Buy the bestselling road bikes at Minimotors Singapore

by Starry

Jan 26 2022

Minimotors is famous for creating machines that can move people safely while offering maximum satisfaction and comfort. Minimotors continue to build stronger and faster bikes, whereas their e-scooter models are considered among the top products present in the market. The road bikes by Minimotors are specially designed for a ride on a smooth surface, and their aerodynamics make them move faster and efficiently as compared to the regular bikes. Minimotors also offers Trek road bikes, and Bianchi road bike is among the best road bikes that many people want to buy.

What do the best road bikes offer you at Minimotors?

The frame material is among the significant differences between a cheaper and an expensive bike. It is always necessary to have a look at what the bike’s fork is made of because a good quality fork is capable of absorbing bumps and offers you a comfortable ride. The following are the features that can be found when you purchase a road bike at Minimotors.

  • Aerodynamics

The majority of bike makers push the aero credentials of their bikes. There was a time when an aero frameset used to be heavier as compared to the traditional round tubes, but you will find the modern aero bike at Minimotors to be as light as a non-aero one.

  • Fit

Having the right size is very important when you are buying a road bike. Minimotors offer road bikes in a range of sizes that are able to fit your stature. It is necessary for you to feel comfortable on your road bike in Singapore and be able to put your feet flat when you have to stand on the crossbar.

  • Gears

Gears are also a vital thing to consider when you are buying a road bike. Typically the cassette range is denoted by the number of teeth present on the largest as well as the smallest sprocket. 11-28 is usually the smallest range, whereas 11-34 is the largest one, and this can offer you a lot of range for tackling uphill.

  • Brakes

These days, disc brakes have started to take over the road bikes, but it is up to you to choose whether you want to go with the disc or the rim brakes. You will not be finding much pricier models at Minimotors that will offer rim brakes because, with disc brakes, you get consistent stopping and better modulation.

The best road bikes at Minimotors

  • Trek road bikes

The Trek bicycle corporation has a history that spans more than four decades, and these days it has become one of the foremost bicycle makers. The Trek Road bikes are comfort-enhanced and offer a number of aerodynamic cues, which makes them an incredibly versatile road bike.

You will also find carbon fiber in their top-range bikes, as it includes integrated storage in its downtube. There are also a few rim-brake actuated models, but it’s not easy to find them as there are more disc models.

  • Bianchi road bike

Bianchi is famous for making some of the most thrilling road bikes and comes at the top of the list. Anyone who wants to invest in the Bianchi road bike should shop within the specialism of the brand. The range of Bianchi is far-reaching, as they have superb road bikes for those who emphasize endurance.

It is worth mentioning that you will be able to find affordable as well as premium models that can be suitable for you as a rider, whether you are a beginner or an elite pro. Most of the Bianchi road bikes are made of lightweight carbon, but various affordable models can also be found in aluminum frames. There are aero shapes, integrated cockpits, very low weights, and even top-tier components in the majority of these models.

Get the best quality road bike from Minimotors with Atome

There is no doubt that Minimotors has grown to be one of the most reliable bicycle stores in Singapore. One can be sure that the attention to detail that they put in their work is unmatched because they offer the perfect road bike for you. Their team of skilled and experienced individuals specializes in bike maintenance services, and you will always be getting a quality road bike in Singapore that will be specific to your requirements. Minimotors has partnered with Atome to help people fulfill their desire to buy their favorite road bike. Atome aims to power the new generation of buyers by offering them access to their aspirations.

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