Want to Buy AnotherSole Shoes? Atome is Where You Should Get it From!

by Starry

Apr 23 2021

Are you a shoe fanatic? If you answered yes, then you just cannot say no to the beautiful leather shoes crafted by AnotherSole Shoes.

Leather is amongst the most common materials used in the field of shoemaking. And surprisingly, humans have been dependent on it for ages, even long before the era of textile and clothing technology. Leather shoes are still widely chosen by many despite their heavy price tag.

AnotherSole provides a stylish pair of handcrafted leather shoes and pretty designs that are really good to wear every day. People who like a chic style love to wear leather shoes, and they can be combined with any outfit thereby, giving you the confidence to go through the day. If you are a novice and unknown to the magical leather world of AnotherSole shoes, then there is a little glimpse for you!

Who is AnotherSole?

AnotehrSole is a Singaporean shoe brand which has been online since 2016. They create footwear that weighs merely 550 grams and is crafted with the finest of leathers. The co-founder Phoebe Charm and business partner Benny Chee aim at making AnotherSole the best travel shoe in the market.

The leather used is sourced from South America to Europe to India. They also use the highest grade Nappa leather from a 100-year-old tannery in North Italy which supplies many leading Italian brands. The leather is stitched directly onto a flexible rubber sole, which makes it as soft as gloves. The performance of this pair of shoes is just like that of sports shoes, because its iconic insole can absorb impact.

What makes the AnotherSole Shoes all the more special is that the insoles are removable. This means that if you want to carry two or more pairs of AnotherSole for different occasions, you only need to bring one pair of insoles. The shoes can also be packed flat and will not go out of shape.

What’s more is that Anothersole’s ‘Buy 1 Feed 1’ programme enables them to bring about a social change one pair at a time. Part of the proceeds from each pair of shoes sold are used to eradicate child hunger across Asia.

Where should you buy it from?

If you want to own a pair of AnotherSole Shoes, then you should definitely make a purchase from Atome.

Atome is a Singapore-based, leading, and one of its kind ‘buy now, pay later (BNPL) brand. Atome is also a part of Advance Intelligence Group, a Series-C AI-driven technology company headquartered in Singapore with operations across Southeast Asia, India, and China.

The Atome platform features more than 10,000 online and physical store retailers across key verticals like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, and homeware. They offer consumers freedom of flexibility and convenience in how they choose to shop and pay.

Atome’s services are currently available across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

How does Atome work?

Atome splits consumer’s bills into three equal zero interest payments over time, so you have the freedom of easy online payment. But before we get to this, let us show you how you can make your purchases hassle-free on the Atome app.

Step 1: Select Atome at checkout

Once you have selected the AnotherSole Shoe of your choice, choose ‘Atome’ as your payment option at checkout. However, if you at an offline store, then you can simply scan the Atome QR code at the cashier.

Step 2: Make your payment.

When you choose Atome, your bill is split into three equal payments. The first part of the payment is to be made immediately at the point of purchase. The remaining two payments will be spread 30 days apart with no hidden charges or additional interest. You will pay the exact price of your purchase.

Step 3: Check the status of bills

In the Atome app, you can check the status of your bills under the ‘Bills’ section. This will give you an update on your payment status and when the payment cycle is complete. You can easily track and manage your monthly spending without missing any payment.

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

With Atome, consumers can therefore benefit through convenience, increased affordability, and greater transparency as compared to the traditional payment methods of cash or credit cards.

Atome and Brand Partnerships

Atome has partnered with more than 10,000 brands, including marquee brands in popular verticals like –

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Lifestyle.

Atome has definitely seen 11X growth in gross transaction volume on its platform. It has also seen a 230% growth in online transactions, and 70% of Atome’s customers are millennials aged between 20 to 40 years.  

Many of Rome’s merchants have seen –

  • 17% average increase in conversions
  • 30% average increase in order size
  • Brand exposure through Atome mobile app, website, Facebook, and Instagram

So, if you are a merchant and want to grow your brand, then you can consider partnering with Atome. You can visit the ‘sell with Atome’ section to know more about their offerings. Some also help with easy integration through Shopify, WooCommers, Wix, Shopcada, Salesforce, Magento, and more.  

So, what are you waiting for?

The three core pillars of Atome are aspirations, access, and advice. They work towards a goal to empower a new generation of tech-savvy consumers by giving them smarter access to their aspirations. Some people are focused on helping people pay and afford products and services, but at a deeper level, it’s also a call for immediate action, giving consumers the deepest passion and desire they can.

So, whether you wish to give yourself the gift of AnotherSole shoes, or plan for a spa day with beauty products, or simply want to revamp your wardrobe, then Atome is the go-to online marketplace for you!

And if you are a retailer who wants to expand into the market, then Atome is for you. Atome aims to leverage the benefits of BPNL to help retailers reachout and engage with a new generation of tech-savvy consumers by offering them  better shopping and payment experiences. This helps deepen the brand’s relationship with their customers, increases loyalty, and in the long run, improves sales.

Want to know more about Atome? Let us know in the comments below.

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