Contour Express Programs

Contour Express Women’s Gym offers a list of programs for women to help them identify and achieve their fitness goals.

Circuit Training: This is a 29-minute workout that aims at toning muscles, burns calories, and helps improve flexibility.

Vibration Training: This workout helps in restoring muscle strength and eases joint pains, along with an increase in the process of building lean muscles and faster weight loss. You must check out Contours Express Women’s Gym.

Group Classes: The group exercises are aimed at motivating you to follow a workout regimen and achieve greater physical heights.

Weight Loss Program: The weight loss program is tailored to fit specific metabolic needs by assisting in developing the right eating habits.

What’s more, is that you also choose a fitness plan based on your goal. You can choose three plans from – lose weight, fit & trim and ease joint pain. Each of the fitness plans is unique and is designed specifically to the goals you wish to achieve.

Once you have identified your fitness goals, you can customize your training workout regime, track your progress and finally achieve your dream physique.

Contours Express always offers budget-friendly options for women passionate about their fitness and health without stressing how much it costs them.

And if you want it at further affordable prices, then Atome is your answer to flexible payment!

About Atome

Atome is a Singapore-based leading ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ brand that splits consumer’s bills into three equal payments over time. Pronounced as ‘A-to-Me,’ short for ‘Available to Me,’ Atome partners with more than 10,000 online and offline retailers across verticals such like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, etc.

Atome aims at offering its consumers flexibility and convenience when making a purchase. Atome is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and mainland China. They follow three core pillars of their brand, which are aspirations, access, and advice. Their mission is to motivate a generation of tech-savvy customers by providing them with more intelligent access to their goals.

Atome is a subsidiary of Advance Intelligence Group, a Series-C AI-driven technology firm based in Southeast Asia, India, and China.

Why do women need sports, and what are the benefits of sports for girls?

Athleticism has always been misleadingly seen as synonymous with manliness. And there are alarming reasons why this misnomer needs to be corrected. Owing to the myriad of benefits of sports and exercise, sports should be an integral part of our life, regardless of gender. But what most people are unaware of is the fact that women require physical activity much more than men, and here are some of the reasons why.

It prevents post-menopausal osteoporosis.

As stagnant as our bone appears, a lot is going on in our bones. There is a dynamic equilibrium between bone making and bone resorption. But generally, there is a net increase in our bone mass till our early adulthood. We achieve our peak bone mass in our early thirties. Unfortunately, after our thirties, our bones begin to resorb at a rate of 0.5-1% annual bone loss. The sex hormones testosterone and estrogen have a protective effect on our bones. Women, however, face a sharp decline in their estrogen levels after menopause, leading to post-menopausal osteoporosis in most women after their fifties.

But all isn’t doom and gloom. There’s a silver lining to this. Weight-bearing exercises cause an exponential increase in bone mass. So, the exercise you do in your early adulthood is basically you investing in your health for the future. And continsuing this exercise beyond your thirties abates the rate of bone loss. Thus, females who routinely work out are much less predisposed to develop post-menopausal osteoporosis.

Exercising in pregnancy is linked to healthier hearts of the fetuses.

Low-intensity exercises are beneficial for pregnant women since they alleviate constipation, backaches, and bloating. Moderate exercises have been known to improve and treat pedal edema during pregnancy, reducing the swelling and decreasing pain. And another related benefit to pregnant women is that exercises reduce venous stasis-related diseases and are healthy for vascular health, cutting the chances of pregnancy-induced Deep venous thrombosis substantially.

Exercising is not just beneficial for the expectant mothers; rather, carry benefits for the fetus as well. Studies suggest that moderate – low-intensity exercise in pregnancy increases the umbilical flow, which improves placental circulation and fetal cardiac adaptation.

Exercising inculcates crucial social skills.

Apart from the never-ending health benefits, sports and exercise have a lasting impact on character building. From teamwork and time management to leadership skills, these are the pivotal soft skills needed to excel in corporate life. And since women are almost always secondary to men in leadership roles, they need to perform a lot harder than men to outperform them in every walk of life; such minuscule aspects of life go a long way in coming handy for the long run.

Why is there a need for women-only gyms?

Co-gyms come with many problems that necessitate the need for women-only gyms to have a safe and stress-free environment to work out. Moreover, women-only gyms come with a lot of perks, so in a nutshell, women-only gyms are a win-win.

Less intimidation, more workout

The mere presence of men in workspaces is intimidating for most women. Gyms are filled with men feeling morally obligated to give their unsolicited mansplained workout advice, and though there are some guardian angels as well, who are just trying to be good Samaritans, there really isn’t any litmus to tell them apart. These condescending comments and stares are the reason most beginners refrain from going to the gym or easily forfeit within the early days.

Sexual harassment in gyms is rampant.

It isn’t just hearsay anymore. A study conducted in July 2021 found that around 56% of women have faced harassment at the gym. And there’s an entire spectrum of harassment ranging from constant attention, catcalling, invasion of personal space, unwarranted physical contact, and sexual comments.

Women-only gyms cater to all religious fraternities.

All communities are not freely allowed to go to co-gyms. Most Muslims and a fraction of conservative Jews and Christians are religiously prohibited from sharing intimate spaces between both sexes. Women-only gyms open new frontiers for women from all backgrounds and races. An overwhelming number of Muslim women flock to women-only gyms whenever one opens near them, and this is the beauty of women-only gyms; they don’t let religious restrictions be a barrier to health and fitness.

Contours Express Women’s gym reviews

Equating the Contour Express’ price of membership and the frequency of Contour Express promotions, there’s a lot to like about this women-only gym that has caught the attention of many women seeking refuge from co-gyms. To learn more about the impartial take on Contours Express gyms, search for Contours Express Women’s gym reviews online and be the judge yourself! In terms of our best branches, Contours Express Women’s gym Tampines and Contours Express Women’s gym Serangoon stand out from most other franchises.

How Atome Works

To make your payment of fees to Contours Express Women’s Gym, you can download the Atome app, which is available for both iPhone and Android.

Step 1

Once you have selected the plan with Contours Express Women’s gym, you should ensure that you choose Atome at the checkout. You can also scan the Atome QR code at the cashier.

Step 2

Atome will then automatically split your bill into three equal payments. You are required to make the payment of the first installment immediately at the point of purchase. The other two remaining payments will be spread 30 days apart with no interest or hidden charges.

Step 3

You can keep track of your payment schedule under the ‘Bills’ section of the Atome app. You will be notified when your payment cycle is complete, and you won’t miss out on any payment dues.

Setting up your account on the Atome is quite a quick and easy process. So what are you waiting for? Get the Atome app today!

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!


At Contours Express Women’s Gym, you will find workouts tailored to women who want to train in comfort. It offers a totally friendly setting, offering support and collaboration. And if you want to be in Contours Express family at a budgeted price, then Atome has your back.

What’s more is that with Atome, you can also make online purchases across brands that cater to verticals like beauty, fashion, home décor, baby & kids, electronics, sports, lifestyle, accessories, and so much more!

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