Velo Velo: Feel The Wind And Galloping Passion as Cyclists

by jiatongma

Jul 19 2022

If you have recently invested in a Mini Velo bike or have had one for some time now, then Velo Velo Singapore is going to be your favorite spot to shop for all your cycling gear. The place is a cyclist’s dream store. 

Times have changed, and trends have evolved; cycling is now more than getting on a bicycle and paddling for hours. There are criteria and checklists in place to ensure that every cyclist is comfortable during a ride. That is where high-quality cycling gear and apparel come in. 

A brand like Velo Velo couldn’t have come at a better time. They are always ready to cater to all your cycling needs with the most exclusive, affordable, and stylish products. They have incredible jerseys, bibshorts, riding skirts, outerwear, baselayers, socks, sleeves, and other accessories for everyone. In addition to all of this, they carry a lot of lifestyle products too. No matter your go-to style, size, or preference, you will find everything at Velo Velo.

About the brand

  • Assos
  • Black Sheep Cycling
  • Pas Normal Studios
  • Velocio
  • Universal Colours
  • Swift Industries
  • Peloton De Paris
  • Sweet Protection
  • Alba Optics
  • Pedal Ed
  • Fingerscrossed
  • Defeet
  • Fumpa
  • Exposure Light

The best part is that Velo Velo Singapore ships internationally, uniting cyclists from around the world over their shared love for top-of-the-line apparel. And if you are in Singapore, you do not have to pay a single penny in the shipping cost. How wonderful is that? 

That’s not all; the brand has a department of test team riders based in Singapore and Thailand who ensure that only the best product reaches you. 

Why do people like riding bicycles?

Apart from the fact that riding a bicycle is fun and nostalgic, there are plenty of reasons behind why people invest in bikes, equipment, and apparel.

A great form of exercise

Undoubtedly riding a bike is one of the best forms of getting in a daily workout. It not only boosts your stamina but helps strengthen the heart and build stronger muscles. Over time, you stop getting tired quickly as the prospect of running or taking the stairs becomes less intimidating. 

Connect with nature

As opposed to indoor workouts, cycling ensures that your body is exposed to a good amount of sunlight and fresh air. While the former strengthens your bones, the latter benefits the respiratory system. Also, there is something so serene about stepping out early in the morning when the sounds of the city aren’t masking the chirping and the rustling.

Meet new people

Cycling every day is a foolproof way of meeting fellow lovers of the sport. You get to learn new tricks and techniques while expanding your social circle. You get to talk to people who share your passion for cycling, and that’s great.


With continuously hiking fuel prices, biking is suitable for your savings and the environment. You don’t have to worry about lost car keys, canceled Ubers, or a tight budget because you can cycle everywhere. The advantages are endless!

Opportunity to explore

Whether your aim is to clear the mind or find hidden spots, cycling is the best way to do it. Put on a helmet and get on your bicycle, and you are free to ride around freely. And you rarely have to worry about traffic and road rage, and in my opinion, that’s a huge plus. 

Whether you ride a Zephyr Foldable Bike or a Mini Velo Folding Bike, know that you are doing a favor to yourself and the environment.

Velo Velo products that are a must-have

Solitude Midsummer Bibs

Once you start riding in these, you will forget all about regular cycling shorts. The lack of a waistband ensures that nothing cuts or digs into your skin as you paddle across trails. At Velo Velo, you will find a wide variety of high-quality bibshorts for everyone that too by different brands. These keep your body cool by carrying heat away from your body and providing optimum ventilation. Bibshorts are great for countering intense sweating. These are definitely worth investing in.

Magenta Sleeveless Baselayer

This garment comes in handy on the hotter days of the year. The breathable mesh fabric helps maintain a comfortable body temperature while keeping you dry. It molds to your body and sits seamlessly under your jersey without feeling bulky. 

Black RS Aero SF Gloves

These gloves will revolutionize the way you ride bicycles. They are designed to replicate the complex anatomical structure of the hand to facilitate maximum comfort. These gloves are lightweight and do not come with too many uncomfortable fasteners. The breathable material promotes ventilation while protecting your palms and fingers against any damage.

Velo Velo near you

  • Velo Velo Midview City
  • Velo Velo OUE Downtown


  • Velo Velo @ Midview
  • 26 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City Unit 03-126 Singapore 573971

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Fri: 11am – 7:00pm | Sat: 11am – 4:30pm | Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • Velo Velo @ OUE Downtown
  • 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, #01-48 Singapore 068809

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Fri: 11am – 7:00pm | Sat: 11am – 4:30pm | Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Atome x Velo Velo

You will be glad to know that a brand as unique as Velo Velo offers easy payment options to its customers, all thanks to its partnership with Atome.

Atome is a coming-of-age program that makes paying bills exponentially easier. It allows you to pay off the total amount in three smaller payments at scheduled intervals. The application charges no additional fee or interest. Using Atome is a great way to stick to your budget and save up.

Apart from Velo Velo, you can use Atome at over 15,000 international and local brands. All you need to do is download the application (get it here) and sign up for it. 

You can enjoy a $10 discount on your first Velo Veo purchase made with Atome.

How to use Atome?

  • When checking out, select Atome to pay for your cycling gear.
  • Log in to your Atome account.
  • Enter the total amount and apply available discount vouchers.
  • Review the payment schedule.
  • Make the first payment upfront to have the items shipped.
  • The application will take care of the remaining two by charging them to the linked card.

Cycling, like all other forms of workout, is great, but you need to be at ease to enjoy the experience fully. That is possible when you are in the right frame of mind, own the right equipment, and have the appropriate wardrobe. Choose Velo Velo to replace uncomfortable cycling attire with some stylish and durable pieces that will have your friends inquiring about the brand. Don’t forget to use Atome for a stress-free shopping spree. 

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